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   Chapter 73 No.73

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I have to do something.... I have to do something..... I have to see him.

He raised his head, gritting his teeth with determination.

I will see him. No matter what.

That night, once it had gotten dark, Aubrey snuck out of his dormitory once again, not even creeping down the corridors, but climbing straight out the window as he so often did.

The matron often patrolled the corridors, but she had not cottoned on yet to Aubrey's ploys, and Aubrey was free to roam as he pleased. He had not yet been caught doing this.

Aubrey's roommate watched him lazily from the bed as he clambered through the window. Aubrey was very familiar by this time of all the cracks and crevasses in the wall and the best way to climb down, and so he moved with surety.

Aubrey landed lightly on the grassy earth below, allowing himself to fall the last part and landing catlike.

He straightened up, brushing the leaves from his shoulders. The ivy that grew on this side of the building was thick, and Aubrey took advantage of this.

He paused for only a short time, tilting his head back to the sky to see the moon large and beautiful.

'Perfect' Aubrey uttered, smiling towards the sky. 'I could use the light.'

He set off across the grounds, making his way towards the building the hospital wing was. His eyes were lifted to the building as he jogged forwards. Haru's room was on the second floor, and Aubrey would have to be careful as he climbed. But he felt confident as he slowed to a stop at the bottom of the building.

Aubrey stood there for a time, scanning the side of the building, wondering which the best way was to climb.

'I gotta get up there' Aubrey spoke quietly to himself. 'I gotta get up there. I gotta see Haru...see if he's alright...'

Aubrey moved closer towards the building, grasping onto the stone and lifting his leg up.

He began to climb, doing ever so carefully.

Though the moon was out, lighting his way, he still had to be careful. He had never come this way before, but he was determined. As he climbed, he had only Haru on his mind.

But as he reached the window to the room he had last seen Haru in, he saw that the bed was empty.

Aubrey clung to the windowsill outside the room, staring through the glass with wide eyes.

'Shit where is he?' he rasped.

He continued to scan the room for a few more moments, but it was no good. Haru was not there.

Aubrey began to grow increasingly worried. The room was dark, no lights were turned on, but Aubrey could see dim lights from the corridor through the little window in the door.

He sudden

ly felt his foot slip then, and Aubrey grasped desperately at the windowsill as he balanced precariously, holding onto the ledge with everything now as he struggled to find his feet.

His heart beat fast with nerves in his chest.

Aubrey stared at the ground with wide eyes as he clung on tightly, facing ahead again and moving tentatively. He moved along the ledge, holding the stone tightly.

Aubrey began to climb down, but before he could reach a safe level, his foot slipped for the second time, but this time, he was not holding onto something firm.

He fell, landing hard on his knees, crying out in agony as pain shot through his legs.

He grimaced, body tense and gritting his teeth as tears prickled in his eyes.

Aubrey turned to look back up at the window, face contorted in grief and pain.

He gingerly rose to his feet, wobbling as he felt the dull ache in his knees.

He teetered, before leaning forwards, and moving away from the building, silently through the night.

At lunchtime the next day, Sasha and Ben went to see Haru, only to learn he had been taken back home, as his condition had worsened. But that was not all, they learned that Aubrey had run away.

'What do you mean he's gone?!' Sasha cried in horror as beside her Ben looked stunned.

'We've contacted his parents' the nurse spoke patiently. 'We've also notified the police. They are keeping a look out for him around the town.'

'He's not going to be staying around the town' Sasha hissed. 'I should have known this would happen.'

Ben instantly grabbed her then, squeezing her shoulder tightly and urging her silently to keep quiet.

She looked away from him and back towards the nurse.

'Forget it' she spoke hastily. 'It's all fine. Gotta go, bye!'

She turned and ran, with Ben jogging after her.

'Where are you going?' he asked her when they had rounded the corner and were out of earshot of the nurse or anyone who might hear.

'I'm going to find him' Sasha hissed with determination.

'What?' Ben gasped.

'If Aubrey can find a way out of this prison then so can we' she said angrily.

'But the fences are too high' he tried to reason.

'I he can escape then I can too!' she snapped.

'Sasha wait!'

But she didn't slow, instead she ran faster now, driven by determination she bolted down the corridors, down the stairs and out of the building.

'I'm going to find that jerk' she breathed, pausing only briefly before setting off again. 'How dare he leave without me!'

'Wait!' Ben called after her as she stormed out of the building. 'Where are you going?'

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