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Beside them Mia tilted her head, pursing her lips and glaring.

A figure stepped out from behind one of the trees, closely followed by a second figure.

Mia's eyes suddenly widened then, and she screamed, hands clapped over her mouth.

Harley took another step forward, tears already streaming down her cheeks, unable to hold back her emotions as she slowly closed the gap between herself and her sister. The figure behind her, a tall male figure with dark blue-dyed hair, waited at a distance. The stepbrother.

'Harley?' Mai sobbed, hunching her shoulders as she began to cry too, 'is it really you?'

Mia rushed up to her sister, embracing her, grasping onto her tightly as if she was afraid that she might lose her if she were to let her go.

Sasha put her hand to her chest, beginning to tear up as she watched. Ben and Aubrey and Haru around her watched silently, and Haru too began to cry.

'I'm sorry' Mia gasped to her sister, letting her go now, cupping her face. 'I'm sorry I did everything I could to protect you.'

'I know' Harley sobbed, crying with tears of both joy and grief. 'I know now everything you did for me all those years.'

Mia's eyes widened then as she read between the lines, thinking hard about her words. Mia bowed her head, crying openly now as she realised the truth.

'It's ok Mia' Harley breathed, lifting her sisters head up, hands trembling, awash with emotion. 'That's in the past now. I want to forget about it, and only to move forward. It was hard but I managed to escape, I found Luke that I have you...' she caressed Mia's cheek then, smiling through her tears. 'We're going to leave it all behind now. We're going back to find our mother. Luke has been looking after me' she said, glancing back at the blue-haired young man behind them, the stepbrother. 'I've been staying with him.'

Mia looked past Harley towards Luke then, smiling at her stepbrother.

'Its good to see you again' she gasped, speaking through her tears.

'You too' he smiled back at her. 'I'm glad you're alright.'

'So, what are you going to do?' Aubrey voiced, speaking to Mia then.

'I'm going to leave' Mai said. 'I'm going to leave this school as soon as I can. I want to be with my family, but not my father. I want to see my mother again, but I'm glad I found my sister, and my brother also. I want to repair the damage that has been done, and to work hard to make things better again.'

Sasha, Ben, Haru and Aub

rey watched happily as the three of them walked away, the sisters holding hands, and the stepbrother following after them.

'That was so touching' Ben murmured. 'I'm so happy for them.'

'Yeah' Haru smiled weakly, blinking slowly. 'I saw Harley for so long, it was great to finally speak to her, and to get a happy ending. I love happy endings.'

'Sasha's a lesbian' Aubrey voiced.

There was sudden shocked silence, as everyone stared at Aubrey, who remained perfectly calm.

Then Sasha's face contorted, and she rounded on Haru, grabbing him by the front of his shirt.

'You idiot you told him!' Sasha screeched.

'Sasha I'm sorry' Haru fumbled, suddenly terrified of her. 'Aubrey!'

'What?' he shrugged casually.

Sasha grabbed Aubrey now, beginning to wrestle with him.

'Guys please' Ben started towards them, trying to break them up.

Haru took a step back, watching tiredly as the three of them scuffled together. His attention drifted then, back across the grounds, he saw one last time, the siblings walking away.

It was just a few weeks later, that Haru was taken out of school, for a short time only.

He was made to return home, by the will of his father.

Chapter Sixteen

Haru sat in his father's office, feeling very uncomfortable. This particular room was smaller than the others in his home, and despite the fact that his father sat behind the great wooden desk, and Haru sat on the low coffee-coloured leather sofa on the other side of the small room, Haru still felt uncomfortably close to his father.

'' Haru said, balling his fists on his lap and hunching his shoulders. 'W-when is she coming?'

'I already told you' his father replied shortly.


'When is she coming?' his father asked him patiently.

Haru glanced up at him, eyes wide and heart beating faster in his chest with nerves, palms sweating. His heart skipped uncomfortably in his chest, and Haru struggled to concentrate.

'Um...' Haru swallowed nervously, brow furrowed as he stared at the low coffee table before him. 'Um....I um...'

His heart skipped again in his chest as he heard his father sigh impatiently. His father was not a very patient man, and regarded Haru with disatain a lot of the time. His father's name was Philip, and he was always a busy man, short with Haru when he spoke to him. He had never been warm towards him his entire life, not once.

'I um' Haru said again, feeling growing trepidation.

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