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   Chapter 57 No.57

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'Stop saying um' his father told him. 'Learn to speak properly. Think before you speak.'

'I'm sorry' Haru mumbled.

'Haru' his father said patiently.

'Hm?' Haru glanced nervously up.

'Sit up straight, lower your shoulders, and speak clearly.'

Haru swallowed again, straightening his back and lowering his shoulders. His posture was still tense.

Philip let out a weary sigh, rising to his feet and walking around the desk.

Haru followed him with his eyes, wide as he stared up at him, never looking away as he turned his head towards him.

'You have to listen to what people tell you.'

'Yes father.'

'Jasmine is coming tomorrow.'

'Yes father' Haru repeated, quickly falling silent.

He stared up at his father nervously, who stared down at him unmoving, for what felt like the longest time.

For a moment Haru thought his father was going to berate him, to pick out his flaws again, to mention again how timid he was, and how undesirable that trait was in him. But he didn't.

'She will be here at three o'clock' his father said, turning quickly away and heading towards the door now, pausing and glancing back. 'You better be nice to her. Make her feel welcome, you understand?'

'I will do that father.' Haru swallowed again, forcing himself to ask the next question. 'When will we be married?'

'I'm still arranging it with her parents' Philip said, 'but it will be in a few months. Soon.'

'Oh good' Haru smiled, 'I am looking forward to it.'

'Good' his father said shortly. 'I have to go.'

He left the room without another word, snapping the door shut behind him, leaving Haru along in the ringing silence.

The edges of Haru's lips lowered then, as the smile slowly fell from his face.

Haru turned away from the door, looking ahead again and slumping in his seat, allowing himself to sit back, the leather creaking slightly was clear to hear in the otherwise silent room.

He could hear nothing at all now, not even the birds outside.

Haru glanced towards the window, seeing blue skies beyond.

The roads and town were beyond the grounds of the manor, and at this point in time Haru could hear only ringing silence.

He felt lonely, and he missed his friends dearly.

I want to be back at school. I don't want to be here.

'Where is he?'

'How should I know?' Sasha replied, speaking to Aubrey.

They were both in the library now during lunch, Ben was with them too. He had remained silent most of that day, barely speaking.

'I'm worried about

him' Aubrey went on.

'Aubrey' Sasha spoke patiently, glancing up at him from over her book. 'Keep your voice down. We're in a library.'

Aubrey who had been leaning forwards, resting his head on his folded arms looked up at her now, his expression dampening as he gave her the smallest scowl.

'I'm worried about him' he said again.

'I'm sure he's fine' Sasha replied, speaking in a level voice. 'He's only gone back home.'

'Hmmm' Aubrey frowned, unconvinced. 'He said he doesn't like his father.'


Beside them, Ben lifted his eyes up at them, glancing at them both silently as they spoke, sitting back in his seat with his book before him.

'What if his father's hurting him?' Aubrey went on.

'What are you talking about?' Sasha sighed wearily, closing her book now.

'He said he doesn't like his father' Aubrey said again.

'So? A lot of people don't like their family.'

'Do you think he's ok?'

'I'm sure he's fine Aubrey' Sasha groaned, fed up now with him.

'What if he needs help?'

'If you keep asking me stupid questions and annoying me I'm going to get really pissed off.'

Ben who had been watching them, looked back at his book, continuing to read silently.

'I'm only caring about him' Aubrey replied indignantly.

'I know' Sasha said, speaking sympathetically now. 'But there's nothing we can do. He's with his family. Its not our place to intervene.'

Aubrey did not reply, but had fallen silent now, eyes out of focus as he leant forwards against the desk.

'Aubrey?' Sasha voiced then. 'Are you alright?'

'Yeah, I'm fine' Aubrey mumbled, resting his head on his folded arms again. 'I'm just thinking.'

That night for the second time, Aubrey snuck into the office where all the student's records were kept.

The key was easy for him to find, because he knew where it was kept, and so he opened the door without trouble.

He moved very quietly, very carefully. He found Haru's file, opening it, and moving over toward the window, used the light of the moon to read the details on the front.

Aubrey let out a steady breath, blinking slowly as he read the address of Haru's home.

'If you don't come back to us soon' he whispered to himself, 'then I will come and find you instead.'

The next day, Haru met with Jasmine. It had been a long time since they last saw each other, many years in fact, and Haru was trembling with nerves.

He clasped his hands together, trying to stop them from shaking, shoulders hunched as he leant over.

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