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   Chapter 65 No.65

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Eventually Aubrey stopped, grasping Haru's thigh and lifting his leg up.

Haru tensed then, and Aubrey stopped.

'Are you alright?'

'Yeah' Haru said, the edges of his lips twitching in a smile, 'I….'

Aubrey bowed his head.

'Do you want to carry on?'

'Yeah' Haru gasped, beginning to tremble beneath him, his skin feeling very sensitive. 'I…...I want you to touch me…. I… it feels good…'

Aubrey raised his head, looking towards the bedside table, reaching out to it. He took the small tin of Vaseline that was there.

'This may feel a bit strange' Aubrey spoke quietly down to Haru. 'Just stay still' he breathed.

He parted Haru's legs further, before slipping his middle finger into him.

Haru hunched his shoulders, tensing slightly as Aubrey moved his finger gently in and out. His breathing was gradual, his brow furrowed as he lay there, above him Aubrey was calm.

'Are you ok?' Aubrey whispered.

'Yeah' Haru gasped.

Aubrey dipped his head slightly.

'I'm putting another finger in.'


Aubrey drew his hand back for a moment, before pushing in again, slipping this time two fingers in. Haru threw his head back, gritting his teeth and spreading his legs further apart as Aubrey moved back and forth, his actions becoming gradually faster, until he took his hand away again.

He leant forwards then, whispering into Haru's ear.

'Can you get on your hands and knees for me?'

He moved away as Haru sat up, turning around and doing as asked.

The sheet fell off them, and as Haru gripped the pillow with both hands, Aubrey slipped his fingers in one last time.

'I'm putting it in' he whispered leaning over Haru, after playing with him for a few minutes, in which time Haru had begun to relax a lot more.

'Ok' Haru breathed, as Aubrey moved away again.

'Don't be scared' Aubrey whispered. 'I'll be gentle.'

Haru bowed his head, gritting his teeth as Aubrey pushed himself in, grasping him with both hands around the waist.

Haru let out a whimper as Aubrey went all the way, pausing for a moment and waiting for Haru to relax again, before pulling back a little, and pushing forwards again.

Haru raised his head as Aubrey began to thrust into him, his rhythm constant and firm but gentle at the same time. Haru let out a moan then of pleasure, still on his knees he rested on his chest now, hugging the bed, head turned to the side as Aubrey made love to him.

'Haru' Aubrey whispered, pausing for a moment and reaching out to him, touching his cheek.

Haru reach out to him then, grasping his hand in his own.

'I love you' Aubrey uttered, as Haru held him firmly.

'I…I love you' Haru breathed, smiling as tears ran

from his eyes. 'Please' he begged, '…don't stop.'

Aubrey took his hand back, grasping Haru with one hand on his waist, the other on his shoulder. He thrust into him again, his breath coming in gasps as he began to sweat in the warm room. He eventually pulled Haru up into a straight position, still on his knees, still inside him, as he hugged Haru from behind. Haru craned his head back, reaching his arms behind him to grasp onto Aubrey as he kissed his shoulder tenderly.

Afterwards they lay on the bed together, snuggled tightly close to one another, Aubrey holding Haru from behind.

Haru shifted slightly, lifting his head and opening his eyes. Aubrey behind him was fast asleep.

Haru hunched his shoulders, curling up on the bed beneath the thin sheets, grasping onto Aubrey's arm as he held Haru.

Haru let out a sigh, feeling happy, still feeling like this could be a dream.

He closed his eyes, giving himself up to sleep.

Chapter Nineteen

Weeks passed, and Haru and Aubrey acted like nothing had changed. When they were with Sasha and Ben, they acted like things where still the same.

But when they were alone together, they would look at each other a different way now.

'I really want to kiss you again' Aubrey spoke in a hushed voice, so that only Haru could hear.

Haru glanced away quickly, cheeks flushing.

They were sitting alone at a picnic bench during lunchtime, around them other people were minding their own business, but Haru and Aubrey had a silent space around them.

'Please don't' Haru uttered.

'We could tell the others' Aubrey whispered to Haru, speaking so quietly, they had been so so careful these last few weeks.

'I want to' Haru mumbled back, speaking to his knees, 'but um......'

'I know you didn't want to keep this secret' Aubrey said to him.

'I know.' Haru swallowed.

'Then what is it?'

''s my father' Haru said. 'He owns this school, and I'm terrified of him finding out. He would be furious. If the teachers ever saw.... they would go straight to him about it. He still wants me to marry Jasmine. She's a nice girl but...'

'I know' Aubrey mumbled. 'Its wrong what he's trying to make you do. You can't force people to marry.'

'I want to be with you' Haru rasped between his teeth, his shoulders wracked with sobs now, 'I hate keeping this a secret.' He paused for a moment, trying to control himself. 'I didn't want to keep this a secret' he whispered, elbows on the table now, head in his hands as he began to cry, tears streaming down his cheeks. 'I didn't want to do this like Amelia and Sasha had to...I want to love you openly, I want people to know we are together, but I am afraid.'

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