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   Chapter 71 No.71

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His father watched him without reaction, eyes half-open, face expressionless as Haru sobbed hysterically into his hands.

'You don't know me!' Haru bawled now, throwing his head back as fresh tears streamed down his cheeks. 'You have no idea who I am! You've never known.... you've never'

He broke off, wobbling on the spot, his father's eyes widened slightly, and he tensed.

He rushed forwards then, catching Haru as he fell, holding him in his arms.


He touched Haru's forehead then.

'You're burning up' Philip mumbled.

He called out for help then, and moments later, one of the housekeepers burst into the room.

'Call an ambulance' Philip urged her, still holding Haru in his arms, kneeling on the floor beside him, Haru now completely unresponsive, head hung and body limp.

The housekeeper hesitated for only a moment, caught in a moment of shock before coming to herself again, and running to get the phone.

Haru was visited by the paramedics, but he was not taken to hospital, instead returned to the school.

He did not stay home. His father sent him back to the school, thinking perhaps he would recover faster, being away from home. He did not want Haru to go to hospital either, believing that he was not that sick. But the stress Haru had suffered, caused him to fall gravely ill, as his fever got worse.

Haru's friends in school continued as normal, having no idea that Haru was back, having no idea that he was sick, until Aubrey found him by chance.

It had been many days Haru had been absent, and on a hunch, Aubrey decided to go look for him, checking first his dormitory, finding that empty, then checking the hospital wing.

What he saw broke his heart.

He saw only a glimpse of Haru lying in the bed through the small window in the door, fast asleep. Even from where he stood a distance away, Aubrey could see how red his cheeks where. His fever was so high.

Chapter Twenty-One

Aubrey had tried to get into the room but was surprised to find the door had been locked, and so he could do nothing.

He came back the next day to try to see him, accompanied by Sasha and Ben this time. But the nurse would not let them into the hospital wing at all, and they were all stopped at the entrance.

'Where is Haru?' Aubrey demanded. 'I want to see Haru.'

'I'm sorry' the nurse replied firmly, 'but he's very sick. He's not

taking any visitors right now.'

'That's rubbish' Aubrey scoffed.

'I'm sorry' the nurse spoke in a firmer voice. 'He is not taking any visitors.'

'This is fucking ridiculous' Aubrey hissed at that.

'Aubrey' Sasha spoke nervously, 'you shouldn't use language like that…'

Aubrey turned to glare back at Sasha, tears of frustration in his eyes.

'He's our friend' Aubrey spoke defiantly. 'We can't just ignore him…'

'There's nothing we can do' Ben spoke softly from his other side.

'I want to see him' Aubrey snapped at her, '…I…. I want to see him…'

He fell silent, staring down at the floor then. The others watched him, surprised by his reaction.

'We should maybe come back later' Ben suggested. 'We don't want to cause a scene.'

'Come on' Sasha prompted, taking Aubrey by the arm gently. 'We should go…'

'Why won't you let us see him?' Aubrey demanded again.

'Aubrey please' Sasha spoke patiently, as before them the nurse stood there impassive.

'Why is he sick all of a sudden?' Aubrey said becoming more hysterical, 'what happened to cause him to be ill?'


'Why are you getting so upset?' Ben asked him, becoming a little scared himself. Aubrey please stop.'

Aubrey jerked his arm out of Sasha's grasp, turning and stalking away. The others followed after him.

Sasha and Ben took him to a quiet place after that to speak to him.

Sitting in an empty classroom now, they spoke.

'What is wrong with you?' Ben asked him. 'Why are you so upset over this? Haru's been sick before, you know he'll be fine.'

'Its his father' Aubrey hissed under his breath. 'His fathers done something to cause him this stress to fall so ill.'

Sasha watched Aubrey with wide eyes, glancing briefly to Ben before looking back at Aubrey.

'You see…. the truth is……' Aubrey began reluctantly, '...I love Haru...'

The others watched him in a silence that stretched on.

'We all care about Haru' Ben told him, 'and we miss him too.'

'No' Aubrey shook his head. 'You don't understand' Aubrey told him, 'I love him…we love each other…we are in love….'

The silence stretched, and for a time, Aubrey said nothing.

'We've…...had sex…...' Aubrey said, his heart constricted in his chest. 'We've…...had sex…….'

Aubrey buried his face in his hands, beginning to shudder and sobbing quietly.

'I love Haru…' Aubrey whimpered, 'I would die for him…...'

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