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   Chapter 6 Let's See Who's The Boss

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They arrived at the company early. Justin was listening to their conversations silently. He didn't comment but he was carefully following every single word they uttered.

"Sweetie, why don't you go home with Uncle Luke. I have a meeting tonight. I will come back later." 'What kind of meeting could it be? Hmm!' thought the little boy. The truth was Edward just wanted to meet the beautiful ladies. But Edward better be careful and he shouldn't regard him as a kid just because he was five years old. He had secretly determined that he would get Edward back for his mommy. So he would be beside him all the time, defending his mommy's position.

"No, I don't want to go back, I haven't gotten my laptop yet." Justin found an excuse to stay with him.

"Why don't you want to go back? I can call my secretary to get the laptop for you right now." Edward was a little annoyed by him.

"Anyway, I don't want to go back yet. Since my mommy brought me to you, you can't just leave me behind." Jesus, that was too guilt-tripping. He was just asking the boy to go home first. How can he abandon the little boy anyway?

"I didn't say I would leave you behind! Daddy just has some more work to do, so just go home with Uncle Luke first, okay? I promise I'll go back as soon as I'm done with my work." That was it! God knew how long he could finish his work. With all the women that Edward needed to accompany, when would he be able to finish? Oh well, Justin Mu wasn't that easy to deal with.

"But I don't want to go back alone! Just please let me go with you! I promise I'll behave and won't disturb your work!" Justin blinked pitifully looking at him Anybody can try to act cute like so. Although normally he was beyond such a thing.

Edward was totally confused, what in the world did Justin want? Firstly Justin looked very cool and demanding, but now he was acting so cute. Why couldn't he catch up with his mind? But who could refuse such cute little being like Justin? 'Fine! Follow me! But only if he will not go with me tonight', Edward certainly could not refuse the boy.

"Okay, sweetie, as you wish, let's go!" This time Edward didn't hold him. He got out of the car first, and was immediately shocked by the hot weather outside. He grasped the little fleshy hand and took him inside of the building quickly. He was afraid to be melted by the heat and be all sweaty if he stayed outside one more minute.

Justin looked at Edward with such awe, 'Why the need to be so scared of the hot weather?' the kid thought. Justin didn't care about such hot weather, as he had gotten used to it. In the army, all the soldiers trained in the sun every day. Edward looked so effeminate. Was he indeed a man? It seemed that Edward was not perfect either!

"Why are you looking at me this way?" He could tell the banter in his son's eyes. Yes, he hated the hot weather most, as the feeling of sweating really bothered him. So he always took a bath after he returned from outside during summer. Frankly, it seemed that Edward had a "prince's syndrome".

Justin shook his head without saying anything. He didn't seem to answer Edward's question as they walked directly out of the elevator. He had no time for him in front of the laptop. Justin thought it was not worth it to think about his daddy's behavior.

Edward didn't care about Justin's attitude either. The most important thing for him at the moment was to take a shower at once.

Justin ran to the laptop directly as soon as he walked into the CEO's office. At this moment, he cared about nothing except for the gadget, so he also ignored his daddy's complaints.

Well! in Justin's eyes he was less useful than the laptop. But was it necessary to act so obviously?

Justin started the laptop quickly to check if there were some updated features with this laptop. He focused on it and enjoyed a lot. The happiness was shining on his little face. Anyway, he looked like he would stay there to play.

Edward saw the picture when he walked out of the bathroom. He was surprised but soon understood that the boy was so engrossed. He didn't disturb him and sat down to work instead.

Actually was really busy, he had got tremendous work managing such a big company. But he didn't need to handle everything. Many things could be handled by the Deputy CEO. That guy was good at dealing with pressure.

The Deputy CEO was on a business trip abroad at that time. The weather was hot! But the Deputy CEO was suddenly so chill. Maybe because Edward was thinking of him.

The time quietly passed, only the sound of repeated tapping on the keyboard and the QQ message prompt tone could be heard. But these sounds bothered Edward. Edward needed complete silence whenever he was working on something. Normally no one dare disturb him without his permission. Everyone in the company knew this, so they acted very carefully, kept away from him as far as possible, in case they made any a sound.

These rules were completely broken today. Justin said he won't disturb him, but why was he hearing the QQ message prompt again and again. Who on earth was chatting with the little boy? How many words could he possibly know? How could he be typing in so many things? Edward was curious, so he put down the pen and watched him.

Justin had big eyes. At that moment his eyes were full of little tricks. The small red lips were pursed together tightly, and the little face was bright with excitement. The delicate short hair fell on his forehead, which made him look gentler and less indifferent. His appearance was s

o much like that of Edward's, but there was something to his face beyond that of his father's. He did take something from his mother's beauty too.

