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   Chapter 15 You Have No Place Here

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Edward Mu saw Jessica Lin as soon as he went inside the Cafe. He would have preferred not to see her, but in considering their relationship in the past, he eventually came here.

Jessica Lin never got to know why Edward Mu became apathetic to her. Since the party in Mr. Leng's house, he avoided her all the time. She was afraid of his attitude. Today was a rare chance to meet him, so she dressed up well for the visit. She looked very attractive and charming in that attire.

"Edward, it's good to see you again." Jessica Lin stood up and said, looking glad, shy and surprised — all the three at the same time.

Hearing her words, Edward Mu nodded without expression. With the same poker face, he caught a glimpse of her when he was lolling in the soft sofa.

Then he asked, "what can I do for you?" Edward Mu was a person who always made firm decisions. He would never get attached to his former lover. He didn't need the love from the woman he did not love.

"Edward, Why don't you answer my phone? I miss you so much." Jessica Lin used her words carefully. The man in front of her was an ideal boyfriend, but he never made a commitment to her. Still, she didn't worry about that because she believed that Edward Mu would belong to her sooner or later.

She knew that he would fell for considerate women, so she tried to be a person of generosity, tolerance and love. She tried everything to stay with him. She was very proud to be the only woman who spent the longest time staying with him. But all of a sudden his son returned. She could not possibly imagine this to happen. Even worse, he became disenchanted with her. She began to feel frightened and hopeless, as she didn't know what's wrong with him.

"Jessica, I thought you knew me. But I was wrong." Edward Mu said these words in a calm voice. He avoided her because he knew what she thought of him. He didn't like manipulative women and the one who considered herself as the special girl to him.

"What did I do? Why did you break up with me? I want to know the reason. You know I can change myself for you, you know I will do anything for you." said Jessica Lin, her eyes grew moist and her lower lip trembled as she listened to his words. Her pale and shining looks attracted everyone but Edward Mu. He still maintained his poker face without any expression. Although he was a passionate man, he was also a cold on the other side. Managing such a person would only hurt herself.

"You didn't do anything wrong. You are still beautiful and charming. I just lost interest in you." Such cruel words came out from his thin lips. He didn't care about her feelings at all.

His words came like a thunderbolt. Jessica Lin held on to her dress with unbelievable feelings, her face went very pale. It was difficult to accept the fact that she was not the special one for him. Still thinking about what Edward just said, she caught her breath as tears filled her eyes.

"Why? Did you fall in love with your son's mother?" said Jessica Lin, in a shaky voice. She wanted to know which woman replaced her.

Upon hearing these words, Edward Mu quickly turned serious, he looked at her with stony, silent face. He sat very straight and said the cruel words again, "Jessica, you have no place here. Don't think you are the only one for me. You don't deserve my love."

These harsh words made her pale face pa

ler. Imbued with jealousy and hatred, she would cogitate upon some means of revenge. If she couldn't get his love, no one could receive his love too. She stumbled backward at once with a terrified look on her beautiful face. But that facial expression disappeared soon after it appeared.

"Edward, I will remember this! You'll regret the decisions you made." Jessica said angrily. After saying these words, she ran out and soon lost in the crowds.

Edward Mu felt powerless as he rested his head on the sofa. Looking back on their relationship, he actually had a little thing for her. But he couldn't give her all she wanted. He had to destroy all her illusions about their relationship. They had a deal and each took what was needed. They were not responsible for each other as they could break up at any time, that was the deal. But she still fell in love with him.

"Hello, Mr. Mu. Nice to see you again. Is it destined?" A sweet voice interrupted Edward Mu's thought. He raised his head and saw a woman with a sweet and smiling face. There was a softness in her fine and dark eyes.

"Ms. Shangguan. What are you talking about?" He was a little puzzled. He didn't know why this woman always said these disparaging words every time when they met with each other.

"Huh? What do you think, Mr. Mu?" Belinda Shangguan said with a sweet smile, avoiding his provocation.

"I think you are trying to trap me. I don't remember that you have such interests, have you?" Edward Mu caught a glimpse of her.

"Mr. Mu, you are good at making jokes. Although I don't have a boyfriend, I will never have a crush on you." Belinda Shangguan said with a mocking smile. 'Fall in love with him? Are you kidding me? What a narcissistic person!' She thought to herself.

"Ms. Shangguan, you are lying." Ignoring her provocative words, he said to her with a sneer.

"Edward, you are a narcissistic man." Belinda Shangguan defied him with anger. She was fed up with this kind of person.

"But you have to recognize that I'm the attractive one." He said slowly with a half smile. It was impossible for him to make concessions.

Belinda Shangguan gave him a sweet smile and fought back, "Mr. Mu, I don't doubt your charm. That's why you become a seducer." As a strong girl, she would fight with anyone who tried to bully her.

Edward Mu didn't get angry but smiled, "Ms. Shangguan, don't be jealous. Although you don't have a chance to sleep with me, I can satisfy your sexual desire if you want." He said with a rakish and debonair look.

Belinda Shangguan couldn't calm down. She thought to herself, 'Unlike other men, Edward Mu is a strong self-controlled person. He can say rude words with elegance. He's Satan in a smock!' She bit her lip and smiled prettily.

"I'm afraid that you can't meet my expectation. You know I'm strict about this thing." After saying these words, she quickly left the Cafe without seeing his face.

Belinda walked as she thought to herself, 'It's wise to leave there. I questioned his sexuality. He must be angry about this. It's too dangerous to stay with him. I don't know if he will do something bad.'

Edward Mu was incensed at Belinda's words. How dare she question his ability? He was never denigrated by other people. Although he was angry, he smiled as he saw Belinda Shangguan running out in a hurry. 'A paper tiger, ' he thought.

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