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   Chapter 66 No.66

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He continued to cry into his hands, body trembling all over. On the other side of the bench, sitting as far away from him as possible, Aubrey watched.

'Haru please' he uttered, looking down at himself as he searched his pockets for a pack of tissues. 'Please don't to this, I can't comfort you.'

'I know' Haru mumbled, looking up again, 'I'm sorry.'

He took the tissue that Aubrey offered him, dabbing at his eyes.

'I just want to hold you so badly' Haru whispered.

'I know.'

'I love my mother so much' Haru spoke suddenly.


'It's because of her that I gained the courage to speak to you in the first place, and because of her that I gained the courage to tell you my true feelings. Even if you rejected me.... I would be glad at least that I tried.... that I told you how I felt. I really didn't think that you.... you know...'

'Yeah, I was confused at my feelings for a while' Aubrey admitted, still speaking quietly, 'but I thought doesn't really matter. Love is love.'

Haru raised his head to Aubrey, glancing at him from across the picnic table, smiling through his tears.

'I fell in love with you the moment I heard you play' Aubrey said to him. 'I was confused at first' Aubrey said, 'I didn't know how I felt or understand what I was feeling but…' he trailed off them, falling silent. 'The truth is…I began to have feeling for you long before you admitted you loved me.'

Haru grinned widely, fresh tears running down his cheeks.

He bowed his head then, thinking of his mother's words.

'It just takes one act of bravery, a single breath, a heartbeat……just say the words……a small push.'

'Courage of the black nightingale' Haru said, speaking the name of the play that line was from. 'I still want to get onstage again.'

'We will' Aubrey told him. 'Soon. When it feels right.'

'I love to act' Haru said to Aubrey then. 'I feel closer to my mother when I act. She loved the stage too.'

'I would have liked to have met her' Aubrey mumbled.

'Yeah' Haru murmured. 'She would have liked you I think, of this I am sure.'

It was some days later, that Aubrey visited Haru again in his dormitory.

'Your roommate leaves a lot, does

n't he?' Aubrey commented.

'He has um.... family issues' Haru said, as Aubrey closed the door after him. 'He has special permission to leave.'

'Must be nice' Aubrey sighed.

'Yeah' Haru smiled awkwardly.

Aubrey turned his attention onto Haru, closing the space between them as he stepped closer, cupping Haru's face gently as he kissed him.

'This still feels a little weird for me' Aubrey admitted, smiling at him. 'I never thought we could ever be like this together.'

'I'm glad that we can be' Haru uttered, hand resting on top of Aubrey's as Aubrey caressed his cheek. 'I've wanted you so badly for so long.'

Aubrey smirked at him, the edges of his eyes crinkling as his smile grew.

'I love you Haru...'

Haru smiled back at him, blinking several times as tears prickled his eyes.

'I love you too Aubrey.'

'Say that again' Aubrey said, bowing his head, and resting his forehead again Haru's gently, his black hair falling over Haru's grey.


'Say it again' Aubrey told him softly, 'say my name, tell me you love me.'

'Ha' Haru breathed, 'I....I love you......Aubrey.... I love you.'

Aubrey tilted his head slightly, lowering his head to kiss Haru again.

Haru let out a small moan, Aubrey leant back then, brushing Haru's tears with his thumb.

'You're pathetic' he spoke gently, 'you know that?'

'Yeah' Haru laughed at him. 'I know.'

Aubrey kissed him again, slipping his tongue deep inside of Haru's mouth, tasting him, savouring him.

'I love you Haru' he spoke between kisses, 'I love you.'

Haru began to tremble, grasping onto Aubrey's shoulders tightly as he felt Aubrey's tongue, his body tense.

Aubrey stepped back from him then, taking Haru by the wrist gently and pulling him towards the bed.

He pushed Haru back onto the bed, crawling over him and kissing him again.

'C-can you undress me?' Haru uttered, flushing slightly, suddenly embarrassed.

'It would be my pleasure' Aubrey spoke seductively, kissing Haru's palm tenderly, and moving up his arm.

Haru let out a moan, turning his head to the side as Aubrey kissed his neck, moving his hand to slowly unbutton his shirt, doing so slowly, one button at a time.

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