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   Chapter 72 No.72

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They stared at Aubrey in shock now, not believing what they were hearing.

'You and Haru….' Sasha began, 'are a couple….?'

'Just like you and Amelia were' Aubrey replied to her. 'And just like you we kept it a secret.... afraid of his father. I wonder.... did his father find out? Is this why he's ill? You know he gets sick easily....and the stress....'

Aubrey slowly straightened up, taking his hands away from his face.

'Yeah…' Aubrey mumbled, 'we are a couple…...' he swallowed the lump in his throat. 'We've kept it a secret for so long…oh gods…' he clenched his teeth, eyes brimming with tears. 'If anything happened to him….' He bit his hand then, so hard it began to bleed.

'Stop' Sasha hastened, grabbing his hand and pulling it away. 'You're bleeding.'

Aubrey did not react, but instead continued to stare into nothing.

'Oh Aubrey…' Sasha whimpered.

She embraced him then, holding him tightly.

Aubrey stared over her shoulder, eyes wide in shock.

'I want to see him' Aubrey said, 'no matter what. I want to see him.'

'What are you suggesting?' Sasha asked him.

'I want see him....' Aubrey breathed. 'His father has taken him away. I want to see him…. I have to…I have no idea what his father has done to make him this ill.... perhaps he knows about us....'

'Aubrey' Sasha spoke calmly. 'We cannot do anything to help him. He is with the nurses now, they will care for him. There is nothing we can do for him.'

'But what if he dies….?' Aubrey breathed, forcing himself to speak the words, though it pained him to do so. 'You know how weak he is...'

'Don't say things like that' Sasha replied, speaking angrily now. 'He's going to be fine. You're just over-reacting. You're being silly...'

There was a silence after that.

'Sasha' Aubrey voiced. 'Haru's mother had the same illness as him' he told them. 'And…. she died….'

Sasha straightened up, but she forced her expression to remain impassive.

'I don't want to say anything negative' Aubrey continued, 'but we have to be realistic. Let's not fool ourselves. Haru is really sick. How do we know it's not serious?'

Sasha didn't reply, but continued staring at the wall.

'I'm sure he's going to be fine'

Ben said, speaking for the first time in a while, 'he's been like his before and been fine in the end.'

'I've never seen him like that before' Aubrey mumbled, remembering the other day when he saw him through the small window in the door. 'He looked so ill.... oh.... Haru....'

'You're overthinking this' Ben told him calmly. 'You have different feelings for him now, you're protective. He'll be fine.'

Aubrey stared past Sasha, eyes brimming with tears.

'Maybe you're right' Aubrey spoke quietly to himself now. 'Maybe I am overthinking this.'

Aubrey blinked several times to try to keep his tears back.

'Haru said that his mother's sickness was caused by stress' Aubrey continued. 'They were going through a difficult time, and it ultimately….' He never finished his sentence, but he spoke again. 'We don't know how serious it is' Aubrey continued, 'we have to be prepared, that's all I'm saying.'

There was a pause.

'We have to go see him' Aubrey whimpered.

'There is nothing we can do' Sasha reasoned.

'But what if we never see him again!?' Aubrey cried.

'You're being ridiculous' Sasha snapped angrily at him then. 'He's going to be fine.'

'You didn't see him' Aubrey snarled back.

The room rang silent.

'Forget it' Aubrey mumbled after a time. 'Just forget I spoke.'

'Aubrey….' Sasha uttered.

'No, its fine' he forced a smile, looking up at her. 'Just….' He let out a sigh. 'I um…. I'm just tired' he said. 'I think I'm going to rest. If you don't mind, I want to be alone for a bit.... I'm going to just sit here.... why don't you guys go on...?'

Ben and Sasha made their way out of the room, Sasha paused on the threshold of the door.

'Are you sure you're going to be ok?' Sasha asked.

'Yeah yeah' Aubrey replied hastily. 'I'm fine, really, I just…. I'm tired…. that's all…'

Sasha let out a sigh, frowning at him.

'Alright' she relented. 'if you're sure. We'll see you later then...maybe tomorrow?

'Sure' Aubrey nodded. 'See you tomorrow. Enjoy your classes.'

Sasha gave him the smallest frown, before turning and walking away.

Once the door closed, Aubrey was left in silence.

Aubrey thought to himself, head bowed as he stared down at his lap.

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