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   Chapter 63 No.63

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Haru returned to school a few days later, he did not greet his friends, but instead chose his solace.

He had been at school for several days, before Aubrey realised he had returned.

He had seen Haru from a distance and run over to him.

'Hey' Aubrey gasped, slowing to a stop. 'You're back.'

Haru turned around, seemingly not surprised to see him there.

'Aubrey' he said. 'I'm glad you'r here.'

Classes were still going on, and the grounds of the school were empty, save for Haru.

'I guess you wanted to skip your lecture again' Haru spoke in a monotone.

'How long have you been back?' Aubrey asked Haru.

Haru turned away from Aubrey, facing the memorial before him once more.

'She looks beautiful' he spoke in a distant voice, staring at the smiling picture of Amelia in its frame, 'I wish she was still with us.'


Aubrey stood behind him, staring at the back of his head.

'I've been afraid for so long' Haru uttered, speaking to the memorial, it had been placed here shortly after her death, a sculpture upon a raised plinth, upon which sat her picture, protected by glass. There were fresh purple tulips growing around the plinth in the flowerbed. 'She always liked purple tulips so much.'

'Are you ok Haru?' Aubrey asked him, concern in his voice.

'Im scared' Haru said.

'Why are you scared?'

'Its because of you Aubrey.'


'You know' Haru went on, 'my mother used to say something to me. She used to say just takes one act of gain the courage to overcome obstacles. She has helped me a lot in my life, even after she died. It was because of her, because of the words she spoke to me, that I was able to gain the courage to speak to you for the first time, and it was because of that, that I met all my friends, but I want more.'

'What are you talking about?'

'I want more' Haru breathed, eyes widening then, heart beating faster in his chest with nerves.

His left hand twitched then, he did this when he was nervous, and playing the violin calmed him down.

'It's stupid' Haru mumbled glumly, clutching his hands to his chest, palms sweating as his anxiety heightened. 'You don't feel the same way I know. You said…. you didn't like boys…. that you only liked girls, but I would live with regret for the rest of my life if I didn't say this.'

'That's not

true' Aubrey spoke firmly.


'I…. I did say that before I know but…. ach I don't know how to say this. I know it's kind of clueless of me, but I didn't really realise what you said before. It was only after…. after Amelia…' he swallowed the lump in his throat, turning away briefly to try to control himself, before looking back at Haru. 'It was when I heard you play the piano for the first time… I saw you there in the dark room, the way the light lit you up…. oh god…' he laughed then, hand going to his forehead. 'I'm really not good at this.'

Haru blinked in surprise, turning around to look at him, his eyes were wide, watching Aubrey with waiting expectation.

'The thing I'm trying to say is' Aubrey continued, '…I….at that very moment I saw you in the hall that day, I began to have feeling for you…feelings…' he bowed his head, flushing slightly, 'm-more than a friend.' He laughed then shortly to himself before continuing. 'And then I um…I thought about our time together, and I realised that…I don't know maybe I was wrong but…I got the feeling that you started to like me too. Just I was thinking about things and…I don't know maybe I was over-analysing it. I thought that maybe you liked me back then…I don't know….' Aubrey laughed to himself again, scratching the back of his head, feeling uncomfortable. 'I just...'

'I did' Haru blurted, causing Aubrey to fall instantly silent. 'I…' Haru fumbled quickly, suddenly flustered, 'I fell for you the very moment I saw you on stage, when I first saw you perform. That was…' he bowed his head then, shoulders hunched as he forced himself to continue, 'that was part of why I was so upset. Because I realised I had fallen in love with you and….and I didn't know what to do….!'

Haru buried his face into his hands, sobbing then.

'I couldn't stop thinking about you, every moment we were together I was paranoid and overanalysing everything I said and did around you, and when we were apart I would think about you, what I would say to you if we ever…. oh god…'

'Stop' Aubrey spoke sharply, causing Haru to instantly stop crying.

Haru glanced up tentatively, hands still raised to his face.

Aubrey reached into his pocket, pulling out a small pack of tissues and dabbing at Haru's eyes.

'You're so pathetic' he spoke softly with a kind smile. 'You need to stop crying all the time.'

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