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   Chapter 12 You Got A Crush On Me

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The night at S City was colorful and charming. The soft and misted light of streetlights shone on the street which hustled and bustled the whole day. Edward parked the car smoothly to his special parking space in Sexy World. He stepped off the car and his long legs seemed uninhabited in the light outside the bar.

He walked into the bar like nobody was around. His deep blue eyes found his fellow in an instant. He smiled and walked up to him quickly.

"I'm sorry! I'm late." Although he was apologizing, no regret could be found in his tone. Duke smiled helplessly, but the smile disappeared so fast that hardly anyone even noticed. The icy coldness on his face was still that outstanding.

"It's all right. Anyway I'm used to it." It was this guy who asked him to meet here, but he himself came late.

"Am I that bad? As if I am late every time." Edward refused to admit it. He picked up the wine glass in front of him, swirled the wine gently and took a sip. The cold icy liquid slid down his throat and immediately infiltrated all his senses.

"You are not always late, but everyone else always comes earlier, " Duke said crossly. Did he need to be this charming when drinking? Didn't he know how many women were drooling over him? Those women's eyes were so greedy that it seemed that they wanted to throw him on the floor and have sex with him at once.

"Are you sure that you want to spend the whole night to complain about my coming late? You never know how hard it is for me to get out." Edward looked at his friend pitifully. Duke shivered. Oh God! Luckily this guy was not a gay, or he must be the bottom one.

If Edward knew what Duke was thinking about, he must be mad. What the hell Duke was thinking about? Even if he were a guy, he should absolutely be the top one. Damn it! Shit! His sexual preference was normal. It was not expected he would come out.

"Who has the power to influence your going out or staying?" It was a rare opportunity to make fun of him.

"My son! I wonder if that woman wants to revenge on me since I had ignored her for so many years and that was why she threw that little guy to me." He had got a headache at the thought of his little son's skills in torturing him. If he had known it, he would have not picked him up from school by himself.

"Why? Is Justin that naughty?" Duke gloated over Edward. He was happy to see that someone could control him.

"Alas! He kept on asking me to go out together with him. Do you know how hard it is for me to go out alone?" Jesus. He went to the bar! How could he take him? He could not understand why Justin wanted to follow him wherever he went. He would not think it was because his son liked him. After all, in most cases, his son didn't like him at all.

Well. Maybe it was because of his playboy image. Justin wanted to train him to meet the requirement of a good husband. The first priority for Justin was to prevent him from dating with other women. If not how could Justin get him back for his mother? This was Little Mr. Mu's strategy.

"So what's happening between you and your wife?" Mr. Leng! Were you sure a gossiper like you could match your icy face?

"If only I know it." Shit! Duke was speechless. Mr. Mu! That was your wife. If you didn't know, who should know?

Duke didn't interrupt him and leaned himself against the sofa. It might be because of the drink, his face was softer and not that cold.

"What kind of woman do you think she is?" Edward seemed to be asking questions, but more like asking himself. He didn't care whether Duke answered him or not.

"To tell you the truth, I really did not want to know her before yesterday, but she just appeared suddenly in such a shocking way." After taking a sip of the spirits in his hand again and feeling the coldness and hotness at the tip of the tongue, he continued with that unknown depression.

Yes, depression. But he should not be. He, Edward Mu, was the man, whom millions of women wanted to sleep with and who was the ideal husband o

f all daughters of the eminent family. He would never be confused by a woman and didn't need to please any woman. However, he was tempted by a woman, whom he could not remember clearly until now and he even had the desire to know more about her. He was frightened by himself.

"So do you want to know her now?" Duke twirled his glass. The light blue liquid rotated in the glass silently. He squinted at Edward. So this guy was finally willing to confront his wife whom he had never paid any attention to?

"I don't know. And that's why I'm upset." He clinked glasses with Duke and tiled his head to drink the rest of the spirits. The atmosphere suddenly became very quiet.

"Hey! Isn't this Mr. Mu?" A sudden coquettish voice broke the silence, and both of the men who were lost in thought frowned.

"Go away!" It was the cold Mr. Leng who spoke out. He had always led an honest and clean lifestyle and had never had anything to do with those women. So it was not possible that he would be nice to them.

"Mr. Mu." The woman looked at Edward in embarrassment. She was a popular model of FX International Group. Being treated like this, she felt wronged and was biting her red lips tenderly.

"Duke, you have frightened this beautiful young lady!" Looking at his friend's angry face, he started to make fun of him.

Duke glanced away and ignored him. He should have entered the private room. Edward was so attractive to all kinds of women.

Edward waved his hand and asked her to leave first. The woman stamped her foot reluctantly, turned and walked away angrily.

"Duke, do you really get a crush on me?" Edward's jocose voice came again, which made Mr. Leng gush out the vintage wine that he had just drunk and the target was Edward. You could imagine the consequences.

"You are so damn dirty." Although he moved quickly, there was still some liquid sprayed on Edward.

"Who made you say that?" With these words, he still did not forget to hand over him a paper towel. So this could be called "Harm set, harm get." Just now Duke was thinking secretly of Edward as the bottom one, but now he was hit back so quickly by that guy.

"Don't you? I've never seen you with a woman." It was said that the head of Leng's enterprise did not like women and he was a gay. The reason why he was so close to Mr. Mu was that he liked him. However, Mr. Mu's sexual orientation was normal, so his face always looked cold and icy. It seemed that if you wanted to be cool, you needed to pay for it.

"Shit. You are the one who has a sexual orientation problem." Duke was very angry and his cold face became colder and colder. Should everyone be as promiscuous as Mr. Mu was? What the hell! Was it abnormal to keep cold?

"Do I have a problem? Haven't you seen my son?" Edward continued to make fun of him fearlessly with his questioning eyebrows. 'Were you kidding me? If I had a problem, how could I have a five years old son?'

Mr. Leng! Your evil level was too low to compete with Mr. Mu. Well, you were the gentleman. You didn't want to bother yourself arguing with the likes of him.

"Who says that it is impossible for a gay to have a son?" Duke said, gnashing his teeth in hatred. His bitterly cold face became more vivid.

Well, Mr. Leng! You were actually not a pushover.

"Am I? Let's find a place and have a try. Then you can figure out whether my sexual orientation is normal or not." With these ambiguous flirtatious words, his heady eyes stared straightly at Duke, which made Duke want to say goodbye to him immediately and break with him ever since.

"In fact, you can be more shameless. I'm leaving. Please enjoy yourself!" Duke burst into anger. He took his coat from the back of the chair and left elegantly. He could not guarantee that he would not hit him on his handsome face in the next second.

Edward could not help laughing on seeing him like that, which attracted a lot of attention. He did not care about it at all and left following Duke with a free and unrestrained manner.

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