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   Chapter 2 Father And Son

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Edward Mu sat still on his chair as he watched the little boy in front of him. His little face resembling Edward's had the calmness beyond his years and the little dark eyes looked coldly at him as if he was about to see something from him.

He would not take action before his opponent did. Justin grew up in the army. All he was exposed to were military related things, so he knew this rule well. This was his father. Was he looking at him this way because he was stunned or was it that he just didn't like his existence?

"Little guy, what's your name?" Edward Mu initiated as he squatted next to Justin and whispered. So was this his son? It should be! Otherwise, that woman wouldn't have brought him here.

"I'm not little guy. I have my own name." Justin looked annoyingly at the man in front of him.

"Well. What's your name?" Edward Mu smiled playfully. "Justin Mu." The little boy looked at him in such a way that Edward would feel embarrassed. The little guy's arrogant expression was so cute.

'Justin Mu.' It seemed that the woman did not want to conceal it from him all his life. His anger faded. Who could ever imagine that they had a baby in only one night?

"Do you know that I'm your daddy?"

"Yes, mommy has told me before." Justin shifted position. He was a little bit tired. He had come here early in the morning from the army. It was almost noon and he was a little hungry.

"Then why didn't you come here for me before?" That was what Edward was curious about. He was also interested in how Daisy Ouyang became a military officer. Was there anything he didn't know? At this moment, Edward realized that he knew so little about his so-called wife. He didn't even know what she did.

"Mommy says you're busy and it's not convenient for us to bother you." Justin expressed earnestly, still with that cool expression on his face. Despite his cute demeanor, his face looked sad beyond his years.

"Was it what your mommy told you? I'm busy." Edward became unsettled. Yes, he was really busy, busy with flirting with different women. He had never thought that he would have a baby with his o

ne-night-only wife. She had never contacted him and he had forgotten all about her existence. He even left the next morning after they got married. All he had done was demanding his secretary to send money to her every year. If she had not appeared unexpectedly today, he would have forgotten the existence of such a person in his life and his identity as a married man.

"Yes, we can see your affairs on TV every day." Justin started to warm up but was also tactless and a bit straightforward with his daddy. Although his mommy told him that there were reasons why his daddy did not live together with them, he still couldn't understand why he had not seen them even once.

"Err… It seemed that you cared about me a lot." Edward looked at his angry and sarcastic face, he couldn't help but laugh. Edward's charming looks even stunned Justin.

"Who cares about you? If you were not there every day with that silly smile, we wouldn't bother to see you." Justin was angry because every time he showed up with different women, he saw his mommy's eyes turn red and he knew that his mommy was sad then.

"What? Silly smile?" How could his extremely charming smile that can attract countless beauties became a silly smile in this little boy's eyes?

Justin ignored his daddy as he playfully threw himself into the soft sofa. After all, he was just a little boy who just wanted to play.

"Are you hungry?" Edward checked on his hand to look at his watch. His every action seemed so elegant and no doubt he could attract so many different women.

"Let's go! Daddy will take you to have lunch." Edward Mu picked up his coat from the chair, cuddled Justine and walked out of the door.

He tried to reconcile the thought that he had a son. The woman he was married to didn't even give him the opportunity to say no and ran away. Although, he must admit that the boy was adorable. He could not believe he can be good-tempered despite the turn of events.

Three months? He looked forward to seeing if the woman would dare to ignore him again after three months. Edward was challenged. He definitely loved the chasing game.

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