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   Chapter 3 The CEO's Love Child

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Jennie Buss Characters: 7073

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"Mr. Mu, are you going out?" Aaron Qiao came up in a hurry with a stack of documents and almost ran into them.

"Don't you look at the road when you walk?" Edward moved his fine eyebrows together. If he hadn't dodged quickly, the little guy in his arms might have been hurt.

"I'm sorry. There are so many documents and I didn't pay attention. Who is that boy?" Aaron tried to evade what happened just now and responded casually.

"My son," Edward said it just like he was talking about the weather today. He didn't realize how stunned other people might be on hearing his words. His arrogant attitude drove Aaron crazy.

"What? Your son?" Poor Aaron reeled and almost fell on the ground. The former female military officer had already surprised him that much. So this news was not supposed to be too weird. Hadn't he just left for a while? Why was there even a son here? It seemed that the world was changing every minute. This was perfectly reflected in their CEO.

"Why? Is it weird for me to have a son?" Edward was getting angry and his voice rose a little. It seemed that he was so nice to this guy and he even dared to talk to him in this way.

"Err… It's a little bit weird." It was really weird, wasn't it? Nobody knew that he had a son.

"Uh-huh!" Mr. Mu! Did you know how much curiosity would be killed by your cold snort?

"Oh! Not weird. Not at all." Come on. He was not that stupid. How did he dare to be suspicious? Who didn't know that their CEO was such a devil? No matter how many questions he had in his mind, Aaron didn't dare to ask anymore. He didn't want to work overtime or else he would have no time to date his girlfriend.

"That's good. We'll go out for lunch and do not bother us if it's nothing important. And help me to cancel the appointment in the noon." Then he turned and walked away, ignoring his beautiful secretaries in the secretarial room who were all shocked. He went smartly and left the heart-broken beauties.

How could their CEO have a love child? Who was the mother of the child? Was it the cool female military officer or Jessica Lin who had an ambiguous relationship with their CEO?

"Was CEO joking, was it true?" One of them was lost in thought. It seemed that they had no chance with the CEO at all. He already had a child.

"It can be a godson. Who knows?" Somebody was comforting herself. They were not to blame! It was really unexpected.

"But the child resembled our CEO closely, didn't he?" exclaimed one of the staff. The reality was always so cruel.

"Are you too idle? Go with your own business quickly," exclaimed Aaron although he was also curious. All he could do now was to restrain everybody else's curiosity so that all went back to work.

His boss canceled the appointment just like that and left. However, he was the poor assistant who had to deal with this matter. He wanted to cry! His CEO once said, "Your value was good as a servant who needed to just obey all my commands. I don't hire you for your good-looking appearance. Besides, because of my strong presence as the handsome CEO, you are not good-looking at all."

Damn, wasn't Edward looking down on Aaron? Did Aaron really look that bad?

Alas! It was not that he looked bad. It was just that the CEO was so handsome that nobody could be as equally as good looking as him.

Edward walked all the way down, holding Justin in his arms. He knew that there were gossips about him again. He didn't care about it. Anyway, he himself couldn't believe that he had

a son at this age. It seemed that he had been dreaming.

Justin looked curiously at the man who was said to be his daddy. He was so handsome. No wonder a cool woman like his mommy would like this guy, his daddy. Justin was more curious about the cuddle. He could now tell what it was like to be held by his daddy. Different from her mommy's cuddle, it was a little bit harder but still comfortable.

"Uncle, shall we go to KFC?" The little boy raised his innocent face to look at Edward. He didn't know that calling Edward his uncle would startle his daddy. Edward nearly fell to the ground when he heard the little guy called him uncle.

"Justin, I am your daddy, not uncle." Edward became unsettled. Why didn't Justin call him daddy? Justin knew that he was his daddy but still called him uncle.

"You are my uncle! Other children's daddy lives together with their mommy, but you are not with my mommy which means you are not my daddy. So I have to call you uncle."

'Hmm' Justin thought to himself, 'I will not call you daddy. Now it is just the beginning. There will be more surprises for you later. Uncle.'

OK. It seemed that it was his fault. But how could he have known that he would have a son in only one night? So maybe, it didn't seem to be all his fault. He hadn't known about Justin before now.

"Little boy, I didn't know you were there, so I was not with you," Edward explained weakly.

'Damn it!' When did he need to care about other's opinion on his behavior?

"Would you have been with us if you knew?" Justin tilted his head and asked. He wanted to see his daddy defend himself. He never asked her mommy to find daddy for him, because he often saw mommy look at his daddy's photos in the newspaper for one hour or two, lost in thought. Sometimes her eyes were red. He did not understand the adults' world, but he could see that his mommy liked his daddy. Otherwise, she would not have told him that the man who often appeared in newspapers and magazines was his daddy. His mommy also told him not to hate his daddy and the reason why they did not live together was that they had a misunderstanding right after their wedding.

Actually, it's impossible for Justin not to resent or care. He also envied those who had a daddy who accompanied them playing, running or swimming. Only mommy was there for him.

At school, his classmates laughed at him and said that he didn't have a daddy. He was so angry that he often fought with them and told them that he had a daddy but his daddy was too busy to live together with them. He didn't dare to tell his mommy about it, because she would ask him to do push-ups as punishment.

"Err…" Well. Unfortunately, Edward had never thought about this question, so he didn't know how to answer it at the moment. Edward was good at delivering speeches. But why couldn't he answer the questions of his son?

"Justin, you want to eat KFC, yes? Daddy will take you there and you can eat as much as you want." How could Edward be so shameless? How could he change the topic with KFC?

"Yes! I want to have chicken legs, French fries, and coke." How could Justin have forgotten to torture his daddy so soon? It was easy for the little boy to compromise. He must have forgotten to take a firm stand!

"Well, if you can have them all, daddy will buy you." Edward caressed Justin's hair dotingly. He got unexpected satisfaction in his heart. This little boy was his son, who resembled him very much not only in appearance but also in his manners.

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