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   Chapter 9 Independent Little Boy

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The car had just driven into Edward's grand villa. Before it stopped steadily, a pleasant ringtone came playing. It was a beautiful military song. Edward was a little bit helpless. When was he ever so close to the military?

Justin smiled happily when he heard the ringtone. It was a special ring tone assigned to his mum. He quickly took out his cell phone from the small bag which he had brought with him.

"Mommy, have you arrived yet?" Edward was slightly stunned and he pricked up his ears as soon as he heard the word "mommy".

"I've been here for a while. How are you doing today? Did you behave well?" Her cold and clear voice came from the other side. It sounded a little tired, perhaps because of the long trip.

"Mommy, I listen to my daddy all the time", Justin assured her. "Are you tired?" Justin had always been obedient in front of his mommy. He also heard the slight weariness in his mummy's voice.

"It's all right. It's just that it's uncomfortably hot here." Daisy buried herself deep in the chair. Mark didn't wake her up on the way, so she didn't wake up until they had reached the destination. When she opened her eyes, she saw the beautiful sunset. Then she was busy with the arrangement of the entourage and worked with the local force leaders to discuss the following arrangement and then had dinner. She was really tired after doing a series of things. She usually would not feel so tired no matter how much work she had done. It seemed that the man still had such a great impact on her. She thought that she would not be so affected by him again. However, she had underestimated his position in her heart. Daisy just could not admit it. She could never efface him from her heart.

"Mommy, Justin is not with you. You have to take good care of yourself." The little boy said seriously. It was easy to tell how worried he was when he said it.

Edward quietly listened to their conversation. Because it was in the car, he was able to hear what they were talking about, although it was not very clear. There was an inexplicable feeling in his heart which he did not know why.

"OK, I'll take good care of myself. From tomorrow onwards, mommy will start the totally enclosed training and my phone has to be handed in, which means I cannot call you then. You must go to be kindergarten obediently and don't fight with others. Clear?" Daisy rubbed her temples with her fingers, trying to alleviate some fatigue.

"Yes. Mommy! I'll have my daddy drive me there." But the kindergarten was a little far away from here! He didn't know whether Edward had time to drive him or not.

"Well, mommy's going to sleep. Time for bed." Daisy didn't mention Edward at all, as if she had nothing to do with him.

"Goodbye, mommy." Edward was shocked to see his son hang up the phone directly. So didn't that woman have anything to talk with him since she had just thrown her son to him?

Mr. Mu expected her to say something about him. He must have forgotten that he was the one who wanted to be done with her.

"So, that's all? Didn't your mommy mention me?" Edward asked with a little expectancy, an emotion he didn't even notice.

"What for?" Justin asked him strangely. 'Why should my mommy mention him? Does he have a mental problem?' The boy thought.

Edward wanted to say something but he finally gave it up. He opened the door and stepped out of the car. It seemed that that woman really took seriously what he had said to her after the wedding. For him, she was nobody and for her, he was nobody too.

Justin got off the car following Edward. He looked curiously at the villa in front of them. 'What's wrong with that man? Why is he so capricious? Who has offended him? Oh, God! I should not trust this beautiful man', Justin said to himself.

Luke Luo also felt strange, he thought, 'What is wrong with Mr. Mu today? Wasn't he nice to Justin just now? Why did he become angry suddenly? It seemed so hard for them to understand what their boss was thinking about.'

"Let's go! I'll show you in, Young Master Justin." His boss was really naive sometimes! Why should he bother arguing with a child?

"Uncle Luke, what do you think is wrong with Mr. Mu?" Luke was stunned by his words. Well, it seemed that the father and the son were both not ok now. Justin called his dad Mr. Mu instead of daddy. How unlucky Luke was to meet persons like them!

"Well, I don't know!"

Justin hadn't expected that Luke would give him an answer. He shook his head and followed Edward. Who knew whether Edward had a mental problem or not? This was his house. What if Edward did not allow him to enter the house?

"Why are you following me?" As he undressed, Edward asked the little boy curiously, who had followed him into his bedroom. Wasn't his room on the other side?

'Mr. Mu, it was the first time that I had been to your house OK? Whom else should I follow?' Justin thought, speechless.

"Then whom should I follow?" Edward stopped unbuttoning his shirt for a minute. He was so angry that he had forgotten that this little guy was not familiar here. It was not his fault. Luke was the one who should have followed the little guy!

