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   Chapter 4 I Don't Like A Useless Girl

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The father and son were getting along well with each other. Sitting in the military Humvee, Daisy had sunk into deep thoughts. She always remembered that on a warm afternoon, the handsome man came into her life, directly walked into her heart. But he might not remember her anymore. What did she ever mean to him?

She was very quiet then because she knew she was redundant in the family. Once upon a time, she was also secure and happy like a little princess. But everything had turned differently since her mother unfortunately died and her father remarried. She turned into a position even lower than a servant girl. Every day she watched her stepmother made up her own daughter elegant and beautiful. She had to accept the truth that all her beautiful pasts belonged to others now, and her father also became someone else's father.

She also cried and struggled, but every time she did, her stepmother, Yakira Mo just gave her a good beating. From then on, she cried no more but carefully lived every day. Because she understood her situation, and knew she was no longer the proud princess she used to be.

The father who used to love her so much seemed to forget about her since the stepmother gave birth to her little brother. Unfortunately, Yakira Mo and her daughter didn't forget her existence. They tortured her every day in many ways. Once when she was 16 years old, she accidentally tore her sister Yvonne Ouyang's clothes while washing, and her stepsister slapped her on the face. She ached so bad and hid under a big tree in the garden and silently shed tears.

"I hate the crybabies, they always deal with problems with crying. And I don't like a useless girl, either." Suddenly she heard a voice and raised her head with tears on the face. At that moment, her tears stopped from falling, 'what a beautiful boy!' she thought, as she saw this boy standing against the sun. The rays of light that lit his face made him look so proud but with so much grace just like a true prince.

At that moment she was stunned by him. Looking at him with tears on the face, she dared not make a sound so as not to disturb the sleeping prince. She worried that this was just a dream. With just one noise, she would wake up from it.

"Useless girl!" The body seemed a little angry and left unpredictably, like the way he appeared.

Then she learnt that he was the eldest son of Mu family, the legend in S City. She heard that he had a remarkable talent in the business. He was only 22 when he became the acting CEO of FX International Group. The two of them were so different with their life situation. They would never have any chance to get to know each other well or to even cross paths, she thought.

But she inadvertently began to pay close attention to everything that had to do with him. Her heart also slowly fell for him. Although she knew that there was no chance to be with him, she was still strongly attracted to him. In the end, she fled out of the country and entered the military academy she never liked because of what this boy told her "I don't like a useless girl". She became the only foreign female graduate who finished military training early within four years.

She initially thought that she was to stay longer at the academy but she returned to S City as she was missing him so badly all those years. However, they still had no chance of meeting each other even if she went home to S city. He was so far from her reach as usual. He was no longer the young boy she first saw four years ago, but was now, surely a glamorous man.

In order to distract herself from thinking of him, she had worked very hard with her training and evaluations and took some very dangerous missions. She made continuous contributions to the army, and became a major at a very young age. Unfortunately, she still couldn't ignore the love that was growing like a weed in her heart.

Although she lived in the same city with him again, they were still like two parallel lines that would never intersect. However, her love for him had grown into the bone so deep, and permeated into the blood. She thought that maybe she would spend all her li

fe just watching him from afar. She had to bury the love which had not even started but already died.

But God still favored her and made her become his wife. Thanks to her father, if she wasn't his only biological daughter, then it would have not been made possible. She still remembered that Yvonne's eyes were full of anger because the Mu family only wanted to marry the real daughter of the Ouyang family, while Yvonne was just a favored stepdaughter.

She could still feel her heart pounding in her chest at that moment. She couldn't forget her ecstatic sobs of joy, finally she was rescued from desperation.

Although she knew she wasn't his favorite woman and that he would never fall in love with her, she still was not able to control her heart to approach him. She could only secretly cheer for herself deep in the heart. It didn't matter that he didn't like her, she would still love him, only if he allowed her to stand by his side.

But she still overestimated herself. After getting so close to each other all night long, she became a scheming woman in his eyes. She tried to defend herself but he didn't even give her any chance to explain before he slammed the door as he left her. No one knew how sad she was. No matter how bad she was injured in the army missions, she never felt anything as painful as this.

When Edward turned his back on her, she felt that she wanted to flee. His words embarrassed her. She smiled with self-mockery while thinking. Though he didn't belong to her, he still gave her such a cute son, a living image of him. She should be satisfied, shouldn't she?

"Colonel, Staff Gu informed us to meet at the next intersection." The report of the accompanying official Mark Du pulled her back from her thoughts. She shook her head in frustration and blamed herself for missing him unconsciously.

"Okay! Copy that." Daisy replied lazily. She felt so exhausted. She suddenly felt her surroundings turned warm.

"Colonel, are you sick? You look pale." Mark started accompanying her since he joined the army, so he knew if there was something wrong with her.

"Don't worry, maybe it's too hot, I just feel a little bit lazy." Daisy knew she was physically healthy, she felt sad and tired emotionally. She loved him for so many years, but she still couldn't get any closer to him, and he had finally forgotten about her.

"Will you sleep for a while? There is still one hour left before meeting Staff Gu." Mark felt worried, as he seldom saw his colonel looking so weak. She was always sharp and tough in his eyes.

"Okay! Wake me up when we arrive." Daisy realized that a good sleep was exactly what she needed. She didn't sleep well last night as she thought about the meeting with him today. She also felt too nervous in front of him. She indeed needed to close her eyes and clear up her mind.

"Yes, Colonel. Sleep tight!" Mark glanced at her quickly, he knew there was something bothering his colonel. She looked suddenly different after walking out of the high commercial building.

Mark sometimes sympathized with the colonel who raised her son on her own. He heard that she was married, but her husband hadn't shown up even once after the marriage. So the young soldiers always secretly talked about her. There were many versions; someone said her husband went abroad and hadn't come back for a long time, there was one who said her husband had a mistress, another one said her husband was scared of such a strong woman, and so he stayed away from her and there was someone who even said her husband was too ugly to be brought out to the public.

But Mark wanted to say, Justin looked so handsome and cute, how could he have an ugly dad? Mark just thought this way in his heart, he never joined in their gossip. Normally he just listened silently but never commented. He also knew the reason why they were grumbling. The colonel trained them so hard.

Mark slightly turned up the temperature in the car, so that she won't catch a cold while sleeping. She couldn't get sick at this kind of crucial moment, as the following training would be fully enclosed and even more severe than ever.

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