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   Chapter 77 No.77

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 5111

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They ran away from the manor, Haru holding Sasha by the wrist tightly as they went.

They ran through the town together, Haru quickly becoming tired, gasping and panting, and Sasha watched him with concern as he visibly began to tire. But Haru did not slow.

'I can't lose him' he gasped, his breath in wheezes. 'I can't lose him!'

Sasha felt a twinge of nervousness as they continued to run, a growing experience of trepidation.

'Haru...' Sasha breathed, glancing over at him, seeing his red cheeks flushed, she was worried for him.

They reached the docks at the edge of the town, slowing to a stop at the very end of the harbour.

'Hey!' Sasha barked at one of the men standing nearby. 'When is the next ferry?'

'It's just gone' the man replied pointing towards the sea. 'There won't be another one until tomorrow.'

Sasha whipped her head around, looking back towards the water towards the ferry that had just left the dock not two minutes before, and was heading slowly out to sea. Haru's attention was fixated on it, eyes wide in shock and horror and disbelief.

Haru let out a moan, grasping his head with both hands and sobbing.

'Oh god no….no no no…'

He fell to his knees, body hunched and head in his hands as he began to cry.

Haru raised his head towards the ferry, rising quickly to his feet again.

He jumped suddenly into the water without warning, and Sasha screamed, rushing forwards.


Haru broke the surface of the water, gasping for air. He ignored Sasha's cries, swimming towards the ferry.

Sasha moved forward sharply, intending to jump in after him, but she was grabbed by the man from behind, a stranger.

'No' he gasped as she began to struggle. 'Don't jump in, the currents are dangerous!'

Sasha moaned in desperation as she struggled against the man, unable to break from his grasp.

'No Haru stop! Please come back!' she screamed.

But Haru did not stop. He continued to swim as fast as he could out to sea, out towards the ferry, though he would never catch it.

Upon the ferry, Aubrey leant forwards against the edge of the deck, eyes out of focus, his chin resting on his palm.

He blinked slowly, heart beating heavily in his chest.

He heard a voice then in the distance. A voice calling his name.

Aubrey glanced down towards the water, heart stopping in his chest at what he saw.


He grasped the edge of the ferry, staring in shock and disbelief down at the water.

The currents were strong, and Haru was beginning to struggle, slip

ping beneath the water, fighting to stay above the surface as his heavy clothes weighed him down.

Aubrey's heart pounded in his chest, the blood rushed in his ears. He stepped back from the edge, taking his shirt and trousers off in panic and climbing up onto the barrier. People behind him called out in alarm as he dived off the ferry and into to the water, surfacing seconds later, swimming back towards the shore.

'Haru!' he gasped. 'Haru!'

Haru fought for air, clawing through the water, falling beneath the surface once again, he began to sink.

Aubrey dived, swimming as fast as he could, his movements controlled as he closed the gap between them.

He grasped Haru around the wrist then, pulling him upwards.

They broke the surface together, Aubrey holding Haru in both his arms.

He began to shake him, hand beneath his chin and lifting his head up.

'Haru? Haru please!'

Haru was unconscious, his dead weight heavy in Aubrey's arms.

'Oh god no' Aubrey sobbed, whiping his head around back towards the shore.

He clawed through the water, carrying Haru with him, holding him with one arm, struggling to hold Haru's head above the water.

He swam closer towards the shore, at long last reaching the shallows, his feet touching the sea bed he was able to stand, holding Haru in both his arms now he dragged him up the beach.

Aubrey knelt then, laying Haru's unconscious limp body upon the sands, leaning over him and beginning to tremble violently.

'Haru! Haru please wake up! No no no no…'

He took Haru's face in his hands, slapping his cheek hard repeatedly.

'Oh god no…' Aubrey sobbed.

He leant over Haru, his ear hovering over his mouth to hear for his breath, staring at Haru's chest as people on the beach around them began to gather. He wasn't breathing.

He pressed his hand firmly upon Haru's throat, feeling there no pulse.

Aubrey let out a panicked sob. He pinched Haru's nose, tilting Haru's chin up and placing his mouth over Haru's and breathing into him.

Aubrey leant back knitting his hands together, pressing them to Haru's chest and pumping.

Sasha reached them then, running across the beach and slowing to a stop. Hand going to her mouth and face contorting in grief and horror at what she saw.

'Haru!' she sobbed.

A life guard reached them then, falling to his knees opposite Aubrey and ordering him to get back.

Aubrey fell back, leaning back again his palm, hand to his mouth as he began to sob, body trembling as the lifeguard began to perform CPR on Haru.

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