Justin seemed to notice someone was staring at him. Suddenly he lifted his head and met Edward's eyes. But he didn't look too surprised as he continued to focus on typing. Actually, his flustered breath and shivering hands exposed his thoughts at that moment.

Edward pretended not to notice that. He kept watching him, as he couldn't focus on work anymore. He would like to see how long the little guy could pretend. While thinking of this, he showed a smile, which was evil but damn sexy.

Under such gaze, Justin turned nervous. Edward didn't seem to stop. His eyes kept staring at the little boy. Justin admitted that he wasn't so strong as Edward in this aspect. He was not at that level yet!

"Could you stop staring at me with that erotic look in your eyes?" He shook his shoulders as he said this. Then it was Edward's turn to be awkward. How fatherly his eyes were! How did they become scary and erotic in this little guy's eyes? Did he actually know what the word erotic means? How could a little boy use such a word?

"Sweet, do you know what the word erotic means? Don't use it if you don't know the real meaning." Children mature so early nowadays.

"Hmm! It's easy to look it up on the Internet, of course, I know! Justin suddenly turned back to a cool boy and told his daddy, "Edward, you're out of style."

"Don't tell me you are here to check things like that." Edward squinted his deep eyes, looking dangerous, "Did your mommy allow you to behave in this manner?"

"Boss Mu, don't talk bad about my mommy, even if you are my daddy. I'm not that bad as you imagined." No matter what they said about him, Justin didn't care. His basis for all things was his mommy. No one would surpass his mommy, not even this man in front of him.

Well, Edward realized that Justin was angry, as his little white face turned red somehow. Edward smiled.

"Uhm, is your mommy so good to you? That's why you are defending her like this." Edward never saw Justin cared so much about him. He felt jealous.

But how could Edward compare himself with Justin's mommy? He just stayed with him for half a day, while Justin and his mommy had already lived together for so many years. There was nothing to compare.

"I'm the only male in our family, of course I need to protect my mommy." Justin rolled his eyes expressing that Edward was too stupid to even ask.

Edward's heart was stung by these words. That was supposed to be his responsibility, but his son took it for him. It seemed that the woman educated his son well. He felt more interested in her.

"Knock, knock."

Suddenly someone knocked at the door, which saved him from embarrassment, otherwise he didn't know how to face Justin.

"Please come in!" Edward never felt so thankful to the one who knocked at his door.

"Mr. Mu, this is the next schedule, please have a look if there are any amendments needed." The executive secretary, Anna, put the itinerary in front of him carefully.

"Some simple issues, I need you to ask Aaron to attend for me. I need to reserve this evening." It seemed that Mr. Mu would come to the date in the evening for sure.

"Well, how about the invitation from the Leng family? Also pass to Aaron?" Could Aaron handle so many things at the same time? Anna felt it was unfair for Aaron. No matter how efficient he was, he only had two arms and two legs.

Uh! Edward almost forgot that today was Mr. Leng's birthday banquet. He had to attend without any excuses. Otherwise, the Leng family would complain about him for a long time. Hmm, but he had only one body, where would he go?

"No need, I'll go to the Leng family by myself." Well, he can just go there to show up, no need to stay long. Anyway, he and the Leng family had known each other for a long time. It would be no problem to leave if he needed to.

"Okay! If there is nothing else, I am leaving now." She glanced at Justin curiously, and then she left the room.

Apparently, the little boy was just playing on the laptop, but his ears were always on standby, so he won't miss any details of his daddy's conversations. Otherwise, how would he proceed to his next plan?

It was late, Edward would like to ensure Justin was all set first, otherwise he would blame him again.

"Sweetie, let's go home now!"

"Will you go out again?" the boy asked. Nonsense! Of course he would. If he won't go out, how could he go to the date? Edward thought annoyingly.

"I have a meeting to attend, I promise I'll go home early." He said.

"Daddy, bring me with you!" Justin said sweetly, his black eyes were full of excitement. He needs his daddy to bring him but first he would need to be nice to him. So he called him "Daddy" in a sweet voice.

Edward was indeed shocked by him, as he kept calling him "Boss Mu" and "Uncle" for a whole day. He never expected that he would call him "Daddy". So he was satisfied finally. And when he came to himself, they were already on the way to the Leng family.

Edward was so frustrated! How was he spun by a little boy? Just by calling him "Daddy"... He sacrificed so much! So, would he date a woman with his son?

Justin ignored his father's bitter expression. Anyway, he was so happy. He won the first battle. And the next...Mr. Mu would better have to wait for what's to come. 'Just enjoy the sumptuous meal I will prepare for you! You will never forget it.' quipped the little boy in his head.

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