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   Chapter 64 No.64

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 4848

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'M-sorry' Haru mumbled, 'I don't mean to.'

Aubrey straightened up again.

'I didn't feel the same way before' Aubrey said. 'I just saw you as a friend, but then I thought…. I mean I said I only like girls, I know I said that but when I heard you play, something moved…and changed inside me. I was upset and angry and confused at first, though I didn't show it.' Aubrey lifted his head then, staring at Haru in the eye. 'I came to think after a time, because I was kinda confused at first, but I thought to myself…...what does it matter if we're both guys? Love is love' he breathed, 'after all…'

Haru choked back a sob then, biting into his fist.

'Haru' Aubrey breathed, reaching out to touch his cheek tenderly, causing Haru to flinch.

Their eyes met, and Haru froze, breath caught in his throat as he stared up at Aubrey.

'Can I kiss you?'


'Maybe this is too fast for me' Aubrey said, 'but losing Amelia made me precious life is. I don't want to watch it go by.'

Haru let out a sob again, hunching his shoulders. He drew a slow breath, feeling suddenly shocked and a little dizzy.

'I…' Haru fumbled. 'Y-yes I…um…I want to kiss you...I've dreamed of it.... oh sorry I didn't mean to say that...that was so cringy...'

Aubrey cupped his face with his hands then, causing him to fall silent, and Haru tensed slightly, tilting his head upwards. Aubrey was completely calm, stepping closer to him, closing the gap between them. He bowed his head then, leaning down to Haru.

Their lips pressed together, a soft and gentle touch.

Haru let out a slight moan, a nervous whimper.

Aubrey leant back from him, gazing into Haru's face.

'Can you…' Aubrey spoke softly, 'open your mouth?'

Haru blinked slowly, breathing a slow breath.

Aubrey leant forwards again, kissing him for the second time, slipping his tongue forwards.

'Ah' Haru breathed, raising his hands to grasp Aubrey's.

Together after that, they went back to Harus's dormitory.

'What about Nate?' Aubrey asked as Haru closed the door once they were both inside.

'He's…' Haru replied tentatively, '…not here… He's left to visit his family. He won't be back for a few days' Haru finished. 'So…its fine' he finished, smiling back at Aubrey.

Haru leant back against the door.

Inside the room, it was silent and dark.

Aubrey smiled then, turning around to face Haru.

'I'm glad we can

finally be alone at last' Aubrey spoke seductively to him. 'I have longed for it' he breathed, giving Haru a smirk. 'Even if I didn't want to admit it to myself.'

Haru tensed slightly as Aubrey approached him, tilting his head up at Aubrey.

Aubrey caressed Haru's cheek tenderly, smiling down at him, Haru smiled back.

'I…I'm glad we can be alone' Haru breathed. 'I…I don't like keeping this secret…I wish we didn't have to hide it.'

'I know' Aubrey spoke in a whisper. 'I wish the same.'

Haru raised his head as Aubrey leant down to kiss him, opening his mouth as Aubrey slipped his tongue into him.

Aubrey leant away then, gazing into Haru's eyes.

'I want to make love to you' Aubrey whispered. 'I want to be as close to you as I can.' He smiled to himself. 'It feels so weird to say that' he uttered then, 'but somehow this feels right. I want to be with you. I want to...make love to you.'

'I…I want that' Haru breathed, holding Aubrey's hands to him as Aubrey held Haru's cheeks, cupping his face tenderly. 'I want to be close to you, but I….'

'What's wrong?' Aubrey asked.

'I just…I've never done this before…. I'm…scared.'

'There's no need to be scared' Aubrey said. 'We won't do anything you don't want to do.'

'I want this' Haru whispered, 'I love you…. I want to do this.'

Aubrey ran his thumb over Haru's lower lip, before kissing Haru again, running his fingers through his hair.

Haru let out a moan, as Aubrey moved his kisses down to his neck, pulling back his shirt to expose the flesh of his shoulder, biting him gently.

Haru bowed his head as Aubrey gripped him firmly by the shoulders, raising his arms to hold Aubrey back.

They moved away from the door, and towards the bed.

Haru leant back against the bed, and Aubrey bored over him, he lay there on the bed, arms by his side, as Aubrey leant over him, kissing him.

Aubrey ran his hand up Haru's body, slipping beneath his shirt, and winding around his waist.

Aubrey leant back, sitting on Haru's waist as he took his own shirt off, before grasping the bottom of Haru's shirt, lifting it over Haru's head.

Aubrey threw the rest of their clothes onto the floor, both naked now, Aubrey threw the thin white bedsheet over them both, covering them.

His hand slipped down Haru's body, caressing him between the legs. Haru lay beneath him, breathing slowly through his mouth as Aubrey worked.

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