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   Chapter 69 No.69

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Nate sat on his own bed, staring at Haru hard.

'Why is this supposed to be a secret?'

'Please. You can't tell anyone about this.'

'Why? No one's going to care.'

'You don't?'

'Me?' Nate said, sounding confused. 'Dude, why would I care if you're gay? I'll admit I'm a little surprised, I had no idea.... but why would you hide it? Why is it a secret?'

'I'm scared of my father finding out.'


'He still wants me to marry Jasmine....but I don't want to.... I don't want to....'

Nate watched Haru silently as he cried into his sheets, hugging his knees to him.

'You're living a lie. You shouldn't be afraid of your father. Your life is your own.'

'Hm?' Haru glanced up tentatively then.

'Why do you care what your father thinks?

Haru stared at him.

'Are you afraid of him?' Nate asked.

'I guess I am' Haru mumbled.

'Why? I'm not afraid of my parents.'

'My father is different' Haru spoke unhappily. 'He's so controlling but.... he doesn't love me.... not as a father should.... not as my mother did.'

'You should tell him the truth.'

'How could I do that?'

'You have to be strong' Nate told him, 'I know it's not easy. What are you afraid of?'

Haru let out an unhappy sigh, eyes distant as he stared into nothing.

'I just want to be with Aubrey' Haru mumbled under his breath. 'I wish we didn't have to keep what we have a secret' Haru said. 'I love Aubrey.... and I want to be with him.'

The next day, Aubrey and Haru met up in secret.

They met at the edge of the school grounds, hidden from view by the small collection of trees.

Haru leaned into Aubrey, tilting his head back as he kissed him, clutching at the front of his shirt as Aubrey held him in a firm embrace.

A short distance away, a figure watched them, completely unseen to them.

Nate lifted his camera, snapping some shots, before backing away, turning and walking away.

The next day

'What does he want?' Aubrey asked Haru, his voice sounding a little uncertain.

'I don't know' Haru mumbled. 'He might want me to meet up with Jasmine again, to continue with arrangements...... I don't know.'

Aubrey turned his head away silently.

'I sorry about this' Haru sobbed. 'I never wanted any of that.... I just want to be with yo


'Hey' Aubrey spoke softly, grasping his shoulder and smiling. 'Don't worry. Its going to be ok.'

' you think that… do you really think that?'

'I do' Aubrey whispered to him, cupping his face.

He was about to lean down and kiss him, when there came a knock on the door of Haru's dormitory.

It was just Aubrey and Haru in the room now, alone together, but Sasha and Ben had been informed that Haru was leaving school again.

'That's probably them' Aubrey said, letting go of Haru and moving away from him.

'I'll get it' Haru said, rising from the bed and moving over to the door as Aubrey moved over towards the window.

Haru glanced back at Aubrey before he opened the door, and Aubrey winked at him, putting his finger to his lips.

Haru smiled before looking around and grasping the handle, opening the door.

'Oh, Aubrey you're already here' Sasha said, striding into the room, Ben following after her and smiling at Haru as he walked in.

Sasha entered the room without pausing, turning on the spot and looking about the dormitory only briefly before turning her eyes onto Haru.

'So why are you leaving?' she asked Haru. 'We're going to miss you.'

'I'm going to miss you too' Haru smiled sweetly back, 'I'm going to miss all of you. Don't worry about me, I'll be back soon. I don't know when though, my father wants me home. I don't know what he wants though.'

'Are you still engaged?' Ben asked him, standing there with his hands in his pockets.

'Yeah' Haru mumbled unhappily.

'You gotta get out of it man' Sasha told him, leaning on her hip and folding her arms. 'That's not right. To make someone marry a person they don't love.... you should fight it!'

Haru glanced tentatively towards Aubrey, but he was looking out the window instead, seemingly distracted, though Haru got the feeling he was listening closely.

'I will try' Haru said to Sasha, laughing awkwardly.

'Hey' Sasha gleamed, 'if you like, you can tell your father that you love me instead, that might help you get out of his arranged marriage. I mean...' she added in a sullen voice, 'you all know now I'm a lesbian.... thanks to Aubrey' she finished sourly glaring at him.

Aubrey said nothing, but glanced towards her with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

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