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   Chapter 74 No.74

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'I'm going to find both of them' Sasha answered back.

'But why?'

Sasha stopped suddenly, staring ahead.

'I'm frightened' she spoke clearly then. 'What if Aubrey is right and Haru really is that sick...? Maybe he knows something we don't about Haru....


'I can't explain it' she voiced then, 'I just... I have this feeling inside that I cannot explain, I'm just so sick with worry for both of them. And I want to go and see them.'

'You're leaving?' Ben said surprised.

'I want to see Haru' Sasha said. 'I want to see that he's ok.'

Sasha turned on the spot, facing Ben at last.

'I'm getting out of here' Sasha breathed, 'I'm getting out of here.'

'Ah' Ben breathed then, hand going to his chest as he began to gasp.

'Are you alright?'

'It's my asthma' Ben gasped. 'I have to go and get my pump.... I'm getting stressed...'

'Go back to your room' Sasha told him, turning away again, 'I'll find Haru. Look after yourself Ben' she said to him, before running away, heading towards the entrance gates of the school.

She knew where Haru lived, Haru had told her before. She knew she could get there by foot, it was a long way, but Sasha was determined.

She began to make her way, heading towards the large manor that was Haru's home.

In another place, closer to the manor, Aubrey walked. He had walked for hours without rest, still in agony from the fall. His pace was slow, but he pushed himself onwards, despite the shooting pain in his knees. All he could think about was Haru, and how desperately he wanted to see him again, and how he feared for him.

He was determined to reach Haru, no matter what.

Aubrey saw the manor at last. He had walked for the entire night without rest, and most of the next day.

He was exhausted and hungry and in pain. But he did not stop to rest, not once.

He had only thoughts of one thing, and that's what drove him.

He reached the gates, they were locked. But this did not faze him.

Aubrey climbed the wall, moaning in agony at the pain shooting though his legs, but grimacing he carried on, making his way over the top, and onto the grounds.

He landed on his feet, pausing for a moment, waiting for the pain to subside.

After a time, he straightened up, stumbling towards the manor.

He reached the door, banging on it with both fists.

'Open the door!' He cried, beat

ing the door as hard as he could. 'Let me in!'

He paused, throwing his head back and staring up at the windows above, taking several steps away from the door to see if he could see through the windows, to see if anyone was there.

The door opened then, and Aubrey's attention snapped back, and he saw Haru's father stood there in the doorway before him.

'What are you doing here?' Philip demanded, clearly displeased to see him there. 'You are not welcome here.'

'You know me then?' Aubrey asked.

'Yes' Philip spoke in a sincere voice. 'I do.'

'Then who I am?'

Philip pursed his lips, staring down at Aubrey with distant.

'You and my son....' but he was unable to finish the sentence, clearly disgusted by it.

'So you do know' Aubrey narrowed his eyes. 'I want to see Haru' Aubrey demanded.

'Did you walk here?' Philip asked in surprise then. 'You look awful. I heard from the school you had run away. I thought you might come here, and from those pictures I was given.... I knew what you looked like.'

'I want to see Haru' Aubrey repeated, ignoring everything he had just said.

'You cannot see him.'

'I have to see him' Aubrey snapped. 'I don't care what you think. I love Haru...and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. You can't control other people like pawns. You can't make him marry that girl if he doesn't want to...'

Philip sighed in resignation, staring back at Aubrey with displeasure.

'Come in' Philip spoke sombrely. 'I need to speak with you.'

Aubrey was surprised by this, blinking several times.

He hesitated for only a moment, feeling a little suspicious, before stepping forwards.

Philip held the door open for him as Aubrey entered through the door.

Philip closed the door, turning to face him.

'Come with me' he grumbled, moving away.

Aubrey followed him.

They moved through the manor and to a room only a short distance away from the front door, it was a small office.

Philip closed the door behind Aubrey as he entered after him, slowly turning to face him.

'Where is Haru?' Aubrey demanded.

'You should not have come here' Philip spoke.

'I want to see Haru' Aubrey spoke levelly.

'Haru is dead.'

Chapter Twenty-Two

Aubrey felt as if he had been punched in the chest.

He stared in shock, unable to speak for the longest time, as a dark cloud descended over him.

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