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   Chapter 8 You Can't Take My Father From My Mother

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A woman with a good figure showed up just after Duke Leng left. She was very beautiful, her eyebrows were naturally curved without being penciled, and the lips were red without being rouged. She was such a goddess that attracted every man's attention once she appeared. Now the goddess with a delicate face was looking around for a familiar figure with her beautiful eyes. Finally she saw the person she was looking for and smiled even sweeter, making the other men take a deep breath. This woman was really a stunner!

However, even though they were tempted by the beautiful woman, nobody dared to talk with her. After all, everyone knew that she was Mr. Mu's lover. Yes, this woman is Jessica. No matter how many girlfriends Mr. Mu had before, he never broke up with her. Therefore, she must be special to Mr. Mu. This fact made Jessica feel a little smug. It seemed that she would be Mrs. Mu in the future.

"Edward." Jessica fell into Edward's arms naturally. At the same time, she proudly glanced at the women who were covetously eyeing on Edward and wanted to show them she was special to Mr. Mu.

"Why are you here?" Mr. Mu was a little surprised by Jessica's sudden appearance. He couldn't help but frown his pretty dashing eyebrows. Didn't he just call her to cancel the appointment?

"Today is Uncle Leng's birthday, my father can't come, so I came instead. Aren't you happy to see me?" Jessica explained in a pleasing voice while in his arms.

"No, I am just a little surprised." Edward didn't push her away, but he didn't seem interested as well. However, someone in a distance burst into anger after seeing the scene and ran to Edward without eating anything, which surprised Duke Leng. 'What happened?' Thought Duke.

Justin didn't think too much. He just remembered that it was his task to help mummy drive away any woman around his daddy. Now here's this shameless woman hanging on his daddy's arms, 'Doesn't daddy feel hot on such a hot day?' he thought.

"Daddy, who is this old lady? Is she too old to stand herself so that she needs you to hold her?" He climbed into his father's arms with a cute look and drove Jessica away. 'Humph! My daddy belongs to my mummy and can't be hugged by any other women except my mummy.' Justin thought.

'What? Old lady?' Edward spurted out the sip of champagne which he just drank after hearing Justin's words. And his face turned red because he almost choked, This kid always said something out of surprise!

Jessica got the shock of her life not because she was taken as an old lady but by hearing how the little boy called Edward. The boy called Edward daddy and Edward didn't deny it.

"Edward, who is this child? Did he mistakenly called you daddy?" Jessica was convincing herself, 'No, it can't be Edward's son. How could it be possible? This can't be true. But if not, why do the kid and Edward look so much alike?' she thought quietly. Jessica was not sure then, and become nervous.

"This is my son, he didn't call me that by mistake." Edward didn't give Jessica the answer she wanted. He didn't notice how pale her face was. After hearing what Edward said, Jessica took a few steps back. She looked so weak that she would faint anytime. Any man seeing this scene may want to comfort her, but Edward won't do that because he didn't love anyone.

A few minutes ago, Jessica felt that she was special to Edward. But now the man let her plunge into the bottom of the valley. He had been with her for so many years although he was fickle in love. Therefore she always felt that she was the one who would finally become Mrs. Mu. However, at this moment he didn't explain anything to her for the kid. Did it mean she was not as important to him just as any other woman?

Jessica's face turned pale as she clenched her teeth. But she did not dare to just go away because if she left, there would be no chance for her anymore. Jessica knew what kind of man Edward was after being with him for so many years. At least she knew how to cater to him.

Edward observed Jessica's expression while still remaining his elegance. There was even a subtle sneer on his face. He sipped the champagne slowly, while his son still stayed in his arms.

Edward didn't dump Jessica. But was it because of love? Edward thought it was more of a habit. Jessica had always behaved very thoughtful, so he had always kept an ambiguous relationship with her. He didn't like being entangled with women. Considering her response just now, Edward found Jessica want something more from him. Given this, he would not allow her to stay with him anymore.

Jessica calmed down quickly. She went forward and touched the little face of Justin, "Hey, you little cutie, what is your name?"

'Humph!' She silently thought. Even though Edward had a child, Jessica did not think he could already be married and thought that she may still have her chance with him. The most important thing was to let the little guy accept her first.

Justin snorted and turned away, escaping Jessica's touch. It made Jessica a little embarrassed. She didn't know what to say for a moment but cursed the kid quietly in her head. 'Hmm, we'll see how I teach you a lesson after I marry your father.' Thinking so, Jessica flashed her signature fake smile.

'My gosh! This woman can put on such a fake smile. Undoubtedly, even my mother's poker face is more beautiful than hers!' Justin thought.

"Justin, you can't be impolite like this." Although Edward was determined to cut off his relationship with Jessica, he didn't allow his son to behave so impolitely.

"Daddy, I'm hungry." Justin changed the topic and looked at Edward with a pitiful face. He didn't want to talk to Jessica anymore.

"Fine! Let's get something to eat." At the same time, Lloyd Leng came out and was happy to see Edward. The Leng fa

mily and the Mu family had been an acquaintance for a generation, so he treated Edward like his own son.

