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   Chapter 78 No.78

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'Oh please Haru' Aubrey begged, shaking his head and leaning forwards again. 'Oh god Haru please don't die. Please don't die!'

Aubrey bowed his head then, beginning to pray.

'Oh please' Aubrey moaned, tears streaming down his cheeks. 'Please please please…'

Haru jerked suddenly then, coughing and retching. The lifeguard leant back suddenly as Haru rolled onto his side facing Aubrey now, gasping for breath.


Aubrey embraced him, arms wrapped around his body, nails digging into his skin.

'Oh thank god!' Aubrey sobbed hysterically, tears streaming down his cheeks. 'Thank god!'

'Aubrey…' Haru moaned, unable to move in Aubrey's firm hold.

'Marry me!' Aubrey breathed.

'Wh…what?' Haru gasped.

'Marry me' Aubrey repeated, holding Haru's head in his hands. 'I love you with all my heart and soul…...and I want to spend the rest of my life with you……...Haru…I thought you had died… your father told me….' he gritted his teeth, tears running down his cheek. 'I thought I had lost you.'


Haru's words were cut off suddenly as Aubrey kissed him. The people around them began to cheer and clap. Sasha began to laugh with joy now, hands pressed to her heart.

Aubrey leant back then, pressing his forehead against Haru's, caressing Haru's cheek, crying with relief. Haru laughed, lifting his arms and holding Aubrey around the back of the neck.

Aubrey lifted him up, holding Haru in both his arms now, close to his body.

'You're shaking' Aubrey said.

'I'm cold' Haru mumbled.

Aubrey laughed again with joy, holding Haru as tight as he could to him, feeling his cold wet shirt against his bare chest.

'I love you Haru…. I love you so much….'

Haru was taken to hospital shortly after, his fever had gotten worse again, and for several days, Haru was unstable.

But in time, Haru began to get better again, as his body began to grow stronger.

Haru was discharged from hospital weeks later, returning to the boarding school.

He did not see Aubrey for weeks after that, because Aubrey had been sent back home. But around Christmas, they were able to see each other again, if only for a short time. And a few days later, they met up again, at the start of the new year.

Haru waited alone in the town square, glancing about him nervously.

It was dark, and as the clock struck midnight, the new year fireworks began.

Haru turned with wide eyes towards the sky. Before him, just over the lip of the hill and on lower ground was the crowd that had gathered in the park to watch the countdown. Haru h

ad heard their voices counting down from ten, had heard the cheering as they hit zero.

He listened silently, looking towards the sounds of the people in the distance. He glanced up towards the sky then, watching as the first fireworks shot into the sky, the explosions of colours were beautiful.

'There you are' came a voice.

Haru turned, seeing Aubrey approaching him, walking slowly with his hands in his pockets.

His heart instantly began to soar in his chest.


Aubrey stopped before him, reaching out to him and cupping Haru's face in his hands, as Haru held him back, hands resting on Aubrey's arms.

'Haru' Aubrey breathed. 'You've made me the happiest man in the world, and meeting you is the best thing that's ever happened to me.'

Haru's expression broke into a smile then, and he began to laugh.

'What all this about?' he asked, 'whats gotten into you all of a sudden?'


Aubrey broke away from him then, stepping back slowly and dropping to knee, grimacing as he did. He still suffered the pain in his knees, permanent damage from the fall.

'I love you Haru' he said, 'and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.'

He took a small box out from the inside of his coat, opening it to reveal inside a ring.

'Will you marry me?'

Haru let out a slow gasp, clapping his hands over his mouth, eyes wide in shock and beginning to shimmer.

Tears began to roll down his cheeks as his breath caught in his throat.

He hunched his shoulders, closing his eyes tight now and struggling to control his emotions.

'Yes!' he gasped, 'yes!'

He fell to his knees, embracing Aubrey and sobbing into his shoulder.

'This is the happiest day of my life' Haru whispered through his tears.

Aubrey smiled as he held him back, stroking the back of Haru's head tenderly.

'Don't say that' Aubrey whispered to him. 'You have many more happy days to come.'

He placed his hands firmly against Haru's shoulders, pushing him back lightly so that he could look into his face.

He frowned in amusement at Haru, seeing the tears of joy spilling down his cheeks as he was awash with emotion.

Haru bowed his head then as Aubrey took him by the hand, gently slipping the ring onto his finger.

Haru looked up again, gazing into Aubrey's face, before leaning forwards into him, sobbing uncontrollably into his shoulder.

'Come on' Aubrey said after a time, rising to his feet with effort and helping Haru into a stand. 'Let's go and join the celebration, this will be the start of a wonderful new year.'

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