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   Chapter 18 Fall Down With Me

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Rain Xia came back to her office in a fury and slammed the door violently, which shocked the beautiful secretaries. Their deputy director always grinned cheekily and rarely become so angry. It was amazing that their CEO could turn a tamed white mouse into an angry jaguar.

Actually, Rain was not really angry with Edward. He panicked thinking about what was going to happen. And the damn subtle change he had just now made him unconsciously upset.

It was clear to Rain what his identity was. He had a family he felt he did not belong to because he was such a shame there. After all, he was an illegitimate child in that family. How can a person like him whom nobody cares about have a warm home?

Rain buried himself into the sofa with his head buried to his hands as his fair fingers touched his short hair. Instantly, the sunny man turned into a helpless boy.

Because of inferiority, Rain would smile to cover up his own spiritual weakness. He did not dare love anyone, so he became a libertine who would not fall in love with anyone or let anyone love him. He didn't dare give a promise because his mother was the best example who only got endless lies for the sake of one man's promise and finally died in depression, leaving him live alone. Did he hate his mother? No, Rain didn't hate her but was sad for her. Did he blame her? No, he just thought it wasn't worthwhile for her to sacrifice so much.

For Rain, it was an accident to meet Annie An. She is a warm and sunny little princess, who had all the favor granted by God. She was very pure and simple. Although Annie was proud and unpredictable, she was kind and sunny enough to clearly shine on the darkness of his heart, but he took a back step for fearing that he would pollute her with his evil. Also, he was afraid that things won't turn out well if he got used to the warmth.

Rain grasped his hair annoyingly and threw all the old memories away. Anyway, he was very good now. He had left the rich and powerful family, leading a life he wanted with his own freedom.

"What's up? It seems beauties in R country had trapped your soul there, why do you look so dissatisfied?" Rain heard a familiar, playful voice that touched his heart.

Rain looked up at the uninvited guy. It was Aaron Qiao. Alas! It seemed that he didn't know anything about being polite so as to behave so rampantly.

"What do you think? Do you want to be like one of those beauties? I am willing to satisfy you by doing that for you myself." Rain's brute personality presented obviously when he rolled his star-like eyes.

As they were almost at the same age, the two talked more casually with less sense of restraint.

"Forget it! How can I dare to compete with the beauties with this kind of look! Don't flatter me." He must be kidding. His family will kill him if he was a transgender as he was the only boy in his generation. And even a beauty from R Country could not be as beautiful as Rain and Edward!

"Dear Aaron, I heard you were talking bad about the CEO! Do you think it is your turn to go to R Country next time?" Aaron's face showed his emotions obviously so it was not hard to guess what he was thinking.

"Er... Mr. Xia, you must have mistaken something. I remember I have something to deal with, you can continue what you were doing." Oh god! Does the man have the magic to read others' minds? He just thought that and Rain guessed it. Oh, R Country, how could you become my Achilles' heel? Why could anyone threaten him by mentioning R Country?

Rain smiled with his hand on the forehead. It seemed that he could threaten Aaron using R Country later. Rain felt better after Aaron visited him. This guy was very funny and had always brought more happiness to him.

Dear Aaron! You were not as shrewd as those people. Why didn't you believe that? See? Sold yourself out again.

"Why are you behaving so imprudently again?" Edward frowned and stared at the daredevil who had slammed into his arms.

"Hahaha." Rain laughed, not bothering to maintain his image. Dear Aaron! You are really so cute. How could you rush to the boss so quickly? Can't you wait?

Aaron was embarrassed. Was he between a rock and a hard place now? How could things be so tragic today?

Edward took Aaron to the side, walked in quickly and threw a piece of file to Rain.

"It's the material of C Financial Group. You should be familiar with it in advance." Just a few simple words changed Rain's smiling face.

"Why me? Can't you find anyone else?" There was a sort of emotions brewing in Rain.

"Because this was designated by them, or why do you think I called you back?" Edward Just looked at Rain without giving him the opportunity to escape. He knew what Rain had been escaping and what he was troubling with. But this time, Edward did not intend to let him escape again for it would only make things more complex.

"I need time to prepare, and this time, I am not going to escape." He knew that Edward's intention was for his good. He couldn't avoid it for a lifetime. Although he didn't know if Annie would chase him forever, she still hasn't let him go currently. Then, fine! In this case, he should go through it before knowing it was a blessing or a curse. As no one could give him the answer, he should just rise to the challenge!

Edward patted Rain's shoulder and then walked out. Suddenly, he stopped for a minute and said," Let's go to Sexy World for a drink tonight."

