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   Chapter 60 No.60

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But it wasn't that that had woken him, it was something else.

Aubrey heard music.

He stared into the grounds of the manor, mind sluggish still as he gradually became more aware.

Aubrey's eye widened slightly, beginning to focus on the manor.

The music was distant, was faint. But Aubrey recognised it.

It was the same melody that Aubrey had heard Haru play on the piano back at the school, the one that had captured his heart.

Aubrey let out a gasp.


He stepped back then, tilting his up at the iron fence, then looking to his left, then right.

He turned around and looked to the trees around him, eyes traveling along the branches overhead.

Aubrey approached one of the trees, touching the trunk with both hands, looking upwards.

He began to climb.

Aubrey moved with ease, stepping lightly across one of the wider branches. He jumped when the branch began to get a little thin, bending beneath his weight.

Aubrey landed hard, feeling pain shooting through his legs as he fell.

He groaned in agony, gritting his teeth before rising gingerly.

He could hear the music clearer now, and it was beautiful.

Aubrey took a step forwards, then another. Aubrey jogged forwards across the grounds, heading towards the manor.

It was massive, a great building with many large windows.

Aubrey reached the base of the building, glancing up. It was three stories high.

Aubrey grimaced, gritting his teeth in determination.

He put his foot up on the windowsill, grasping onto the pipe. He began to climb up the building.

Haru stopped playing when he heard a tap on the window. He put his violin down, looking around and over his shoulder.

He baulked, nearly dropping his violin.

'What....the heck?'

Haru put his violin down hastily, rushing up to the window and opening it.


'Gah' Aubrey told him.

'Oh my...' Haru fumbled, grabbing Aubrey and pulling him inside.

Aubrey fell forwards awkwardly, tumbling across the carpet, arms and legs all over the place.

Haru stood with his hands over his mouth, tense and still very surprised.

He took a step forwards, lowering his hands and reaching out to him.


'Ahhhhh' Aubrey groaned, rising to his feet. 'Ah my h


'Are you alright?'

'Yeah' Aubrey just gasped, straightening then, turning back to face Haru.

His expression brightened.

'I'm so glad to see you' Aubrey grinned widely, looking so happy. 'When you vanished.... I um.... I was really worried.'

'I'm sorry' Haru blinked. 'I....was...... taken out of school. My father.... uh....'

'How can he just take you out of school like that?' Aubrey asked him.

'Well....he sort of owns the school.'


'Yeah' Haru said glumly.

'Why did he take you out of school?' Aubrey asked Haru. 'I was so worried.'

'My father wanted me to meet my fiancé.'

'Your fiancé?'

'Yeah' Haru mumbled, dropping his eyes to the ground now, feeling the cool breeze coming in through the open window 'Its an arrangement made between my father, and her parents.'

'An arranged marriage?' Aubrey murmured. 'In this day and age?'

'Yeah' Haru said again. 'It's for business purposes. You know......'

'Is that really a good reason to get married?'

Haru lifted his head then, smiling, though the smile did not reach his heart.

'She's a really nice girl.'

'Wait...' Aubrey said turning slowly on the spot, looking about the room around him. 'Whoa......what is this place?'

'It's my bedroom.'

'This place is as big as the entire drama hall' Aubrey gasped in awe.

He turned back to Haru, stunned into silence.

'This.... is your home?'


Haru shifted uncomfortably.

'I don't like talking about money. I've been teased and left out a lot in the past because of it.... people used to call me rich kid, but not in a nice way.'

'I'm sorry' Aubrey fumbled. 'I didn't mean it like that....'

'It's ok' Haru told him. 'I trust you.... its just....' he trailed off.

'What is it?'

'People care so much about money' Haru went on. 'They judge me because my father is rich. They think certain things about me, they assume my life is easy.... or they treat me unkindly out of jealously I think. But that is so unfair. I really don't care about money, I would rather be poor and happy.'

'I guess people want what they don't have' Aubrey replied.

'Yes, that's true' Haru grinned widely at him

'Why are you looking at me like that?' Aubrey asked him suddenly suspicious.

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