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   Chapter 7 Mini Mr. Mu

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Leng's house was located in the famous scenic area of S City. Lloyd Leng liked the quiet environment, so it was the best place for him. The enterprise of Leng family was one of the best in S City. It was not as big as FX International Group, but it was also a big enterprise in general. Especially after Duke Leng, Lloyd Leng's son, was on power, their enterprise got bigger and kept growing. So the ability of the new homeowner of Leng family was not to be underestimated.

At seven o 'clock in the evening, the normally quiet house of Leng became very lively. All kinds of fancy cars, beautiful men and women all appeared here at once. It seemed that there were a lot of people who gave a face to Lloyd Leng.

Duke Leng shuttled through the crowd and looked at the door from time to time. 'Shit! Edward was late again. I won't let him go easily later.' Duke thought to himself.

Duke Leng who was as handsome as Edward was also kind of wealthy. Tonight he wore a well-cut silver suit with a simple design. The sharp lines showed his perfect body proportion. Duke Leng nodded to the guests coldly, not seeing much emotion on his face. A few strands of short hair on his forehead curled up at random, gave him a spontaneous look and lessened his coldness.

Lloyd Leng didn't really advocate a banquet at first, but he couldn't ignore his son's insistence. The party had not really begun yet, so he was not in a hurry to show up, for his son could handle all the things.

All of a sudden, Duke noted the commotion at the door. 'That guy came finally', he thought. He knew that no one could make such a grand entrance except for Edward. The women who were elegantly sitting there one minute ago, move out of the way desperately as Edward Mu entered. It was obvious how attractive Edward was. Duke was as handsome as Edward. Why did the women treat them so differently?

Mr. Leng, despite his fine appearance, was sure as cold as ice. It was not easy to approach him. His coldness could not be compared with the gentleness and elegance of Mr. Mu. Everyone would be frozen before approaching him.

The fact was that Duke was wrong. Because the chaos was caused by the little cool boy who was pulling by Edward. Edward Mu who always brought a female companion did not tag along with a woman tonight and brought a mini-version of him instead. Even the woman with the greatest composure was out of control by seeing this scene.

Everybody was trying to figure out who this little guy was. Although they hated to admit, that boy looked like Mr. Mu very much. No one would believe that the child had nothing to do with him! But who was the child's mother? Mr. Mu was always in perfect control over this. What kind of woman could have this chance to give birth to his son? She must be gorgeous.

Yeah! It was right. Daily Ouyang was gorgeous!

Everyone knew that Mr. Mu was the ideal lover for all noble ladies in S City. Although he had a long history of love affairs, his excellent appearance and extraordinary family background had attracted many beautiful women like flying to the fire. All of a sudden, a boy who looked like him appeared. Although he had not explained it, the answer was obvious.

As the wedding was done quietly, few people knew he was married. It was no wonder that everyone wanted to become Mrs. Mu, but they did not know that it had been occupied for a long time. It was nominal, but it was there.

Justin shook his head looking at the throng of women who had come up in fancy attire. It seemed that his father was so attractive to all of them! He knew that they were eager to swallow him up if they could. Bu

t he was innocent since he did nothing at all!

Oh, little Justin! You did not just offend them. Your appearance broke all their dreams!

Edward ignored the vast resentful women, and entered in with his son. He never cared about what others thought. He just did what he thought was right.

Mr. Mu also wore matching outfits with his son tonight. The deep purple color made him more enchanting. He was born to be a clotheshorse, and any clothes seemed to fit him as though they had been made for him. At this time, he showed some emotion. Maybe it was because the light or it could really be for some other reasons. His beautiful deep eyes had turned a little blue. People who knew him well would realize that he was dangerous now. Evil lurked in his heart.

This group of women had offended him. It didn't matter what people said about him or looked at him, but they should never bother the people he cared about. He could not bear their venomous glances at his son and their low aggressive words towards him.

When Duke saw Justin, he was shocked. But when he saw his friend's angry face, he hastened to take them away. Because he wasn't sure whether this guy was going to blow up the next minute. He didn't want to ruin his father's birthday party.

"Dude, won't you introduce me?" Duke gave him a sign by looking at Justin.

"My son, Justin Mu." Leaning against the bar casually, he answered. He didn't care how much shock his words would bring to Duke. It was his style, as always. He just mentioned such an important thing so casually as if it was known to many that he had a child, which really made people want to slap him.

"Mr. Mu, are you sure this is your son? You must be kidding, right? Which woman is so capable of keeping your child?" Even Duke couldn't bear this news. Assumption was one thing, but his acknowledgment was another thing.

"Do I have any reason to lie to you?" Okay, he was above doing this little trick. But how could he just be so indifferent?

"Then who is his mother? Do I know her?" Duke thought over and over which woman around Edward was most likely to be the child's mother.

"Yes. You do." Edward didn't care about the negative impact of the sudden appearance of his son and he never intended to conceal this thing.

Crap! Was he serious? He must be kidding! Hearing his answer, Duke Leng, who had known him for many years, was totally shocked.

As his best friend, Duke attended Edward's wedding. But because of the awkward situation, he hadn't seen the bride's face clearly. What's more, he knew that his best friend had been forced to complete the wedding, and this couple showed nothing afterwards. He had forgotten that this guy had a wife.

Mr. Leng could not be blamed. Mr. Mu also forgot this himself! 'His wife must be pregnant at that night,' Duke guessed. Justin was absolutely his son!

"How come you never mentioned that you had a son?" Duke looked at him in disbelief, and also held little Justin up. The little boy was more handsome than his father!

Edward cast a glance at him, with no reply. He didn't know he had a son until that morning!

"Boy, are you hungry? Let's go find something to eat." Although Duke really wanted to know the reason, it was not good to ask too many details in front of the child. There would be plenty of opportunities to figure out later, but not at this time. So he didn't wait for the answer and carried the little boy to find delicious food.

Since the little one was very nice and sweet, he thought he must be a good baby. So he couldn't believe what happened next had anything to do with this harmless little Justin.

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