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His grasp on Haru's shoulder relaxed then, and he lowered his body on top of Haru's, breathing heavily, his sweat mixed with Haru's as their bodies were pressed together.

Haru's cheeks were flushed as he raised his arms again, embracing Aubrey, gently this time.

'I love you' he uttered, 'I love you....'

Aubrey turned his head to face Haru's.

They stared at each other, a deep longing in both their eyes.

Aubrey leant towards him, kissing him again.

'I hope we can always be together' Haru whispered, tears brimming in his eyes, awash with emotion. 'I don't want to leave you.... I don't want to be away from you, these last few weeks we've been together.... have been the happiest for me.'

'Why are you talking like that?' Aubrey asked tenderly, caressing his face lovingly. 'I'm not going anywhere.'

'I know' Haru mumbled, shoulders hunched. 'I just don't want to lose you.'

'You're not going to lose me' Aubrey frowned at him, 'I... I love you' he said to Haru, 'I am looking forward to um...'

'What is it?' Haru blinked up at him, Aubrey still inside of him.

'I want the same thing you want' Aubrey spoke in a whisper to Haru. 'I want us to be together, and to not keep it a secret.'

'I want that' Haru gulped, 'but....'

He broke off quickly as the door to the dormitory suddenly opened, and Nate stepped in.

Haru stared wide-eyed over Aubrey's shoulder as Aubrey glanced around towards the door, seeing Nate there, standing frozen in the doorway with his hand still on the handle, the light from the hall wall behind him lighting up the room.

Aubrey hesitated for only a moment, glancing downwards.

He pulled out of Haru quickly, causing Haru to flinch.

He got off the bed and in two strides, moved across the small room, slamming the door behind Nate and rounding on him

'Who are you?' Aubrey demanded.

'I could ask the same of you' Nate asked, cheeks red as he fumbled his words. 'Why are you here?' He tilted his head to the ceiling then, not wanting to look at him. 'Please get dressed.'

He tilted his head to the side then, seeing Haru in bed, hiding his face in the sheets.

Nate's brow furrowed, as he stared at Haru in disbelief.

'I can't believe this' he murmured, as Aubrey moved away, grabbing his clothes and dressing quickly. 'What the hell is going on here?'


Please don't tell anyone' Haru begged him, finally lowering the sheets from his face. 'Please.'

'Wait a minute...' Nate said, looking at Aubrey more closely now that he was dressed. 'I know you......I've seen you before.'

'Yeah' Aubrey spoke flatly. 'I'm one of Haru's friends.'

'I don't think so' Nate retorted, and Aubrey rounded on him with a glare, but said nothing.

Haru glanced from each of them nervously.

'How long has this been going on?' Nate asked.

'Doesn't matter' Aubrey replied.

Nate turned his eyes on Haru.

'Please don't tell anyone' Haru said to him.

'Why are you keeping this a secret?' Nate asked.

'My father wouldn't like it' Haru shook his head, beginning to cry now out of fear and panic. 'Please. He wants me to marry a girl.... but I don't love her. I don't want to. I love Aubrey, I want to be with him.'

'Then why keep it a secret?'

'You don't understand' Haru sobbed, burying his face in the sheets again. 'He would be furious.'


Haru raised his head again, tears streaming down his cheeks, but he was unable to speak now.

'Its alright' Aubrey said, turning to comfort him. 'Don't be upset.'

He kissed Haru on the forehead gently, holding him tenderly.

'I love you Haru' Aubrey said, moving away from him and towards the window. 'Please don't worry. It will be alright.' He spoke to Nate now. 'You will keep this a secret.'

Nate's expression slowly changed then into a scowl. It was clear he was irritated by Aubrey.

'I'll see you again tomorrow' Aubrey said, speaking to Haru as he opened the window. 'I love you.'

Haru opened his mouth to reply, but Aubrey was already slipping through the window and out of sight.

Haru reached out to him, but he was already gone.

'Please be careful' Haru uttered to the air, before turning back to face Nate who stood there with his arms folded, looking displeased.

Chapter Twenty

'What the hell man?' Nate scowled.

'What?' Haru fumbled.

'You can't be fucking in here, this is my room too you know.'

'No it isn't like that!'

'Are you serious?'

'Ok it is like that' Haru mumbled into his blankets again.

'How long has this been going on?' Nate asked him, moving over to his own bed.

'I don't....' Haru uttered.

'Just tell me.'

'Um...' Haru swallowed reluctantly, 'a few weeks.'

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