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   Chapter 59 No.59

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 4876

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He had grabbed Haru by his upper arm, dragging him to his feet.

'Philip wait!' the gardener cried out.

'No' Philip snapped angrily, shaking Haru then.

'You're hurting me' Haru groaned, tensing up.

'No, I'm fed up with this' Philip snarled, losing his temper now, 'this is ridiculous.'

He marched back to the house, dragging Haru with him. He took him back up to his office, slamming the door and rounding on Haru.

'What the hell is wrong with you?' his father snarled, speaking in a hushed but clear voice, that Haru could hear.

'I'm sorry...' Haru continued to gasp, eyes red and still clutching at his chest, still gasping, still struggling to breathe.

'Stop it now.'

'I can't' Haru moaned, beginning to panic now. 'Please!'

'What is wrong?' Philip demanded. 'Why are you like this?'

'I can't help it!' Haru sobbed.

'I'm fucking sick and tired of this' Philip spoke under his breath, moving over to a cupboard and taking out a box of tissues. 'This is really pathetic, you need to stop this' he said handing the box to Haru. 'Its all in your head. There's nothing wrong.'

'I just feel scared' Haru whimpered.

'There is nothing to be scared about' Philip raised his voice now, leaning forwards and gesturing angrily with his hands. 'Will you just cut it out!'

'I CAN'T HELP IT!' Haru yelled back at his father.

'This isn't the way you should be behaving around Jasmine. You're supposed to live together and get married.'

'I don't love her' Haru uttered. 'I.....c-can't do this.'

'I don't care, alright?' Philip spoke harshly. 'We've made these arrangements and you will marry her.'

Haru brought a handful of tissues to his face, crying hysterically now.

'I can't pretend I am ok with this' he said, barely able to speak now through his hysteria.

'Don't you care for this famly?' Phillip asked.

'I do. You don't.'

'I'm not having this' Philip said turning away then, dismissing Haru. 'Talk to me when you've calmed down.'

He left the room quickly.

Jasmine who had followed them caught him as he was making his way down the corridor.

'Wait!' she called out.

Philip glanced back, pausing and turning to her.

'I'm sorry about that' she said to her. 'Haru's always been this way. It's not you.'

'He doesn't want to marry me' Jasmine spoke seriously, dipping her head and glancing up at Philip. 'I don't.... know if I'm comfortable with this if he feels th

is way.'

Philip sighed patiently, pursing his lips.

'We need this' Philip explained to her, 'we all do. It will benefit both our families.'

'This is all about money' Jasmine spoke levelly.

'If you have any issues' Philip said to her, 'you should talk to your parents. I have to go.'

Chapter Seventeen

The next morning in the boarding school, Sasha and Ben met up.

They stared at each other silently, before looking away again, glancing about themselves.

Aubrey was nowhere to be seen, and he did not appear at lunchtime anywhere, or after class.

'That little twat has run away' Sasha snarled. 'He's going to intervene in something that's not his business.'

'I don' think you should be using words like that' Ben said trying to reason with her. 'Maybe you should just...'

'He's gone to find Haru hasn't he?' Sasha scowled, looking across the school grounds.

The sky was beginning to darken above them, and the air was getting chilled.

'I'm concerned for Haru as well' Sasha said, speaking calmly now. 'I miss him, I want to see him again but......'

Ben watched her silently, Sasha gritted her teeth, balling her fists as another wave of anger washed over her.

'Aubrey' she spoke with a sneer on her lips. 'I swear to god the next time I see you I'm going to punch you in the cock so hard your dad will feel it!'

'Okaaay' Ben said rolling his eyes and avoiding looking at her now.

They stared opposite directions now, watching silently the world around them.

'Its so quiet here' Sasha mumbled speaking to herself, 'so quiet.'

A distance away, just outside the town, Aubrey rested now.

He had found the address of Haru's home but did not believe he had found the right place.

The home was a mansion, with large grounds and a great iron fence running all the way around. Now, Aubrey sat outside the fence, hidden from view by the trees that were around him.

He rested on the ground with his elbows on his knees, holding his head in his hands.

Aubrey let out a sigh, turning his head to the side, looking back towards the mansion.

He felt tired, so tired, he didn't know what to do, he wanted to find Haru, but didn't know how.

'This can't be the place' Aubrey mumbled to himself. 'It can't be.'

Aubrey stayed at this place for the entire night, sleeping where he sat, he was very uncomfortable when he woke early the next morning, feeling cold, feeling hungry.

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