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   Chapter 13 Mr. Paranoid

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Changing of the kindergarten didn't upset Justin, since he was not that into his former one. The only reason he was there was that it was near to the army. So he didn't care about it. Besides, he also knew that it was a little far from here and what happened yesterday made Edward very angry, so he didn't dare to have any comment on it.

S City was scorching in the summer. Although it was not noon, the heat wave had been everywhere. The hot weather made fewer people walk in the street.

Edward focused on driving. His sexy thin lips were pressed, his eyes were filled with deep feelings and his slender fingertips flicked the steering wheel unconsciously. He was like a tired lion with laziness, who confused other people's mind.

The raucous ringtone broke the beautiful scene, which made him feel disappointed. Edward pressed the car phone.

"Speaking! Okay, I see. I'll be right there." With these words, he turned the steering wheel and the car made a neat sharp turn. The wheels rolled up some dust from the ground and the car drove away like a running horse.

Before Edward stopped the car steadily, Aaron had quickly walked up to them. Aaron was frustrated, which was rare to see.

"My dearest boss, finally you are here." When he saw his boss, Aaron gave a sigh of relief. Edward looked at him coldly in exchange. How dared he hasten his boss going? What happened? Even Aaron lost his usual calm and got nervous.

"What's wrong? Wasn't the case passed? Why do we have to redesign the plan?" Edward looked up at the Kate Hotel in front of him and walked quickly in with Aaron trotting behind him.

"It is the new CEO of YS Group. This new CEO rejected our creative ideas one by one and asked to talk with you directly." Aaron said carefully. It was because of his bad performance that made his boss handle it by himself.

"When did YS Group change their CEO? Why didn't I know?" Edward's pace stopped a bit. Why did so many people want to see him in person these days?

"It is said to be the daughter of the former CEO, who returned from abroad recently, " Aaron explained in a low voice.

"What? The current CEO is a woman." Edward could not help rubbing his eyebrows. Mr. Mu seemed to have such discrimination against women. What was wrong with women? Wasn't his mother a woman? Wasn't his wife a woman too? He was not a gay, right?

As the exclusive elevator reached the top floor of the hotel, the luxurious meeting room was just in the front. This hotel belonged to FX International Group too, so there was also a special office area here.

At the moment, a beautiful and capable woman was focused on the material in her hands. Her shapely figure was wrapped tightly in the well-tailored suits. Her soft hair was meticulously coiled. Her frown showed her dissatisfaction. She was Belinda Shangguan, the new CEO of YS Group.

Edward had thought he would see a woman dressed in a seductive and fascinating way. Seeing a picture like this, he got a good impression on her.

"Hello! I'm Edward Mu of FX International Group." He said and held out his hand.

"Belinda Shangguan. Nice to meet you." She had a quick and gentle handshake with Edward, as if his hand was not clean.

Edward didn't care about it and sat elegantly on a chair. He always respected businesswomen a lot, especially for those young and beautiful ones.

"So you are not satisfied with our project proposal. Could we discuss it in details?" Edward said softly and slowly and did not mind her curious looking at him.

Yes, she was looking at him. Finally she got the answer why that woman was so infatuated with the man in front of her. The skin of his amazing face was so perfect that no woman was equal to it. His thin lips were cold and seductive. And his deep s

mart eyes were looking at her with banter, which made her blush.

Belinda quietly took her mind off from the thought, "So you are Mr. Edward Mu. Nice to see you in the flesh." The unintelligible remark puzzled Edward. Aaron felt confused too. Did this woman ask Edward to come on purpose?

Hey! Maybe Aaron was totally right this time. Belinda was really here to see the CEO.

"Miss Shangguan, tell me your request." Mr. Mu directly classified Belinda into his fans group according to her reaction and he curled his lip.

"Actually, I don't have too much opinion on your company's project plan." What Belinda said shocked Aaron very much. Damn it! Who kept on picking holes on their plan just now? And who said she would not talk with anyone except their CEO? What did she mean now? Not only Aaron, but also Edward glanced at her.

"But I'm interested in your CEO." What? Aaron was so angry that he couldn't help rolling his eyes. Damn! Even if you were interested in our boss, you should not torture the assistant. Why didn't you find their boss directly? Why did you keep on picking holes on the project plan? He had thought that all their half a month's effort was in vain. Mr. Qiao's heart was really hurt.

"So? Does Miss Shangguan have a crush on me?" Edward said in an ironic tone. He hated so much that others took business as an excuse to approach him. There was no doubt that he thought Belinda as that kind of women. So his good feelings of her deducted a lot.

"No." Belinda shook her index finger gently. "I just want to see what kind of man deserves to be loved for so many years. Seeing is believing." She said and looked at him with disdain.

Edward's face became dark at once, and it seemed that the air around him turned cold and icy. "Miss Shangguan, are you arousing my interest? If so, you succeed, but unfortunately I have no interest in you at all." With these words, he wanted to leave at once.

Belinda chuckled and shook her head. She totally ignored Edward's anger, "Mr. Mu, are you kidding me? Is there anything wrong with me to arouse your interest? I don't think so. So you have thought too much."

Wow! This woman was so cool. There was not a woman ever who dared to speak to Mr. Mu in this manner. Aaron peeked at his boss. He hoped that he would not be embroiled in the argument. Why did he want to escape now? Aaron was almost in tears. Miss Shangguan, please be nice. Didn't you see the anger in Edward's eyes?

"Then I want to ask Miss Shangguan why you do so? Are you playing hard to get?" He regained his composure. How could he be upset by a woman?

"Mr. Mu, are you a paranoid? If not, why are you so easy to misunderstand others? Please, rest assured. One day, you will know. I'm leaving now." Before Edward could say anything, she walked away quickly. She was another woman who dared to ignore him. The former one was Daisy Ouyang and now there was a Belinda Shangguan. When did he look so weak? He was eager to see what tricks she could play. She did impress him!

Edward looked sullenly at Belinda who walked away in her high heels and asked in a casual way, "What do you think that woman means?" Edward looked at Aaron blankly, trying to find the answer from him.

Aaron was helpless. He opened his lips but failed to say anything. 'Boss, please do not look at me like that. How could I possibly understand what you do not know?', he thought.

Fortunately, Edward did not expect him to give the answer. He left alone. It made Aaron feel very terrible.

Belinda was smiling while driving. She was very pleased with herself, because she had not expected to win so big in the first round. It seemed that the man's determination was just so-so. Now, she was looking forward to the next meeting with Mr. Mu.

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