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   Chapter 11 Transfer To Another School

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Edward drove back to FX International Group angrily. When his staff saw him, they all made a conscious effort to avoid him because they didn't want to be his next cannon fodder.

"Let Aaron come see me at once, " ordered Mr. CEO. He slammed the door with a frozen look on his face. His intensity scared the group of secretaries as they wondered what happened to their boss.

Edward loosened his tie a little to release his tension. If it wasn't for the wrong occasion, he would make the wicked woman die in a miserable way. How dare she say his son was a bastard!

"Boss, were you looking for me?" Aaron tidied up his messy clothes. He was told by the executive secretary, Anna that a commotion happened that morning.

"Contact the best nearby kindergartens now, I will have to transfer to another school."

'Those in Justin's kindergarten are a low-class group of people!' He angrily thought. He didn't want his son to stay there for a day. His woman was regarded as a bitch, and their son became a bastard in the eyes of others all these years. Then what did that make of him? The irresponsible wild guy? "Pooh! Pooh!" When did he become an irresponsible wild guy? Edward was extremely angry, fuming mad. He didn't even notice that he had just unconsciously referred to Daisy as his woman.

"What? Transfer to another school?" Aaron was confused. 'When did boss start schooling again?' It seemed that he had forgotten about the little handsome boy he was curious about yesterday.

"Any problem?" Edward raised eyebrows at him. It seemed as if he would tear him apart and swallow him up if he dares to have opinions.

"No problem. But why kindergarten? You wanna to study from the beginning?" Aaron felt helpless. He should have known who needs to transfer? What if Boss asks him to go to school? God knows that he's graduated for years!

"Aaron, it seems that you really want to go back to kindergarten and learn something there." Edward smiled coldly. He couldn't understand Aaron's strange ideas. Did he forget to bring his brain to work this morning?

"No, I'm done. I don't need to study again." See! He just knew it! That was exactly what his boss thought! Fortunately, he asked clearly. He would never think about being back to kindergarten and study again!

"Then don't talk so much nonsense. Let me know about the result in a while." He began to work leaving the poor Aaron aside.

Aaron opened his mouth but said nothing finally, and turned to look for the kindergarten Edward was referring to. Edward looked up at his back and smiled, then continued with his work. He will let the guy struggle with this problem! Aaron figured it out in a moment. "Edward, you teased me again."

'Hmpf! Just find a kindergarten, ha?' He was annoyed obviously. How could this possibly bring him, the all-powerful Aaron down? It was an easy task, Aaron thought. He only needed to make a few calls and check the Internet. The problem would be solved easily! Mr. CEO underestimated him and did not take him seriously as a Harvard graduate. So he turned around and went into the CEO's office. He also finally remembered the little beautiful boy their boss was holding yesterday! He worried about it in vain.

"Boss, these are the kindergartens with great levels around here. You can choose one from this list. By the way, can you give me a clear order next time, please? It's very misleading to say only half of the words." This guy was always asking people to read his mind. It was not funny. Aaron muttered, but nobody responded to him.

Edward quickly selected a kindergarten from the chart, "This one!" He threw the document back to him.

Aaron picked up the document. It was absolutely his style! He chose the most expensive school. His wealth was beyond much. He really had so much money!

"Well, I'll arrange all the admissions, " Aaron replied. It was not his money so why was he so concerned? Well, he was just doing his job which was the only right thing. He wasn't the Boss, was he?

"Come, and take the development of W Garden to replan." As he said this, he threw a pile of documents to him. Without raising his head, he continued to read the papers

on the table.

Aaron protested, "This is the vice CEO's case. Why give it to me?" He wasn't superman! He already had many other developments in hand.

"The Vice CEO is abroad. Or do you want to go abroad instead of him?" Edward squinted at him with interest.

"Ah! No, I don't want to go abroad! I'll do this case!" Aaron fled with panic. He must flee as soon as he could. What country was the vice CEO in now? R Country! He never wanted to be there! It was deserted there.

Their talking behind vice CEO'S back caused him to sneeze.

This time Edward was speechless. Was R Country that horrible? Coward! If Aaron had known what he was thinking, he would mock him! Not horrible?! You could go there in person. You wouldn't be calm as usual!

In fact, his boss is a freak. So he would be calm wherever he went. There's no answer! Haha!

"Anna, give me a cup of coffee, please." Edward pressed the intercom.

There was a knocking on the door. Then Anna opened the door and came in, "Boss, your coffee." She put the coffee where he could get it easily and not hampering his work.

"Okay. Thank you." Anna was the only secretary out there who had no personal feelings about him. She was so professional so he respected her, and everybody knew that he would not fall in love with his secretary.

"If there's no other order, then I'll go out first." Actually, Anna also adored him. But she knew she can't have this man. So she never thought of anything that could not belong to her.

"Wait, help me check the cost of the Maple Night over the years." Edward decided to verify by himself.

"The staff expenses of Maple Night are paid by the company. Is there anything wrong?" Anna wondered why her boss suddenly thinks of checking this out.

"Emmm.... I know. I mean the use of one of the credit cards." Edward was a little embarrassed. What he said seemed as if he didn't believe in Anna.

"Well, I'll check it now." Anna turned away. She never went into anything she shouldn't meddle in.

Edward picked up the coffee and took a sip. He felt so bored. Did he pay too much attention to the woman these days? Why did he always want to know everything about her?

Shaking his head helplessly, he kept saying to himself, he was not interested in the woman at all. It was only because she was his son's mother that he wanted to know her.

There was a knocking on the door again.

"Come in." Anna always had high efficiency.

"Boss, this is the account information for that credit card. It's only paid in and it's never been used." Anna didn't know who owned this card, and she didn't want to know either.

"What? Show me." Edward frowned. This woman was really different. She didn't use this card. Suddenly Edward felt powerless. Things were getting more and more unexpected for him. He thought she'd take his card though she didn't live in the Maple Night. That was why he didn't feel so much guilt. Therefore, he still couldn't underestimate that woman!

He forgot she was the lady of the Ouyang family. Although the Ouyang family was not as good as before, her life also could be guaranteed. Edward felt a little better when he thought of this.

If Edward knew that Daisy hadn't had any contact with the Ouyang family since she married him, would he still think so?

"What's wrong with you, boss?" Seeing him suddenly turned so pale, Anna became a little worried.

"Oh. Nothing. Go back to your work." Edward has just recovered from the thought that Daisy didn't even touch a single amount from what he has been sending for the past years. His glance was fixed on the money transfer records Anna brought in and he started feeling uncomfortably distressed. After a moment's thought, he took out the phone and pressed a list of familiar numbers.

"Duke, are you free tonight? Let's have a drink!"

"Great! Where?" A brief tone came from the other end of the phone.

"Sexy World." That's the best bar in town! No one could get in without a VIP membership.

"See you." Then he hung up. Damn it, just like that woman, never lingering.

Edward raised his hands to his temple. He stopped thinking about those things and went on with his work.

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