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   Chapter 70 No.70

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'You can trust that I'll never try to put the moves on you' Sasha teased, speaking to Haru again. 'Maybe we can pretend to be a couple?'

'Yeah' Haru laughed uncertainly, hunching his shoulders shyly and blushing slightly. 'Maybe.'

Sasha knew Haru had feelings for Aubrey, what she did not know, is that Aubrey felt the same way towards Haru, and that they had admitted their feelings to one another, and become physical.

Sasha at least knew part of it, Ben on the other hand was completely oblivious.

'When are you leaving?' Ben asked.

'In a few minutes' Haru replied forlorn. 'I am looking forward to coming back though. I don't like it at home. Not like I used to.'

'Oh well' Sasha let out a heavy sigh. 'I wonder what that old fool wants...?'

Later that day, Haru sat in his father's office, sitting in a chair before the desk, waiting.

I can't believe this Haru thought sullenly to himself. I hate being summoned to his office like a servant. Who does that to his own son?

Haru frowned to himself, balling his fists and hunching his shoulders.

Where is he?

Philip arrived several minutes later, closing the door behind him with a snap and moving around the desk. He sat in the large chair, leaning back and staring at Haru silently, jaw clenched.

A flutter of nerves rose in him then, and his stomach tightened slightly.

'What is it?' Haru asked tentatively. 'Why did you want to see me?'

His father continued to stare at him for the longest time before fianally speaking.

'Do you have something you want to tell me?'


Philip stared at him.

'' Haru fumbled. 'I don't.... why?'

Philip continued to stare at him, before letting out a sigh, leaning forwards and opening one of the desk drawers.

He took out something and dropped it on the desk in front of Haru.

Haru leaned forwards to get a closer look, eyes widening in horror as he glanced back up at his father.

'What do you have say about this?' his father demanded.

Haru shook his head in panic, rising from his chair and backing away.

'Is this you?' his father snapped, taking the picture on the top and showing it to him. 'Is this you!'

Haru clapped his hands to his mouth, beginning to cry, shoulders wracked with sobs.

'What the hell is wrong with you?!' his father shouted, grabbing the rest of the photos and throwing them at him. 'How could you do this!?'

Haru let out a whimper, hands still to his face as he watched the photos fall around him.

He glanced dow

n at one of the photos that had landed on the floor before his feet. The photo showed Haru and Aubrey in each other's arms, kissing each other.

Haru flinched as his father grabbed him by the wrist, having moved around the desk to reach him.

'How could you be this way!? How could you do this? You're supposed to marry Jasmine.'

Haru began to gasp then, starting to hyperventilate.

'Calm down' his father spoke harshly to him, pressing his hand over his mouth, and stopping his breathing.

Haru stared up wide-eyed at his father, who had pushed him against the wall now. Haru breathed through his nose as tears of fear and panic streamed down his cheeks, held in place by his father.

'Control yourself' his father glared down at him. 'Don't start this nonsense again. I'm tired of it.'

His father only drew back when Haru appeared to be in control of himself again, stepping away from him.

Haru immediately collapsed, falling to his knees, clutching at his heart that beat painfully in his chest, body hunched over.

He reached out to the photo on the floor before him with shaking hands, picking it up and staring at it.

He stared at the photo, trying to make sense of it. Who had seen them that day he wondered, and as he stared, he realised that this photo was taken recently, just the other day, yesterday, when Aubrey and Haru met together in the collection of trees at the edge of the school grounds.

Haru stared at it, eyes wide, tears falling onto the photo as his mind began to whirl.


'I can't believe this' Philip shook his head, sounding so disappointed and hurt as he moved across the small office and back behind his desk, ' own son.'

Haru's head snapped up then, and he was suddenly overcome by a wave of anger.

'Don't say it like you actually care about me' Haru snapped angrily at him, balling his fists and trembling with rage. 'You never treated me like a son!'

'You're over emotional' Philip answered calmly.

'And you're not emotional enough!' Haru barked, rising to his feet, and balling the photo in his hand in anger. 'You just.... never cared about me.... you never cared. You've been cold to me my entire life! You're just so cold...... why can't you just understand?! Why are you the way you are? Why do you have to be this way? I don't care about money...' Haru sobbed, as the anger left him, replaced by only sadness. 'I love Aubrey. I love him. I don't want to marry Jasmine. I want to be with Aubrey. I love him. I love him......'

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