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   Chapter 80 No.80

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'Oh right, I didn't notice' Haru fumbled glancing up. 'I'll see you tomorrow then.'

'See you.'

Haru left the kitchen, smiling happily towards two of his fellow workers, a young man standing before the tills, and a young woman dishing up plates.

They both said goodbye to him as he walked by, waving at him.

Haru went to the changing room briefly to hang up his apron, before getting his bag from the locker and walking briskly out of the building.

He caught a late bus and sat by the window, staring out at the town as the bus made its route.

He got off at his stop and walked the rest of the short distance towards the block of apartments, heading to the one on the first floor.

Haru opened the door to the apartment to be greeted by the wonderful smell of cooking.

As he closed the door behind him he saw Aubrey in the next room, leaning back to see him through the doorway.

'Hey you're back!' Aubrey cried, wearing a sky-blue apron and holding pan and spatula in his hand. 'You're a bit late today.'

Haru smiled, putting his bag down on the table beside the door.

He had barely a chance to speak when two small figures appeared from around the corner, running to him.


'Yey Daddy's home!'

Haru laughed out loud as the boys, aged three (Aiden) and five (Ken) ran to him, hugging his legs.

Haru knelt, coming to their level so he could hug them properly, holding each of his boys in his arms.

Aubrey approached him then, walking out of the kitchen with a smile upon his face as Haru glanced up at him, grinning happily.

'Welcome home dear' Aubrey spoke softly.

Haru frowned in amusement, letting go of the boys and rising to his feet. He stepped forwards towards Aubrey, giving him a brief kiss.

'It's good to be home' Haru sighed, following Aubrey back to the kitchen, one of the boys taking his hand to hold as they went, the other running ahead.

'How are your knees today?' Haru asked him.

'They're a little worse today' Aubrey admitted as Haru sat at the table. 'Think I'm going to visit the doctors tomorrow, I might need more painkillers.'

Haru leant his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his palm as he watched Aubrey who stood with his back to him, continuing to cook.

'I love you' Haru spoke quietly.

Aubrey glanced around, pausing what he was doing and smiling back at Haru.

He turned the gas stove off, moving towards Haru and leaning over him then.

Haru tilted his head back as Aubrey ki

ssed him deeply, passionately feeling his tongue.

'Eeeeeewww!' Ken protested loudly then. 'Please stop doing that its gross!'

Aubrey straightened then, smiling down at the boy as Aiden played with his toy truck on the floor nearby.

He approached Ken, lifting him in his arms and kissing his cheek. 'It's not gross' he said.

'Yes it is' Ken replied sulkily, squirming away as Aubrey began to tickle him.

'Just wait till you grow up and fall in love and have kids of your own' Aubrey said.

'He's a bit young for that' Haru told him sternly, leaning forwards on the table.

'I'm not going to fall in love' Ken said loudly, wiggling in Aubrey's arm.

'And I thought I would fall in love with a nice woman' Aubrey said flatly. 'You never know where life will take you, now sit at the table, dinners ready.'

'Yeah!' Ken squealed in delight as Aubrey put him down.

'Come on Aiden' Aubrey said to him, and the child rose, stomping over towards the table, instead of heading to his own seat he went to Haru, crawling onto his lap.

'You shouldn't encourage that behaviour' Aubrey scolded as he began to serve food, seeing Aiden sitting upon Haru's lap.

'Oh, he's alright' Haru said dismissively, hugging Aiden.

'I don't like you spoiling him' Aubrey said seriously. 'He's starting to get badly behaved.'

'Can we not talk about this now?' Haru sighed wearily.

Aubrey sat at the table opposite Haru, Ken sitting beside them.

'Dad?' Ken voiced.

'Yes?' Aubrey and Haru spoke in unison.

The paused then, glancing at each other with a smile.

'We're going to have to sort this out soon' Aubrey said in amusement.

'You can be Dad number two' Haru said to Aubrey.

'Why am I number two?' Aubrey asked sulkily.

'Because I'm better than you' Haru teased, and Aiden before him began to play with his food.

'Very funny' Aubrey frowned flatly.

'Dad?!' Ken whinned.

'Who are you talking to?' Aubrey asked him with slight annoyance in his tone.


'What do you want?' Aubrey asked him.

'Um…' Ken bowed his head, staring at his lap. 'I'm scared of going to school tomorrow' he spoke moodily in a mumbled voice. 'It's all so new and scary.'

'Oh honey' Aubrey said to him. 'There's no need to be scared.'

'But I don't know anyone' Ken whined.

'Maybe Haru's the best to talk to about this. You two can talk after dinner. He's better at this sort of thing. He used to be really shy. He used to cry all the time in school.'

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