Aaron couldn't help but think secretly at the side, 'Drink? Are you sure? Have y

ou got your cute boy taken good care of yet?' Aaron didn't know that Edward had already received a phone call from Duke Leng who said that Justin has finally agreed to visit their home. Although Justin would only stay for one night, Duke could finally satisfy his father.

The night in each city has its side of the game, and S City is no exception, especially for some casinos.

In an elegant box, the light revealed the subtle darkness. Edward gently sipped the wine, letting the women titillate him. His mouth slightly raised, and his fingertips unconsciously flicked the glass of wine with a tiny click. And he just squinted at the man and woman in front of him kissing passionately.

Feeling Edward's losing his own thoughts, the woman in his arms worked harder to tease every inch of his skin. Edward's shirt had been unbuttoned slightly, revealing a charming collarbone, which made him more intoxicating. The woman's sexy red lips kissed along his body but were pushed away whenever it came to reach his lips. He never let women kiss his lips which were kept as his pure land no matter how passionate the moment he was in.

The woman remembered Edward's taboo and turned to bite his earlobe. This action made Edward cover her chest with one hand and squeeze it hard, inciting the woman's low moan. The woman's little hand moved even more unscrupulously and touched all the way down. With the temperature between them getting higher and higher, Edward suddenly looked at his mobile phone on the desk and thought 'should it ring as usual at this time?' Why was it so quiet tonight? Had the little guy forgotten his original intention?

Thinking of that, Edward couldn't help but gently hold and stop the small hands that were teasing his body. Edward felt that he had almost changed his characteristics. When had he given up half-way having sex with a beauty? However, this kind of thing often happened after Justin showed up. Would this leave him any psychological impact in the future?

Edward glanced at the men and women who were becoming increasingly passionate. He knew that Rain was venting his emotions. There was something Edward didn't want to say clearly to Rain because he knew that if Rain would not let himself go, then no one could help him. There was something which Rain had to discover and face himself. What Edward could do was to drink with him.

Tonight, Rain was really irritating. Without his usual hippy smile, Rain was rude to the beauty in his arms that night, which scared the woman who leaned on him. Rain acted so strange to her and even made her want to escape as if she would fall down into hell with him the next moment.

As if knowing what the woman was thinking, Edward finally made a sound hoarsely, which was more enchanting in such a passionate moment.

"Okay, stop, Rain. You have frightened the little girl. A beautiful woman needs care not scare." It turned out that this guy was not as harmless as what he looks!

Rain let the woman go and drank the bottle of wine on the table fiercely. He knew he did not behave himself tonight.

Edward waved to ask the beauties to leave," Rain, if you really don't want to do the partnership deal, don't force yourself. I can ask someone else to take charge of it or give it up at worst." Edward was not willing to force Rain, and he was more reluctant to see him indulge himself," Don't worry, I can handle it. As for Annie, I should face her anyway." Who was he? A famous playboy. How could he be afraid of a woman? 'Annie, since you are eager to enter my world, then you must be prepared to be destroyed. You have lost the chance to go away, then just fall down with me!' He thought.

"Okay, it's good that you finally figure it out. It's late, let's go back!" Edward was pulled by Rain as he was about to leave.

"Boss, are you okay? The night is still early! You just came here again, shouldn't you look for one or two girls to have some fun with tonight? Or are you going to find Miss Lin?" Rain asked so because he didn't know what had happened between Edward and Jessica.

"I have broken up with her. Don't mention her again." Edward's words shocked Rain a lot. Seriously? How long had he left for business? Why had everything changed after he came back? Noticing that Edward had never discarded Jessica in the past years, Rain had thought she was someone special for Edward. Now it seemed that she was just one of the many girls! Although Rain himself also didn't like that feigned woman, Edward's change shocked him. And weren't there any women other than Jessica? Why did Edward want no woman now?

Alas! Mr. Rain, did he know he was working against Justin? He would get to pay if Justin knew that.

"You really broke up with her? Why!" From Duke to Rain, it seemed that the men around Edward had the potential to be gossipers, who were very interested in poking their noses into his privacy.

"Why do you have so many questions? Are you going to leave or not?" Edward became angry and was going to leave. 'Must I need a reason for discarding a woman?' Undoubtedly, Edward was still so ruthless!

"Go! Why not! But there must be a reason for you to break up with her!" Rain said as he caught up with Edward quickly.

Rain got after Edward all the way out of the Sexy World as if he was going to hang on him, which made Luke twisted his mouth. Now he wondered if the newspaper of tomorrow would report that the reason why CEO Edward was not involved with women recently was that he fell in love with a man.

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