Luke felt wronged. In his mind, he thought, 'Boss, you are all masters. Justin

kept on following you. What do you expect me to do? Stop him? Mrs. Wu was also ignored by you two, wasn't she?'

Edward was brought up by Mrs. Wu. And she had always lived with him. She was so happy when she received the call from Luke and got the news that Edward had a five-year-old son. She waited and waited, but when they finally came back, she saw them go upstairs suddenly. At that moment, she didn't know what she should do.

"Let's go! I'll take you there and I'll ask Mrs. Wu to bathe you. Have a good night and I'll drive you to kindergarten tomorrow." Mr. Mu could only stop undressing and take him to the study room. He had not forgotten that he was asked to drive Justin to the kindergarten tomorrow.

Justin didn't say anything more to him. He was really tired after one day outside. Although he was energetic, he was still only a child. All he wanted to do now was to sleep.

Although the child's room had just been decorated today, it was all made of best materials and there was no toxic pollution. Edward could be assured to have the little guy live in it.

Justin's eyes brightened on entering the room. 'Wow! What a gorgeous room!' He said in his head. There were a small sky blue bed and a soft light purple curtain swinging with the wind gently; a green desk with all kinds of cartoon designs on it and a rice white wardrobe that complemented the orange walls. The atmosphere looked so tranquil.

Edward was also a little surprised. The former room in cold hue was completely changed to another style, which was more child-friendly. At the same time, the active atmosphere here eased his dissatisfaction. He had to say this design concept was good.

Justin threw his bag away, rushed to the bed and jumped on it. Then he touched the things he was interested in one by one. He was so excited and was really into them.

Leaning against the door, Edward looked at his son dotingly. He had gotten a sense of satisfaction in his heart. At least his son was satisfied with what he had done. Nothing else could please him like this.

"I'll ask Mrs. Wu to come up and bathe you."

"No. I'll bathe myself. Mommy tells me that I'm a little man now and I can't have anyone else do it for me." With these words, he went to open the wardrobe. He was startled by the clothes inside. His daddy seemed to have bought the whole clothing shop. It was summer now. Edward had prepared all his clothes for the whole year. He didn't think Justin would live here forever, did he? Did he forget that Justin's mommy said he would be here for only three months? It looked like he wanted to keep his son for himself. He knew he couldn't. What a luxurious man! Edward led such an extravagant lifestyle. No wonder Justin's mommy asked him to only take his bag with him.

"Well, do you like them? They are all new styles for this year." Mr. Mu must have forgotten that his son was just a little boy and he could not care less about the new fad or style.

Justin just ignored the playboy. All he wanted to do was to take a bath and go to bed. So he took his pajamas and went to the bathroom directly.

Ignored by his son, Edward touched his nose helplessly and followed him to the bathroom. The bathroom did not change too much. Only some children's items were added.

"Son, are you sure that you don't need any help? Can you do it alone?" Justin suddenly turned his head and looked at him coldly, as if Edward was such a nuisance.

"I can do it by myself, would you please go out? Mr. Mu, I'm going to take a shower." Seriously?! The little guy was so fickle, wasn't he? Who called him daddy just now? And then "Mr. Mu" again in such a short time? At this moment he found the child to be not cute at all! Edward began to feel sad.

"Well, then! I'm going to take a shower too. Call me if you need anything." In such hot weather, usually the first thing for Edward to do when he arrived home was to take a shower. So what happened today was really an exemption from his usual routine.

After hanging up the phone, Daisy kept still as she sat lazily on the chair. The coldness on her delicate face faded away. It looked soft at the moment. Her fine lips were bitten tenderly by her white teeth. The long eyelashes covered her beautiful eyes. She looked so charming under the gleaming moonlight. She was undoubtedly beautiful. But her beauty was different from Jessica's. It might be because she stayed in the army all year round, both her shape and her body showed a heroic spirit. The daily military training did not damage her glittering and translucent skin because of her inborn beauty. At the moment, her skin appeared more delicate in the moonlight.

When Kevin Gu entered the room, he saw this beautiful scene. It was so beautiful that he couldn't bear to interrupt it. He quietly turned and walked away. He knew that there was something bothering her today, so he asked Mark not to wake her up at the destination. Strong as she was, he hadn't expected to see her vulnerable side today.

Did her unusual behavior have anything to do with the man she met today? Did the man have anything to do with Justin? Having thought of this, he couldn't control the pain in his heart which came overwhelmingly and went away quickly.

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