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   Chapter 14 I Miss Mommy

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"Mr. Mu, quickly, get up." It was early in the morning, a small figure appeared in front of Edward's bed and grabbed by Edward's arm, trying to pull him out of bed.

Edward did not want to let go his sweet dream, so he rolled over, but the little guy kept on pulling him. Edward had no choice but to sit up, annoyed scratching his hair. He looked at the little guy in front of him. He had come at 3 a.m. in the morning and fell asleep as soon as he went to bed. And now he was being woken up by this little fellow. He checked the time reluctantly, 'Oh my god! It was just 6 a.m!' Immediately, Edward burst into fury.

"Justin Mu, you'd better give me a good reason for waking me up so early in the morning." Edward's teeth were clenched. It seemed that Edward's "prince's syndrome" was showing up again. He hated to be disturbed when he was sleeping. So, he did not even notice that Justin called him "Mr. Mu". He was still in his grumpy mood.

"Daddy, today is the weekend, How about going out together?" Feeling his daddy was going to be angry, Justin immediately trimmed his sails by changing his attitude and put his little face on his daddy's arm.

Edward felt his life was so tragic! He drank till late night yesterday with those people because he didn't need to go to the company on weekends. But how could he forget that there still was a little guy who needed him? Edward pressed his temples without a word. 'My God, even if you want to play, you don't have to get up so early!' he thought annoyingly.

"Just tell me, Where do you want to go? Is it necessary to get up so early?" As Edward said, he got off the bed and walked to the bathroom nearly naked, making Justin roll his eyes behind.

Ow! His father was showing his abdominal muscles in front of him. Actually, Justin was used to seeing this when he was with his mother in the military troops. His daddy's figure though was not bad. There wasn't a trace of fat or even a scar on his body, it was surprisingly smooth.

"Daddy, let's go to the beach for swimming." Justin used to go to beaches with his mother and had always envied other children who could swim and play with their fathers. Now that he was with his father, he was eager to go there with him.

"Swimming?" Edward stopped in his tracks. He didn't want to become tan at the beach in such a hot weather.

"Isn't there a swimming pool at home?"

"But it's no fun to swim at home, " Justin replied. There was disappointment in Justin's eyes. He frowned at what his father said. He knew Edward couldn't stand the heat. He woke him up early in the morning so that it would not be hot on the beach.

Fine! This little guy must be sent by God to torture him. However, Edward couldn't refuse him on seeing his disappointment.

Justin was very excited on the way to the beach and kept talking. The earlier disappointment and cold face had vanished and he was buoyant. It made Edward even be more pleased.

"Mr. Mu, shall we go to the amusement park after swimming?" Edward almost lost control of the steering wheel. The car slipped a little. His well-maintained brow turned into a frown. See! Daisy must have deliberately sent this cute little devil to toss him.

"Dear, how about going to the amusement park next week?" He begged Justin for he could not imagine himself playing in the amusement park. How could he survive in the amusement park in such a hot day? It is too terrible to even think about it.

"Okay, then! Keep your promise!" Justin didn't insist on it as he knew that this is already the biggest concession of Edward so he quit asking.

Beach was a place favored by everyone, except Edward of course. The waves were as blue as the sky which shone under the radiant sunlight. Edward's eyes squinted slightly. He wished to escape after seeing the huge crowd.

"Justin, can we go back?" Edward had never swum in the domestic sea. One of the main reasons was that he was afraid of being squeezed by the others in the crowd. He didn't even change to his swimsuit yet. The sight of others stripped Edward away. He was accustomed to the attention pa

id by others, but that didn't include this kind of naked gaze.

"No. I can go down myself and you can watch by the seaside." Justin couldn't wait to change to his swimsuit. It was now impossible to persuade him to go back. It was by no means easy for him to ask his father to come here.

Edward gave a look at his own beachwear and surrendered. At least he could choose not to change into the swimsuit. Then he pulled Justin and ran into the sea. Luke still maintained his usual cool face. He had to be alert to any unexpected situation, because there were too many people here, so his sight never left the father and son even for a moment. Luke's extreme focus and his outfit that moment made him more eye-catching. The passers-by couldn't help to look back at him. They seemed to be thinking if there was something wrong with this guy! Why was he dressed so formally at the beach?

Luke was innocently charged by others.

After playing a while in the water, Justin finally let Edward go and decided to come back home. Considering the convenience of changing clothes, Edward let Luke drive the expensive motorhome out today. When Justin saw the car driving out of the garage in the morning, he was so surprised and opened his mouth wide in awe.

On the way back, Justin was obviously quieter. He missed his mommy. He was very jealous of children who played with their daddy and mommy together. He didn't have a daddy around when he was with mommy before. Now, finally his daddy was with him but not his mommy. Why couldn't he play with his parents together like other children?

Edward looked at his son curiously. 'Why was he upset after going to the beach? Didn't he enjoy to the fullest?'

"Dear son, what's wrong? Why are you upset? We can come here again next time if you like." Although Edward was so afraid to go to the beach, he could bear his son's sadness.

"Daddy, I miss Mommy. How long before we can see her?" Justin looked Edward with expectation.

Edward did not expect this question. So he coughed. That's right! She did not even call him. It was almost half a month since Justin came here, he wondered. 'Mr. Mu, are you sure that the woman knows your phone number? She only knows Justin's number.'

"Dear son, if you miss your mother, you can call her up." Hearing that, Justin despised Edward once again.

"Mommy is participating in a closed training and phones are not allowed there." If phones were allowed, she wouldn't have sent him to his father!

Edward touched his straight nose boringly. Okay, he was despised by his own son once again.

"Then where did you stay when your mother went to the training before?" Edward was curious about everything knowing they didn't live in Maple Night.

"I could stay with Julia. However, Julia was now back in the country. Mommy has never gone for such a long time, and she could call before." Justin said without any vitality with the little face full of sadness which was no match to his age. His face made Edward distressed. He did not know how to comfort the little boy. He sped up consciously.

At the same time, Daisy Ouyang who was in a certain group army was also missing her son. She wondered if he was good. Although they had been separated before, she had never missed Justin so much. Maybe because he was with Edward. Edward's figure appeared in her mind every time she thought of Justin.

She loved Edward, but it didn't matter, she did not want to disturb his happy life as long as he didn't come to dismantle her. So she could quietly indulge in obsessing him and leave quietly as she'd never come before.

"Colonel, there is an assessment meeting half an hour later, do you want to go now?" Mark Du whispered to remind the colonel who was more frequently lost in her mind recently.

"Let's go. Prepare the materials first." As Daisy said, she stood up from the ground and beat the dust off her clothes. This kind of training was undoubtedly the most tiring. There were always a variety of competitions and endless meetings. Here was another assessment just after a short break from the last one.

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