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   Chapter 10 I'm His Daddy

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It was a brand a new day. The morning of the Mu family was undoubtedly busy. Mrs. Wu had people prepare more than 20 kinds of breakfast due to the coming of the new young master whose taste she did not know, which obviously complicated everything up.

Justin was excited today because last night Edward said that he would send him to kindergarten in person. He wanted those who said that he had no daddy to know that he did have a daddy. Therefore he had a happy time during the breakfast and finished eating quickly. Seeing this, Edward wondered what the little boy was thinking about.

"Hurry up, daddy. We are gonna be late." There must be something fishy behind this, Edward thought. He now understood that this little boy would only call him 'daddy' with his sweet voice when he had a trick on him. He'd like to know what was going on next.

Edward raised his hand and looked at his expensive watch. It was only seven o'clock, why was he so anxious! He ignored him and continued to eat his breakfast slowly, acting as elegantly as completing a piece of art. 'An evildoer is an evildoer.' Justin thought. He was so pissed at him. 'Humph! You will pay for that!'

"Don't worry. It's still early. We have time." Edward was still taking it slow.

"Daddy, are you sure we are not late? Do you know where my kindergarten is? "

Uh! He really forgot to ask about it. His hands paused for a while. Alright! He made a mistake again. But even if he didn't know, they still had enough time, except that the kindergarten was on the other side of the city.

"Okay. Where is it?" Edward asked casually, continuing his movement. He never forgot to show his charm.

"Star Kindergarten on GH Road."

'Hey, man. Let me see if you can still be so calm.', he quipped.

"Well." Alas! Edward was speechless again. He seemed to be shocked by this little boy all the time in the past two days. GH Road was exactly on the other side of the city. Why did they choose such a far place! It took almost an hour to get there driving fast.

"Why did you choose a far away kindergarten!" He remembered that the villa used as their matrimonial home at that time was only a twenty-minute drive from here. Why was the kindergarten so far? It seemed that Edward thought Daisy Ouyang lived in that place all along.

"It's not far. It's close to mommy's army." Why did he think it was far. It was a relatively good kindergarten closest to the army.

Well. He was sent to such a far place because it was convenient for pick ups and drop offs. Edward started to imagine again.

"Who will pick you up when your mommy is not free?" He remembered that the villa there was arranged with drivers and nannies, but he still asked unconsciously.

"Uncle Mark! Sometimes when Uncle Mark and mommy go to other armies to study, Uncle Kevin will pick me up." Justin looked at his daddy with his head tilted, and blinked his eyes from time to time.

Wait, if he still can't understand the underlying meaning so far, he would not be the Edward Mu who was famous in S City. He knew their driver could not go into the army. However who was Uncle Mark? Who was Uncle Kevin? Edward spoke out his mind.

"Uncle Mark is the accompanying officer of mommy, and Uncle Kevin is the chief of staff of mommy's army!" Justin looked strangely at the man in front of him. He was so stupid that he asked him for such simple questions.

Edward was not all-knowing. He couldn't predict that.

"Don't you live in Maple Night?" Edward's stomach knotted a bit. He was afraid that the answer was exactly what he thought.

"Who said that we lived there. I lived in the dormitory building of the army with mommy when I was little! And what is Maple Night?" Justin was curious. Why should he live there with mommy? He didn't know that place at all.

At first, Edward thought he was well-prepared for what he heard, but he was stunned again when he heard this. He should have known that Daisy Ouyang, just like him, did not want to go back to that place. He should have met her if she lived there for all these years, and the people in the villa should have told him that he had a son.

However, even if they would have met each other, it was not sure that Edward would have recognized them. Edward must have forgotten that Daisy was just standing so close to him yesterday and he did not remember her until she gave him the marriage certificate.

"Alright, let's hurry up!" Edward hid his true feelings, picked up the briefcase and his coat and walked out. He was so used to copping out. It could be seen from his assistant. After all, he that lays down with dogs, will rise up with fleas.

Justin secretly despised his daddy. This evildoer was dishonest and temperamental all day. Why did his mommy have such poor taste and like this guy? Justin wanted to shed tears.

Getting to the door, Justin twitched the corners of his mouth slightly when he saw the Lamborghini driven by Luke approached them. The Ferrari limited edition sports car he saw yesterday already made him feel that this man was extravagant. He didn't expect to see a Lamborghini Hermes today. How many of these world-class cars on earth were in his garage! It seemed that he had to re-examine the man in front of him.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up, or we will really be late." What's wrong with this boy? Why was he so surprised to see this car? Did he know the value of the car?

Well, Edward, Justin did know the value of the car. Otherwise what do you think was he out for in the news on the internet. Justin got into the car without a word, ignoring the questioning sight from his dad.

Hey! He had a temper. Edward carefully adjusted the seat belt for him, stepped on the clutch, and drove away. He did this at one go without interruption.

