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   Chapter 58 No.58

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Haru waited on the top of the steps within the garden, down the path he could see the quiet road from where he stood, and he saw as the car pulled up.

Haru swallowed nervously, lowering his hands and straightening.

He clenched his teeth as he saw the car door opening. His heart skipped with nerves in his chest as he saw Jasmine then, getting out of the car and turning to close the door.

Haru waited, watching as Jasmine spoke briefly to the driver, handing him some of the things she carried, a bag and a jumper.

She turned and glanced towards Haru briefly, seeing him standing at the top of the steps. She hesitated then, speaking one last time to the man before nodding. Haru could not hear what was being said. The man nodded in turn to her, and Jasmine moved away from him, stepping forwards and opening the iron gate, stepping along the path closer to Haru.

His nerves only mounted as he watched her approach. She walked carefully up the steps to reach him, never taking her eyes off him, at last stopping by his side.

'Hello Haru. It's been a long time. Its good to see you again.'

As she spoke, there was no warmth in her voice. She did not speak unkindly to him, but spoke almost in a robotic fashion, as if she had been told what she should say to him, and how she should behave.

'Uh....' Haru flushed red then, trying to gather his thought. 'Its g-good to see you too. I'm happy to see you again. Really.'

She blinked at him, unmoving.

'So, um' Haru said, trying not to sound so scared. 'Sh-shall we walk through the garden together?'

'Of course.'

'Right' Haru laughed awkwardly. 'This way' he said, indicating inelegantly.


'I'll um.... I'll show you my favourite place in the garden, there's a… um.... a secluded spot somewhere near the bottom of the garden. I hope you don't mind the walk' he said to her, leading the way as they made their way back down the steps.

'Of course not' Jasmine spoke in a level voice, holding her hands before her.

'I... used to like playing there when I was younger' Haru told her, trying to think of something to say. 'I haven't been home in a while because of school but.... its a really peaceful place and... I like to just sit there quietly.'

Oh no what if that sounded weird? Haru thought in silent panic to himself. Did I say the right thing? What if she's scared to be a

lone with me? Maybe we should stay closer to the house. Why did I say to go somewhere secluded together? I'm such an idiot!

'So, um...' Haru began, trying quickly to distract himself. 'Ha-have you been to this garden before?

'You know I have' she told him.

'Oh right' Haru laughed. 'Sorry.'

She looked away as they walked.

Haru glanced towards her tentatively, attention lingering on her for only a brief moment, though she didn't seem to notice.

Jasmine was young and beautiful, around the same age as Haru, though he couldn't remember her exact age, and was too afraid to ask. She was a slender figure, with perfect skin. She wore a pretty dress, cream in colour, a V-neck, short sleeves. Her auburn hair was long, left freely to hang over her shoulders, and her eyes were a gentle blue.

Haru slowed to a stop then.

'Haru? Are you alright?' Jasmine said, pausing and turning back to him.

'I uh....' Haru mumbled, 'uh...'

He groaned then, clutching as his chest, his other hand going to his mouth.

'I just....'

His eyes began to shimmer with tears, as he fought to control himself. But he could not.

Haru let out a cry, falling to his knees as he began to gasp and tremble violently, hyperventilating, suddenly hysterical for no reason.


Jasmine rushed up to him, grasping him tightly by the shoulders.

'Haru what's wrong?!'

'I....' Haru gasped, face going red as he clutched at his chest. 'C.....can't breathe...'

A figure rushed up to them, one of the gardeners who happened to be nearby, she had worked in the garden for years, and Haru knew her well.

'It's alright Haru' the young woman said, lifting Haru's chin up so that he could see her face. 'It's alright, just try to be calm, take steady breaths.'

She had seen Haru have panic attacks before and worked on trying to calm him.

Jasmine however, had not known Haru was this weak.

She took a step backwards, eyes wide in shock.

'I'm......' she uttered weakly, 'going to get help.'

Jasmine turned and ran away, heading towards the manor back down the path.

'What the hell is wrong with you?' his father demanded a short time later.

He had heard Jasmine's panicked voice as she explained to one of the housekeepers what had happened.

He had stormed through the house, outside and found Haru still kneeling, the gardener comforting him.

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