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   Chapter 16 The Freak

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Justin's fingers moved quickly on the keyboard. He was deciphering the firewalls one by one. "Damn it! Which freak programmed these with so much complexity?"

At FX International Group, there was an air of anxiety in the cyber security department. Since morning, someone was attacking the company's system. The programmers were trying their best to defend the attack. They were successful in blocking all the attacks but they could not trace the IP of the attacker. It was quite normal for FX International though to be attacked by hackers, but those were all small temptations. This was the first time for them to meet a sustained attack like this one.

Yes. Justin was attacking the system program of his father's company. He did not like that his father brought a woman to their house, even though she did not stay back. The incident made him furious. He thought Edward would find something to make him busy so that he could flirt with other woman and sleep with them discreetly.

Edward was very depressed. Since this little guy came here, his whereabouts had always been found by him. He wondered who leaked his whereabouts to his son. No matter which women he was dating, Justin would call him again and again and find an excuse to fool him back. Finally he managed to bring back a beauty, but she was driven away by this little guy again. He was about to become a monk. He hadn't expected that having a son would lose so much welfare.

Justin was very proud of himself. 'You are my mother's man. If other women want to be with you, they should first ask for my consent. Humph! Why are you such a playboy? You have no eye for beauty at all. How could you ignore my mommy who is such a beauty and instead flirt with other women?'

Justin's fingers moved faster and faster. His forehead was covered with sweat. Shit! 'Who was that freak?', he wondered. He was not let in and was fought out all the way back. The firewall he had breached was re-locked by a new set of instructions again.

Well! It was not someone else. It was his father. Like father like son! Why didn't you realize that you inherited his genes? How could you beat him? Although you were clever and talented, you were still young and naive in front of Edward who was a big bad wolf. You could just be the little red riding hood.

Ever since the programmers reported that someone was attacking their internal program system, Edward had been retreating step by step. On one hand, he asked the programmers to search for the IP address and on the other hand, he made the hacker think that he succeeded and he fought back to breach his defense.

Justin looked at his computer screen in disbelief. 'Damn it! Who's that? Why is he so powerful?'

"Boss, we have found it. But the IP address is in our building and in Mr. Qiao's office." The programmer looked at Aaron in disbelief.

"What? Are you sure?" Aaron became uneasy. Who was that? He was lucky that he had always been here, or he could not have proved his own innocence.

So who could that be? Aaron had no idea, either.

"Aaron, who was in your office?" Edward squinted. He hardly doubted Aron. But he found that someone was in his office who did not appear yet.

'Who? Your son, of course!' Aaron said to himself. Suddenly his mouth was wide open and he looked at his boss in surprise. It couldn't be what he thought, could it? His boss' expression indicated that it was exactly as what he had thought. Aaron was furious on Justin's betrayal, 'Justin, I have already told you the boss' whereabouts. How could you do this to me?' So the one who leaked the boss' whereabouts was not anyone else but you Mr. Qiao.

Well. The evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear. Aaron felt trapped in this situation.

Justin was still struggling. He could not accept his failure. He was so immersed that he even didn't notice that there was a person standing behind him.

'Eh? Why didn't he fought back? Would there be any conspiracy?'

"It's strange that you get in so easily, isn't it?."

"Yes! But there was a freak this time who chased me all the way just now." He answered promptly without even realizing what was happening.

"What? Freak? Justin Mu, do you know what you are saying?" Justin suddenly realized what was happening. He was frightened by the gloomy voice near his ear. He turned back immediately and saw Mr. Mu's handsome face. 'Oh, my God! When did this guy appear?' he tho

ught. He quickly covered the screen and said with a flattering smile.

"Daddy, are you done here with your work?" 'God! I am caught red-handed!'

"What do you think? Am I done or not?" Edward's voice sounded serious. As Edward came to know that Justin was attacking the system, he did not stop him. He let him in; he was keen to know what this little fella wanted to do. No one who attacked the system was spared by Edward. Justin did not have the faintest idea about what happened to them. Edward could overlook his pranks but company's interest? Never! He tolerated his tricks on him and his dates, but he could not tolerate his lack of sense of priorities. "Daddy, I'm sorry." Looking at Edward's gloomy face, Justin knew that he was really angry now. He never saw his father so serious even when he ruined his dates with other women.

"Go ahead! Tell me why did you do this?" He would do it again if he didn't know the seriousness. There was a sense of authority in Edward's voice.

"I shouldn't have attacked your system willfully just for fun knowing its consequences. I swear I won't do it again." Looking at his father's handsome face which was very serious, Justin feeling wronged and started weeping immediately. He knew that Edward had always been very nice to him and if he had not crossed the limits, he wouldn't have said a word. However, he forgot that Edward was famous for his evil side.

Looking at his little white face, Edward melted. He wanted to hold him in his arms. But he did not move and just looked at him quietly. How time flew! Justin had been with him for almost two months now.

'Justin has been busy with contesting me these days. This indocile little guy is around me all the time. He portraits his liking for me very much but I know what his real intentions are. And this little guy does succeed in driving all the other women away from me. I wonder if his age can match his IQ.'

"Now that you know you are wrong, what should be your punishment?" Edward's tone mellowed.

"I know what to do." With these words, Justin laid on his stomach and started to do push-ups. It startled Edward. He reached down his hands and picked him up.

"Justin, what are you doing?" He had no interest in physical punishment of a child.

"Didn't you ask me to do it?" Justin asked, puzzled.

"When did I ask you to do that?" Mr. Mu didn't remember saying that.

"But when I do something wrong, mommy always asks me to do fifty push-ups as a punishment!" Justin nibbled the lip and said under his breath.

Edward was shocked. 'What a horrible woman! That is her son, not her soldier! Can such a little guy do fifty push-ups?'

Well. Mr. Mu. You underestimated your son too much. Who was Justin? He was Colonel Ouyang's son and had been trained in this way from childhood. It was a barely a punishment for him to do fifty push-ups.

"Do you often do something wrong?" A flow of sadness appeared in Edward's eyes.

"Yes! Everyone teased me that I was a child without father. And I fought with them for it every-time. Whenever the teacher told about my fights to mommy, she would punish me."

'Err! It seems that I am to blame for his punishment.'

Edward lifted up the little guy and gently rubbed his little face with a paper towel. His heart twitched. It was his cruelty to that woman made his son suffer so much. 'But why did they never contact me even though they know my whereabouts? Am I really that untrustworthy for them? If there hadn't been anything urgent this time, that stubborn woman would not have asked my help.' The thought made Edward hold Justin tightly in his arms. He thought if that woman deliberately let Justin torture him, he must be thankful to her now. Presence of Justin made him so happy and equally hurt for not being able to be with him till now. He kissed gently on his son's head, and his heart filled with mixed emotions of gratitude regret.

Aaron closed the door gently. He had stood there listening silently. Seeing his boss in such a situation, he knew it was better not to bother him. He had worked with his boss for many years, but never seen his vulnerable side like this. He knew that Edward cared for his son who visited frequently nowadays. Edward would drive Justin by himself, if there was nothing too important. He would not care, no matter how many women were driven away from him. He was angry today, because Justin had really crossed the limits.

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