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   Chapter 76 No.76

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 4513

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Philip wondered then, if Aubrey had made it to the docks, and he wondered if the ferry had left yet. The docks were not far from the manor, just a short drive.

'I hope he's gone now' Philip mumbled to himself. 'I hope I never have to see him again.'

The office door opened then, and Philip looked around.

Haru entered the office, glaring at him.

'One of the housekeepers said they saw Aubrey here' Haru spoke, his voice weak, cheeks still flushed.

His fever was still high.

'You shouldn't be out of bed' Philip said to him. 'You should be resting, you're still sick.'

'What happened to Aubrey?' Haru demanded. 'Where is he?!'

'He left' Philip said. 'He doesn't care that you're sick.'

'I don't believe you' Haru snarled hatefully. ''re lying.... why would he come this way just to leave? He came to see me...where is he? I want to see him.'

'He's gone, I told you' his father said patiently, pursing his lips as he put the papers he held down, turning to face Haru fully now. 'He doesn't care about you.'

'I don't believe you' Haru said again. 'He loves me....and I love him.'

'You are to have nothing to with him' Philip spoke firmly to him, taking a step towards Haru, his manner threatening. 'You are to marry Jasmine.'

'I do not love her!' Haru cried, slamming his hands down upon the desk. 'And she doesn't love me. I love Aubrey! And I don't care what you think about anything anymore. My life is my own! Not yours! I will not marry Jasmine. I do not love her! I love Aubrey. I love Aubrey.'

'Aubrey is gone.'

'What have you done?' Haru demanded.

'Aubrey has left.'


'He's going home.'

'Home?' Haru faltered. He gasped then. 'You've sent him away?'

'I don't want to see him ever again.'

Haru drew a deep breath, balling his fists and gritting his teeth. He teetered on the spot for a moment, grasping the desk for support as shock, fear, uncertainty and many different emotions washed over him. But was would not fall, he was determined to stay standing. He didn't want to succumb to his weakness. Aubrey was the only thing that mattered in the world.

'You won't see either of us ever again.'


Haru turned tailed and ran out of the room, ignoring his fath

er's cries as he called after him, but Haru didn't care. He thought of only one thing as he ran down the stairs of the manor, tearing through the entrance hall.

'Aubrey….' Haru gasped. 'Aubrey please….'

He left the home, running down the driveway and through the gates, skidding suddenly to a halt as he suddenly recognised a figure he did not expect to see.



She rushed up to him, embracing him tightly.

'Oh thank god you're alright' she sobbed, holding him tightly. 'Haru we were so worried for you…


'Is it true?' Sasha sobbed, holding him by the shoulders now. 'Are you….in love with Aubrey....are you together already? I didn't know.... Aubrey told us something but.... Ben and I had no idea....'

Haru blushed slightly then, letting out a sigh.

'It's true' he mumbled. 'I love Aubrey, we are together now like a couple.' He tensed suddenly then. 'Where is he? I have to know!'

'I don't know' Sasha breathed. 'I don't know.... oh Haru you're burning up' she said, caressing his face and touching his forehead. 'You're still sick.'

'I have to find Aubrey' Haru said to her, taking her hands from his face and holding them both in his own firmly. 'Where is he?' he asked her again, desperate.

'I don't know' Sasha shook her head. 'I'm sorry.'

Haru stared at her hard then, still holding her hands.

'My father told him I was dead' Haru said, his voice breaking.

'What?' Sasha gasped.

'Aubrey thinks I'm dead......wait' Haru said, bowing his head as his mind worked furiously. 'Aubrey would surely have been expelled for running away from school' he murmured. 'My father.... would want him away from me...... oh god....'

'What?' Sasha gasped again, terrified now.

'He's sending Aubrey home!'

'Oh jeez' Sasha groaned.

'We have to find him before he leaves' Haru said, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her along. 'Aubrey's home is far away, he would have taken a ferry to get here. I know where he is. My father would have sent him to the dock. Come on, we have to go!'

'How are we going to get there?!' Sasha cried.

'It's not far' Haru said, pulling her by the wrist as they ran away from the manor. 'We can make it on foot! Come on! I can't lose him!'

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