Justin didn't

talk all the way. Compared with his daddy's extravagance, Justin and his mommy grew up in the slums but Justin never really realized it now. After all, he and mommy were already well off compared to ordinary people. But compared with Edward Mu, he immediately knew the gap between them.

Edward ignored him too because he was deep in his thoughts. He never thought that his nominal wife did not live in the villa. So, did she ever use the money he gave her every year? He always thought that he had given her the best life, so even if he never appeared, he was fair for her. After all, the position of Mrs. Mu was always there for her. But her unexpected behavior made him feel frustrated and a bit guilty. She was just an innocent young girl six years ago! How did she survive in the army under such a tough condition with their son?

The father and son had different ideas. Fortunately, there were not many cars in the morning, so it was not too late when they got to the kindergarten. Edward's eye-catching sports car caught the attention of many people because it was close to the suburbs, not as bustling as downtown.

Edward was accustomed to being the focus of people so he took his time. But Justin was depressed. He knew that it would make a stir, so he was so reluctant to get into the car at first. Now, look, they are being talked about! But his daddy still smiled charmingly. He now forgot how to show his classmates that he had a daddy. How he wishes he could bury himself! He really did not want to be talked about. He was not that kind of person.

Edward followed Justin into the kindergarten. Looking at the serious face of his son, he didn't know how he had annoyed him. He laughed at himself, without knowing that this smile attracted many women who were here to send their children, and humbled many men. Hey! It seemed that Edward was insensible!

"Justin Mu, stop!" Suddenly a young voice sounded, and it stopped the awkward father and son at the same time. A chubby boy ran over and pushed Justin with his chubby hand. Edward's eyes changed immediately, becoming cold and hard. He quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed the falling body.

"Fitch Lu, why did you push me?" Justin was pissed. This boy liked to bully him with his big body, but he couldn't beat him every time. Seriously, Justin had learned how to fight well with the uncles from the army since he was young. It would be odd if Fitch won.

"Justin Mu, my mum told me that you are a bastard. You don't have a dad. Stop lying that you have a dad." It seemed that the little boy didn't notice the darkening face of Edward so he did not stop talking nonsense.

"Who said that? I have a daddy. I'm not a bastard!" Crap! He's actually not bastard! Don't they see the man on the edge of rage beside them?

"Get your dad here to prove then! We'll not call you a bastard any more if it's true. My mum said that your mum is a bitch. That's why you don't have a dad." OMG! What are these parents! How could they teach a child this? Alas!

Justin really lost his temper. He punched Fitch before Edward could react. He could bear the malicious remarks against himself, but never against his mother. Like father like son, Justin never let others hurt the people he cared about.

"Justin Mu, you hurt my nose again!" Flitch ran back covering his nose. What luck! He was hurt on the nose by Justin every time.

Edward could not stay calm anymore about the situation! "Justin hit that boy before I could react. He is really something." But he realized that his son would never suffer any kind of tormenting or bullying from anyone. He can fight for himself. Thinking of that, Edward became less cold and began to smile slightly.

"You little bastard, how ill-bred you are! Who told you to beat my son? Didn't your mother teach you how to behave?" Edward said to the boy. A woman in heavy makeup came forward. She was Fitch Lu's mother. Her words made the smile on Edward's face disappear again. He targeted the woman with his piercing eyes.

"Old woman, who is the bastard you talk about? The one in your hand?" Edward is so evil! Justin took his sharp tongue after him. Cursing even without dirty words. In fact, the woman was not really old. She just had heavy makeup, fancy clothes, a sharp tongue and bad behavior. Alright, maybe she was an old woman.

"Eh! Who are you?" This evil woman finally noticed that there was such a handsome man nearby. Her loud voice was immediately lowered.

It seemed that Edward was less charming than before as he was always ignored this morning, "Sorry to tell you that I am his daddy, the husband of the bitch you are referring to. So, old woman, who do you think I am? huh!" There was a hint of coldness and gnashing in Edward's tone. He stopped smiling, bursting out of anger. Showing his temper. Even his eyes were becoming cold. Justin could not help but shiver because of this, let alone that woman whom he was staring at. She finally found out how dangerous this man was. Her legs went weak when she saw his flinty face. Her boldness was gone. The bad is afraid of the ruthless, and the ruthless is afraid of the demon.

"Remember to brush your teeth before you go out next time, so as not to pollute the air. I don't want to see you again. Otherwise I will let you know the consequence of annoying me." It seemed that Edward was really furious. He even committed a threat.

What could the consequences actually be?

Mrs. Lu was so scared that her face became paler. In fact, she did not have much hatred towards Daisy Ouyang. She just did not like her loftiness which attracted her husband every time in the parent-child games. She hated to be compared with her.

Daisy Ouyang was so innocent! This was who she was. It was not her fault to be so attractive.

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