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   Chapter 61 No.61

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'I'm not' Haru mumbled speaking behind his hand now. 'You're just funny.'

Aubrey looked away again, to the room around them. It was beautifully decorated, in a Victorian style, with old fashioned furniture and a large four-poster bed at the back of the room.

Aubrey took a step forwards into the room, moving slowly away from Haru.

There were sofas here and there, shelves full of books, large open spaces, a small chandelier in the centre, a grand piano on the corner on the opposite side of the room to the bed and near the double doors.

'This place is incredible' Aubrey breathed. 'I can't believe it....'

Haru hunched his shoulders, glancing away.

'What's this?' Aubrey asked, moving further to the other side of the room towards a painting easel, with a large canvas resting upon it, covered by a large white sheet.

'Oh' Haru said, following after Aubrey, 'its one of my pictures' he told Aubrey, 'I like to paint.'

'Can I see it?'

'Sure' Haru said, taking the bottom of the sheet and slowly uncovering the canvas.

Aubrey let out a slow gasp.

'Oh my gosh....'

Haru stood beside the canvas, holding the sheet in his hand.

'Did you really paint this yourself?' Aubrey breathed.


'It's amazing...'

'Ah...' Haru smiled awkwardly, 'thanks.'

He dropped the sheet on the floor then, moving across Aubrey to the small round table besides, quickly trying to tidy up the paints.

'Dam' Haru mumbled to himself, as he put the paints hastily back into their box. 'I've left these out too long, the paint has gotten dusty.'

'How long did this take you?' Aubrey asked quietly.

'Um...' Haru fell silent in thought then. 'I think around twenty-five hours.... I'm not finished yet. I need to do more background detail......and I'm still working on the characters hu variations for colour movement so he stands out more.'

'I'm sure I don't know what you just said' Aubrey replied.

Haru giggled behind his hand.

He moved to stand beside Aubrey then, turning towards the canvas.

They stared at the painting together, silently watching the picture, which depicted a male fairy, in a dramatic pose flying through the air, with great and beautiful flowers around him.

'I can't believe you drew this yourself' Aubrey mumbled.

'Yeah' Haru grinned.

'And you can play the violin and piano too' Aubrey said.

'I can

speak a little Japanese as well' Haru smiled shyly.



'What can you say?' Aubrey asked.

'Um...' Haru turned away. 'Aishite imasu.'

'What does that mean?'

'It means nice to meet you.'


Haru smiled to himself then.

'I only know a little' Haru said, 'I'm still learning.'

'Well I think it's incredible.'

Haru bowed his head then, hands behind his back, blushing.

'T-thanks' he mumbled.

'I had no idea you were so talented' Aubrey breathed. 'I can't do anything like this.'

'What do you mean?' Haru said, 'you are an amazing actor, when I first saw you perform on stage.... uh....'

Aubrey looked back to face him.

'It was just really.... cool' Haru finished.

Aubrey smirked at him in amusement.

Haru's expression dampened slightly.

'I miss school' he voiced. 'Its been too long since we practiced the play. I miss it. I miss being together with everyone.'

'You're right' Aubrey said. 'We should practice more when we get back.'

'I want that' Haru breathed excitedly.

'Can I hear you play again?' Aubrey said to Haru. 'You play the violin so well.'

'Oh' Haru fumbled. 'I.... yes of course.'

Haru's left hand twitched then, and he moved forwards to pick up the sheet on the floor, covering the canvas again.

Aubrey followed Haru back across the room, watching as Haru picked up his violin again.

'I'm so glad you came' Haru said to Aubrey then. 'I've been so lonely here.'

'When will you be able to come back to school?' Aubrey asked, sitting on one of the seats.

'Soon' Haru told him. 'Really soon.'

Haru stood before the window, lifting the violin and resting it on his shoulder.

He began to play.

The light from the window behind him cast Haru's profile into shadow, and the curtains either side, swayed gently in the breeze as he began to play.

Aubrey's heart beat harder in his chest, and he felt his skin tingle all over his body as he listened.

The music was so beautiful, and sad. He was utterly captivated, and as he watched Haru play, standing with the light behind him, he couldn't help but think......

He's like an angel......

Chapter Eighteen

Haru stood before the grave, a great stone slab set upon a plinth, on top of which was a large statue of an angel, kneeling with a jug in her hands and pouring water upon stone flowers around her.

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