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   Chapter 19 Shaming Each Other

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Rain followed Edward all the way out of Sexy World. He was really going crazy. When did this guy become so obsessed with the root of the matter?

"Hey! Isn't that Mr. Mu? Since when did your sexual orientation change and became fond of the bottom one?" Their dispute was interrupted by a woman's tender laughter. Edward knew at once who was laughing without even looking at her. The only woman who dared to challenge him was that damned woman, Belinda Shangguan.

Luke's mouth twitched harder this time. 'I knew it would be misunderstood. Haven't it just happened?'

"Miss Shangguan is really in the mood! It's surprising that you can find me here. It seems that you are getting more and more obsessed with me." It was not Edward's style not to fight back after being challenged.

"Mr. Mu, your self-righteousness is really surprising. I have to work hard to keep up with you." 'Hmm! but I am really good at making fun of others too. And where has that damn Daisy gone? I tried to contact her when I returned. However, her cell phone seemed always turned off and could not be reached. Anyway, It's so lucky to meet Edward so that I can vent my anger on him.' Belinda thought.

"In that case, there's no need for us to wait any longer. Let's do as you expected. Well, Miss Shangguan, where do you like it best, in the car, in the wild or by the sea?" Edward looked at her with a sly smile. He was sure that he could win this woman.

Belinda was shocked! This man was becoming more and more shameless. All the places he suggested were well suited to having an affair.

"It seems that you can have sex anywhere. Are you the beast's brother? If not, why are you so alike?" How dauntless Belinda was! She was the devil killer. How could she be defeated by a few words?

However, Rain who was standing on the other side became uneasy. He glanced at Luke and asked him who the woman was. What a fearless woman! She dared to discuss the embarrassing topic with his boss in public. And when did his boss become so evil?

Luke rolled his eyes. He was used to things like this. It would happen from time to time. Both of them were becoming more and more shameless.

"If you do not try me, how would you know whether I'm the beast's brother or not? Or maybe you don't have the guts." His smile broadened and his deep charming alluring eyes looked directly at her, which made Belinda shudder.

"Mr. Mu, you must be kidding me! How could I not have the guts? It's just that I'm not interested in the beast. Also, I won't bother to have a try." 'Hmm! I must win a round. How could I make him be so pleased with himself?' Belinda thought.

Rain couldn't help but burst into laughter. At the same time, he got a haughty look from Edward. He touched his own nose innocently with a dazzling smile. Edward wanted to slap him on his face to see if he could smile any longer.

"I just wonder if you, can be so slick when you are under me, Miss Shangguan? Or maybe, you are just preparing for the foreplay, so everything will come on itself. I really underestimate your dissoluteness, Miss Shangguan." Edward said cheekily. The three of them were all star

tled. They responded differently afterwards.

Belinda blushed with shame. She opened her mouth but failed to utter a word. 'You are the one who is dissolute! Your whole family is dissolute! How can you use that word to describe me? Don't impose your own shame on others!' She thought angrily.

Rain burst into laughter and thought 'Mr. Mu is really a beast. No wonder that woman kept on repeating the word. It seems that such boring days are coming to an end. This woman is really hot.'

Luke's mouth twitched even harder. If there was the highest level of shamelessness, this was it!

Edward ignored all of them and walked away. 'Why did that damn woman walk away first every time? It seemed as if I was disgusting. It was my turn to go first.' However, a small figure passed him quickly and got on the car. She drove away as fast as she could.

Edward was angry. That damn woman ran away in front of him once again. Who would calm down when listening to such shameless words? If she had not run away, she might have been surrounded and watched. She didn't want to be that humiliated.

Rain laughed more loudly this time. He had not expected to see such a woman here. His boss' true color was exposed. This woman was really tough. Few people could make his boss so crazy.

"Is it that funny?" said Edward gloomily. It seemed that if he dared to give a positive answer, he would be beaten up at once.

"Well! It's not funny at all."

'Damn it! This guy is so insidious. Who knows what he will do to me if I say yes?' Rain thought.

"Since it's not funny, why are you standing here and attracting other's attention like an idiot?" Edward felt very angry at seeing passersby's inquiring eyes.

Rain curled his lip. 'Who would regard a handsome man like me as an idiot? Edward must be angry with shame!' He still could not give up gossiping. He ran all the way to ask the answer he wanted to know most.

"Mr. Mu, who is that woman? Your new target?"

'It is not surprising that Jessica was evicted out of the game. This woman is really special.'

"She is the CEO of Yongsheng Group, Belinda Shangguan," Edward said sourly.

"What? When did Yongsheng Group change their CEO? Why didn't I know?"

'It seems that things changed a lot when he was absent.'

"Now you know it. Remember to be careful when you work with her company in the future. It is not easy to get along well with her." 'When did I offend that woman? Why was she so offensive to me? What she had done only proved that she is not interested in me. Is she playing cat and mouse with me?'

"Is she that scary? I think she is only a little glib."

'Few women have made my boss so defensive, it seems that I needed to think about it.'

"I don't know if she is scared or not. I just know that every time I see her, all my hair stands up and I'm ready to fight. I don't know why she has all these messy thoughts." Well, he had thought that Mr. Mu was really calm. So Belinda left just because Edward teased her every time.

Rain remained silent. 'The two contended with each other and it didn't matter me. Belinda's opponent was Edward, not me.' he thought.

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