"Uncle Lloyd, happy birthday!" Edward hugged Lloyd as Luke Luo appeared suddenly and gave Lloyd a gift.

"Edward, who is the little guy?" With his eyes fixed on Justin, Lloyd did not have the time to look at the gift.

"Justin, say hello to grandfather Lloyd." Edward pulled Justin's hands.

"Grandfather Lloyd, happy birthday! Wish you a long life!" Justin said gently in a childish voice with a sweet smile on his face, which made him even cuter.

"Okay, okay. Thank you. Edward, the little guy is so sweet! Where did you find such a cute kid!" Lloyd Leng's own son hadn't married so he couldn't have a grandson which he wanted so eagerly. He was very pleased to see such a cute kid. But how would Edward's parents react when they knew they had a grandson? They had been traveling for many years out of their anger for Edward's rebellious behavior. They had not been back since.

"Uncle Lloyd, this is my son Justin who I just met today. I know you like kids so I brought him to see you." Justin was confused because it was him who insisted on coming.

Jessica did not want to be disregarded so she came over to greet Loyd Leng. "Uncle Lloyd, I wish you a happy birthday. My father also sent his good wishes."

"Oh, Jessica! You are becoming more and more beautiful." Jessica glanced at Edward shyly.

'Who are you looking at! My daddy belongs to my mummy!' Justin glared at Jessica with hostility but no one noticed that except Jessica.

Jessica was awkward. When did she offend this kid? She didn't even show any satisfaction by his appearance yet. But he had started provoking her?

Jessica's family were also wealthy and in the limelight, so Lloyd Leng knew Jessica as well as her relationship with Edward.

"Justin, can you accompany with me tonight?" The more Lloyd Leng looked at Justin, the more he liked him. He even wanted to take him as his own grandson.

Justin looked at his father and hesitated. Although he liked this amiable grandfather, he was worried that the woman would get close to his father when he left.

Of course, Edward knew what Justin was thinking. Justin was unwilling to call him daddy before, but when Jessica appeared, Justin called him daddy again and again. Edward knew exactly that Justin did that deliberately. he knew Justin was up to something and he was still trying to figure it out.

Justin nodded reluctantly for his father didn't say anything.

Jessica was pleased with the situation as no one could stop her from being intimate with Edward. When Lloyd and Justin left, she held Edward arm in arm as naturally as nothing had happened before.

Edward smirked as usual and his beautiful appearance was even more charming under the projection of the light.

"Edward, would you like me to go to your place tonight?" Jessica asked softly with her mouth nearly sticking to his earlobe and touched his body with hers. She made sure her bosom touched Edward.

"I have something to do tonight. Maybe another day." Edward kissed Jessica gently and teased her with his slender fingertips. An enchanting smile appeared on his good-looking thin lips.

Jessica rested in Edward's arms, barely standing herself. Her cheeky face was full of lust, wanting to lay on the man's body. However, Justin seemed irritated from a distance. The boy's look seemed to warn Jessica that she would be embarrassed later.

Although Justin followed Lloyd, his attention had been fixed on the two people. Seeing this scene, he poked the ice cream in front of him hardly as if he had a hatred with it.

Suddenly, Justin replaced his cold face with a naughty smile. Determined to do something, he picked up a large cup of ice cream in front of him and ran to the two people. When Justin was approaching, he pretended to be tripped over and the ice cream in his hand flew to Jessica. Then, he heard a scream, a loud scream. Of course, the sound could not be from Justin.

Justin admired himself so much that he could hit the goal precisely, with the ice-cream just falling on Jessica's low-cut dress. No wonder Jessica shouted so loudly. She was just immersed in the enthusiasm with Edward and would never predicted be hit by a cold ice-cream. 'Humph! You deserve it! How dare you take my daddy from my mummy!' Justin said angrily in his head.

Edward was also shocked by what happened in just a minute. For a moment, he even forgot how to respond. Now, Jessica was so embarrassed, losing all her charm a few minutes ago. Quickly, Edward took the action, but not to help the princess. He picked up the little guy who was still on the ground at the moment. His enchanting smiles were replaced by a frozen face.

"Justin, did you hurt?" Edward got so worried and checked whether the little guy got an injury.

"It's hurting, " Justin said with tears. In order to make his performance more reliable, he let himself fall down hard, so it was really painful. Ouch! His father was the only one to blame. If Edward did not flirt with women, Justin would not have to hurt himself to attract his daddy's attention. The boy was hurt so much and for such an unworthy reason.

Jessica stared at the scene, even forgetting to cover her revealing body. 'Shouldn't Edward come to comfort me first as I endure such a shame? Why did he just care about the little bastard?' She angrily thought. Jessica stared at Justin who was in the arms of Edward and she could not help but hate the little boy in her heart.

"Miss Lin, come upstairs with me and clean yourself up." Duke Leng came over at an appropriate time. In fact, he didn't like the woman very much, but he had to show some etiquette as the host.

Jessica left indignantly. Justin was finally satisfied as he drove the woman away.

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