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   Chapter 79 No.79

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It was just one month later when the two were married.

The wedding was a secret affair, just as they wanted, taking place in the grounds of a quiet church a few miles away from the town, out in the countryside where it was peaceful.

Both dressed in pure white, Aubrey and Haru stood facing each other on the stone steps before the church, framed by an arch of pink and white flowers above them, the female priest standing beside them.

They exchanged rings, each putting one on the others finger.

Then Aubrey took both of Haru's hands in his

'I can't promise to be a perfect man, but I can promise…' Aubrey's voice began to waver, '…that for the rest of my life…...I will work to make you as happy as I possibly can.'

Haru bit his lip then, tears running down his cheeks as he listened to Aubrey's words.

'I promise…' Haru spoke in reply, 'before god…. that I will love you with all my heart and soul….and I look forward to sharing this great life with you…………thank you…... thank you for being my friend…... thank you for looking out for me….and… um…...'

Haru was unable to continue, that was when Aubrey stopped him, cupping his face and shushing him as he pressed a thumb to his lips, smiling down at him with tears of joy shimmering in his own eyes as they gazed at each other.

He lifted Haru in his arms then, holding him like a princess as Haru leant into his chest, laughing and crying with joy as their friends, Ben and Sasha watching at the bottom of the steps began to clap, Sasha throwing white petals up in the air from a basket she held in the crook of her arm.

'This is the happiest day of my life!' Haru laughed, tears continuing to roll down his cheeks.

'Don't say that' Aubrey smiled to him. 'You have many more happy days to come.'

Haru blinked up at him, expression breaking into a smile once more.

Aubrey held him closer, kissing him on the lips as Haru gently grasped onto the front of his suit, his other hand brushing his jaw.

Aubrey put Haru down then, taking him by the hand and walking down the short flight of steps with him.

Sasha approached them then with a sad smile, offering a single flower to them, a purple tulip.

Haru took it gently from her, walking away with Aubrey beside him, still holding his hand, Ben and Sasha trailing after them.

They came to one of the graves nearby, and Haru knelt before it, placing the single purple tulip upon the plinth before the headstone before straightening again, leaning into Aubrey as he wrapped

his arms around him. Amelia's grave.

'This is what she would have wanted' Haru spoke in a distant voice, smiling down at the grave in sadness. 'She told me to live happy…to tell you how I feel…to live a happy life with you' he said turning to Aubrey.

Aubrey brushed Haru's tears away tenderly.

'She's probably watching over us now' Aubrey told him. 'She would want us to be happy.'

Haru let out a sob, burying his face in Aubrey's chest.

'We have to live a good life' Haru breathed, as Ben and Sasha waited quietly a step behind them. 'We have to do this' Haru said, 'for each other….and for her.'

The edges of Aubrey's eyes crinkled in joy.

He held Haru closer to him, resting his head against Haru's.

He sighed and closed his eyes, as the four of them, stood silently before the grave.

'At least you have a happy ending' Sasha spoke then, these words were spoken with sadness, but there was a smile upon her face, of true happiness.

'No' Aubrey breathed, 'this is only the beginning.'

Haru smiled, turning to face the others. 'I believe Amelia is in a good place now, and I believe...that wherever she is…. she is happy....'

He looked to Aubrey then, eyes warm and gentle.

'We never did finish that play' Haru said to him.

'We still can' Aubrey replied, caressing his cheek tenderly. 'We don't graduate for a few more months.'

'And after that?' Haru asked.

Aubrey leaned into him, squeezing Haru a little tighter.

'Our life together truly begins' he said.

'You mean the rest of us don't graduate for a few more months' Sasha voiced loudly then. 'You've been expelled remember?' she said to Aubrey. 'Remember that time you got expelled and totally deserved it?'

Beside them Ben began to laugh, holding his hand to his mouth.

'Oh yeah' Aubrey chuckled awkwardly. 'I kinda forgot for a moment.'


Three years later

'Good work today Haru' his supervisor told him.

'Thanks' Haru laughed a little flustered, putting the tray full of dirty plates onto the rack to be cleaned. 'It's pretty busy out there today hu?'

Outside the doors of the kitchen, the low murmur of the customers talking could be heard, the chink of knives and forks as the gentle conversations overlapping continued.

'Even that table at the back is happy' Haru noted, turning to look through the window in the door towards the large party in the corner of the restaurant.

'That's great' his supervisor told him but it's past 4 o'clock, time for you to go now.'

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