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   Chapter 67 No.67

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Aubrey moved downwards, kissing Haru's chest, biting him gently, running his tongue across his belly.


'Y-yeah....' Haru gasped, cheeks flushed.

Haru flinched as Aubrey caressed him between the legs, Haru was already getting hard.

'I want to finish you this time' Aubrey whispered, speaking ever so quietly.

'Mmmm I love your voice' Haru sighed.

Aubrey chuckled lightly, sitting up a little straighter then.



'Can I... suck it?'


'Can I... suck your cock?'

Aubrey suddenly laughed at himself then, hand going to his head.

'It sounds so dirty when I say it like that' Aubrey said.

'I don't mind' Haru said, speaking weakly. 'I mean... if you want to...'

'I do' Aubrey uttered, reaching out and caressing Haru's cheek tenderly. 'I think I know what would feel good for you, I've never done it before with a guy but... I'd like to try.'

Haru flushed bright red then, using the sheets to cover his mouth as he hunched his shoulders.

'Don't hide your face like that' Aubrey whispered, reaching out to him and pulling the blankets away gently. 'I want to see your face.'

Haru looked up at Aubrey shyly, head still bowed.

'That's better' Aubrey smiled, reaching down and caressing him between the legs. Haru flinched as Aubrey touched him again.

'I want to do it' Aubrey spoke seductively, 'I want to do it' he said, kissing Haru briefly.

'Aubrey....' Haru moaned weakly as Aubrey kissed him again. 'Do it' he whispered, cheeks flushed, 'I want you to.'

Aubrey leant back then, unzipping Haru's trousers.

'Just try to relax' he whispered to Haru.


'Lie back down.'


Aubrey pulled Haru's trousers down a little further, lowering his head.

He put his mouth around Haru, Haru instantly let out a moan.

'You have to be quiet' Aubrey spoke softly to him.

Haru clapped his hands over his mouth, letting out a whimper as he tried to control his emotion.

'Are you alright?'

'Y-yes' Haru gasped. 'I just...' a tear ran from the corner of his eye then, 'I'm just so happy....'

Aubrey smiled at him, bowing his head again, and putting his mouth around Haru once more.

Haru arched his back, spreading his legs wider.

'Does that feel good?' Aubrey whispered

, his arm curled tightly around one of his legs.

'Yeah...' Haru gasped. 'Don't stop....'

Aubrey continued to moved his head back and forth gently, grasping onto Haru's leg firmly.

'A-Aubrey' Haru gasped.

'Are you going to come?'


'It's ok' Aubrey said, reaching up to Haru and stroking his cheek. 'You can come.'


Aubrey put his mouth around him again and continued to work.

Haru threw his head back, gritting his teeth and grasping the bedsheets as he came.

He let out a low moan, relaxing quickly as Aubrey leaned away from him again, straightening up and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Haru heard him gulp.

'How....did that feel?' Aubrey asked him.

'That felt really good.'

Aubrey continued to stare at him, before reaching towards him again.

'Can I.....' Aubrey began.

'I want you to make love to me' Haru told him sincerely. 'I feel you inside of me.

Aubrey paused for only a moment, before his hands went to his own trousers, slowly pulling them down.

'I want you to take everything off' Haru mumbled to him. 'I.... want to see your body naked.'

Aubrey smiled at that, taking off his shirt also.

Haru's eyes travelled slowly down his body, and further still as Aubrey took his trousers off.

Haru rested back against the bed as Aubrey leant over him, his hand running down Haru's body, snaking around his thigh, and behind.

Haru gasped as Aubrey slipped his finger in, playing with him for a time, before pushing himself in.

Haru spread his legs wider, grasping onto Aubrey as he thrust inside him, firmly but gently. Aubrey lowered his body on top of Haru's, continuing to move inside of him, Haru's arms wrapped around Aubrey's upper body, clinging onto him as he felt Aubrey pushing deep into him.

Aubrey began to sweat, Haru running his hand down Aubrey's chest, feeling him, grasping him, his other hand curling around the back of his neck and weaving through his hair.

'Don't stop' Haru breathed. 'Don't stop.'

Aubrey kissed him again, pausing his thrusts only for a short time, before breaking away, and continuing to push inside of him.

'Come' Haru moaned, 'come...'

Aubrey's grip tightened on Haru's shoulder, and he thrust inside him one last time.

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