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   Chapter 17 Who Is This Devil

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6372

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A beautiful red Maybach sports car stopped at the underground parking of FX International Group, eye-catching. A man with a huge pair of sunglasses which blocked half of his face stepped down from the car with a wicked smile.

He had charming eyes. A bright sapphire stud earring twinkled with dazzling light in his ear.

Justin surely would have asked who this devil was if he would have seen this sight. He was very eye-catching and drove the red colored car. He was just as flirty as Mr. Mu.

If Belinda saw him, she would have exclaimed," Wow! Where does this devil come from? He is mine."

As usual, in the lobby of FX International Group he greeted the beautiful girls all the way. The typical philandering style fascinated a large number of female employees. Rain Xia -- he was the vice CEO of FX International Group and a well-known playboy.

He went to the top floor swiftly. He was well known for his flamboyant personality.

"Hi! Ladies, long time no see, do you miss me? Anna, you are prettier!" After winking at Anna, he entered CEO office directly, without knocking at the door. Mr. Mu gave him a sharp glance.

"Edward, I miss you so much!" He ignored Edward's sharp stare and jumped straight ahead.

Rain Xia was junior to Edward when he was studying abroad. But they did not like each other, maybe it was because they were both young and brilliant. One day they fought for trifles. As the old saying goes, no discord, no concord. Since then, they became best friends.

It seemed as if Edward had known his action. He moved a little and avoided his hug. Rain almost hit the ground.

"Oh, Edward! You humiliated me again." He accused.

Edward twitched his mouth. Rain would always behave like a boy. Didn't he feel awkward? Every time he jumped at Edward in that way. Not a little change at all!

"You have gone to R Country for a long time. Why can't you behave yourself? Believe it or not, I will kick your ass." Ok! This was Mr. Mu's style! He was good at threatening the other.

Rain stopped for a while. Edward was always sharp-tongued. He didn't want to go to R Country himself. He was forced by Edward! Now, he was sickened by him!

"Boss, you are such a beauty. I believe you won't do that to me." Edward didn't like to be described as "beauty". But Rain Xia said that on purpose.

"Rain, I would like to send you to E Country and you could learn etiquette there." These two guys were birds of a feather. Everyone knew that Rain was most afraid of going to E Country. Because Annie An was there in E Country. If he went there, he would end in tragedy. As expected, Rain's face turned pale at once.

"You must be kidding, boss!" Oops. Poor Rain. He must be out of your mind. He should not have provoked Mr. Mu. The reason why Rain worked for Edward was that he lost a bet. But it seemed as if he hadn't learnt a lesson.

"Annie is not a tiger. Why are you afraid of her?" Edward looked at him scornfully and asked. Rain had had so many women. Why was he only scared of Annie?

"She is Annie! Do you understand?" Rain said loudly. Annie was the daughter of the CEO of C Financial Group. Everyone knew that she was unruly and cap

ricious. But she loved Rain and showed much interest in him. She chased after him all day long and announced that she wanted to be his wife. He was so frightened that he ran away from E Country and never dared to set foot there again.

"Hey. Why can't you let it go? She may have fallen in love with someone else."

"It would be the best, and I should be glad for it. That poor guy should fix her!" Although Rain said so, he didn't feel relieved. Instead, he felt a little uncomfortable.

"Annie is a good girl. Why don't you like her?" Although she was a little capricious, she was beautiful! She was also very tough at times, but she was lively!

"If you think so highly of her, why don't you marry her?" Xia confronted Edward. He thought that Edward was talking big as it was none of his business.

"She doesn't like me. She only likes you! I can do nothing." Edward said firmly. He was a man of rank and wouldn't waste his time on a little girl who was not interested in him.

"If you want someone to go there, then you go yourself. Or you can send Aaron there. Just leave me alone." It was none of Aaron's business, either!

Edward shook his head, feeling helpless. What he said next almost exasperated Rain. "Well, remember it is you who choose to stay here. Don't come and ask for my help. It is said that next month the C Financial Group will come to S City for a joint venture and Annie will also come." Poor Rain. How did you feel now?

Rain was so frightened that he had to support himself by the table. He almost burst out tears. He shot a cold glance at Mr. Mu. Damn it! How could Edward do that?

Edward ignored him. At the moment, the phone rang. He picked up the phone.

"Hello. What's up, Duke?" This cool guy seldom called him.

Duke looked at Lloyd Leng helplessly. 'Why don't you call Edward and tell him you miss Justin? Why do you force me to do that for you?' Duke thought.

"Emm.... Nothing. Is Justin on summer vacation? Could you please send him here and accompany my father for a few days?"

"I can't promise you. Maybe you can ask Justin." Edward answered. The little guy was clingy. He was not sure whether he would like to leave him and go there.

"Well, l will go to your house and ask him myself! If he agrees, I will take him home immediately." If Lloyd Leng didn't insist on seeing Justin, Duke wouldn't do that.

"Well, did Edward agree?" Once Duke hung up his phone, Lloyd Leng asked.

Duke rolled his eyes, picked up the car keys and drove away. Receiving no reply, Lloyd got furious.

"What is with all this attitude? What's the result? Can you give me a grandson, if you can at all, ha? Don't put on your poker face all day." Unfortunately, Duke did not say a word. He drove away soon. Lloyd Leng was too angry to say anything.

Edward hung up the phone and saw that Rain was still there," Why are you still here?"

Rain couldn't control his anger. Why couldn't he be here? Was he so unpopular? He took a deep breath, gnashed his teeth, looked at this inhuman man, and stormed out.

Edward didn't think he had offended Rain. He scratched his head with a puzzled look. Edward was sometimes not sensible.

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