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   Chapter 5 Junk Food

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Edward was always boasted about himself. Justin looked at his daddy's red sports car and couldn't help rolling his eyes, 'Why couldn't this man keep a lower profile?', he thought His car shined in bright red, like his own gorgeous appearance. His daddy was a totally different person than her low-key mommy. No wonder that, so far these two people hadn't lived together.

Edward's bodyguard opened the car door, Edward put Justin into the car and fastened the seat belt for him. It seemed that this was not the first time for him to do such a thing.

"Do not follow me, I'll drive by myself," Edward ordered coolly while keeping his eyes on the little boy.

"Master, please let me follow you!", Luke Luo requested in a low voice. His life was destined to protect his master. He had trained himself extremely well to do this job. He knew there were many people who were eyeing his master. He needed to be very careful with each step.

"Well, Follow me if you wish!" Edward didn't disappoint him. He knew Luke would be worried if he is not around. He always treated Luke as his brother, and never regarded him as a bodyguard. So sometimes he would listen to his advice.

There weren't many people in KFC, maybe because this wasn't weekend, but the elegant appearance and figure of Edward still captured lots of eyes.

Edward ignored the eyes staring at him, found a table and sat his son in the chair carefully.

"Sweet, could you wait for me in the chair? Daddy needs to order the food." Edward bent his slender body and consulted with his son.

"Okay, I'm not scared." He was far away from being scared, but felt a little excited. Mommy normally didn't take him to eat this food, because she said this was a junk food.

But his daddy didn't know this. So after a long time, when Edward remembered his own words, he had to smile with self-mockery, yep, his son was even stronger than him.

The food was ready soon, most of it was Justin's favourite. Of course, there was a little surprise -- the waiter was still staring at Edward, which made him very angry, but he controlled his anger with good manners.

"Is it yummy?" Edward smiled at his son while he was enjoying the food. The gentle smile immediately captured so many eyes.

"Yummy! Mommy never brought me here, she said this was a junk food." Justin mumbled.

"Uh! ..." Edward was choked by his sons words. Knowing this was a junk food, Justin still asked for KFC. Was he joking on him? Well! He didn't mind as Justin looked so happy to be here.

He became more and more curious about his little wife, 'What kind of woman was she? How did she become so cold and indifferent? And why she gave birth to this child without asking anything from him? Just because of his words at that moment?'

He was forced by his parents to get married, so he wasn't happy with the marriage. He was never against her personally, but unfortunately she became the target of his anger. Later he thought if he was too arbitrary? He knew his parents well. Maybe he had misunderstood Daisy.

But he was too proud. Even if he knew that he was wrong, he still wouldn't admit it. He just ignored it as he didn't want to face it. He hadn't cared about his nominal wife for so many years. He even didn't remember her face. Was she pretty or ordinary? He just lived his own life. There was no woman who walked into his heart, and attracted him to learn more about her.

"Uncle, don't you eat?" Hmm, Uncle, a good title for him! Justin didn't want to call him Daddy. He was good at acting. That was also why his mommy didn't find that he was such an evil boy.

"Enjoy your meal, I don't like kids' food," Edward said to himself and frowned, maybe that woman was right, indeed these were junk food.

How could adults understand kids' world? That was just the same as that kids didn't understand the way adults think. The yummy food in kids' eyes was junk food for adults. But Justin wouldn't care, anyway he was enjoying the food now. When mommy came back, he had to say goodbye to this delicious food.

What if Edward knew what Justin was thinking? Would he be stunned again or just smiled at it? No matter what, there wouldn't be anything funnier than the following accident.

As soon as they walked out of the KFC, Luke had driven the car near. Suddenly Edward's phone rang, he checked the caller ID, hesitated for a second but finally picked up the call.

"Hello! Hey, Jessica, what's up?" He put Justin into the car and got in.

"Edward, I miss you, let's have a dinner tonight?" The voice was so coquettish, but Edward was the lady-killer, so it didn't work on him.

"Tonight?" Edward glanced at his son, suddenly he felt a bit awkward, although he didn't realize why. Justin seemed so calm in the car. It looked like he didn't hear the phone. Actually, Justin's little ears stood up as soon as he heard the woman's name. Oh, don't blame him! The woman's name was always related to his daddy's. It was too hard for him to ignore.

If his mommy liked him, he would help his mommy to get him back. He didn't care if this man would be his daddy or not or how many women he was involved with.

"You promised me last night, have you forgotten?" Jessica asked coquettishly, as she knew how charming her sweet voice was.

"Well! I'll pick you up tonight." Edward was enamored by her. She had her own way to deal with men.

"Master, where shall we go? To the company or villa?" Luke asked him as soon as he hung up the phone. Although he was wondering that when his master got a son at Justin's age, he chose to be silent. He knew that he would know it at the right moment.

"Drive me to the company first! Then take our little master to the villa. I'll be back later tonight. Ask Mrs. Wu to take care of him, and pick two reliable bodyguards to protect him." Originally he wanted to come back after work to be with Justin as he might not adapt to the new environment. But he promised Jessica last night, so he had to leave Justin to Luke.

"Yes, Master. I'll arrange, don't worry." Actually Luke was a silent man, he never talked if others didn't start the topic first.

"Okay! I always trust you. By the way, get a designer to prepare a kids' bedroom. And use the best material!" Edward commanded. He slightly loosed his tie. Today was too hot.

"Okay, but which room will be the one for the kid?" Luke dared not decide for him, as he knew his master was so profligate! He always brought different women back. If Luke arranged a wrong room, what if Justin saw his doings?

"The one next to my study! That room is sunny!" Edward glanced at him and did not say a word. Finally Luke understood. The main reason was that the room was far away from his bedroom! But these were just his thoughts in mind, he dared not to say it aloud. Anyway, Edward was his master, wasn't he?

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