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   Chapter 55 No.55

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'Ok ok' Aubrey said, trying to calm him down again. 'Well what did she say? And who was she?

'Her name was Harley' Haru said, forcing himself to talk, 'and she's trying to find her sister, the two were separated.'

'You think you know her?' Aubrey asked him.

'No... I don't' Haru told him. 'I've asked Sasha and Ben this morning, and they said they don't know. I wanted to ask you, that's why I came to find you.'

'What's her name?'

'Her name is Mia. I have to help her find her sister, Harley's been wanting to meet her for so long. I have to help to make it happen.'

'Alright' Aubrey nodded. 'Actually, that name does ring a bell.'

'It does?'

'Yeah' Aubrey said frowning thoughtfully to himself. 'She's that really quiet girl who never talks to anyone. She's really sour she is, I'm actually quite scared of her.'

'Do you know where she is?' Haru asked eagerly.

'Well not right now. I mean, she's probably around here somewhere. I know what she looks like...'

'Please can you find her?' Haru said grabbing Aubrey by his shoulders. 'You have to find her now. Her sister is waiting.'

'Uh....' Aubrey said uncertainly. 'Sure. I mean I guess I can.'

'Can you do it now?' Haru urged. 'Harley is waiting for me.'


'Listen' Haru said, letting go of Aubrey and taking a step back. 'I have to go; the others are waiting for me.'

'The others?'

'Sasha and Ben' Haru told him, 'and Harley as well.'

'Are you sure you're alright?' Aubrey asked him with concern.

'Yeah really' Haru smiled back, cheeks still flushed, 'I'm really happy, I'm really excited.'

He teetered on the spot for a moment, Aubrey watching him closely, taking a step forwards in case he was to fall.

'I'll be alright' Haru said, hand going to his head only briefly before he looked up again. 'Find Mia' Haru spoke tenderly. 'I'll be outside with the others, I have to speak to Harley.'

Aubrey was about to call out to Haru, but Haru had already turned away, beginning to walk, before breaking into a job and heading outside.

Aubrey stared after him, lowering his hand.

He felt more than a little confused.

Haru met Sasha, Ben and Harley outside by the bench on the edge of the field. Harley was standing nervously there, clutching her hands together before her. She had already been introduced to Sasha and Ben, because of Haru, who had told them about H

arley earlier that day. Aubrey was in detention.

'Haru' Harley gasped, as he slowed to a stop before them.

'Are you alright?' Sasha asked immediately, unfolding her arms and turning to Haru with an expression of concern. 'You don't look well.'

'No, its fine' Haru waved her away, straightening up again and speaking to Harley now. 'Aubrey says he knows your sister' he told her. 'He's bringing her here now.'

Aubrey ran through the halls, checking the club activity rooms and the canteen. He eventually found Mia sitting with a small group of friends, tucked away in a corner beneath the stairs.

'Excuse me' Aubrey grinned, stepping between the girls and bending down the grab Mia's wrist not so subtly, 'I need to borrow this.'

'What are you doing?' she snapped angrily at him.

'Trust me' he said back to her, pulling her to her feet.

'Aubrey, let go.'

'Do you trust me?' he asked her.


'Ok' he said flatly, 'I guess I asked for that.'

'Let go of me' she said to him impatiently.

'I have to show you something, you're going to love this.'

'What?' she raised an eyebrow, glancing down at her wrist that Aubrey still held before looking back up at him.

'I have to show you something' Aubrey breathed. 'Can I take you away from your friends?'

Aubrey looked down to the girls surrounding them, watching him with confused expressions.

Mia caught the eye of one of the girls, who gave her an encouraging nod.

Mia pursed her lips, turning back to Aubrey with distain.

'Fine' she said shortly.

'Great' Aubrey grinned. 'Let's go.'

He pulled her with him, dragging her along the corridor, taking her away from her friends.

'Where are you taking me?' she asked sourly.

'I have to show you something' Aubrey spoke back to her excitedly. 'You're going to love it.'

'You keep saying that. And you don't have to hold my wrist.'

'Just shush and trust me.'

Aubrey took her outside, pausing for only a moment and glancing about. He saw the others waiting for him across the field. Sasha raised her hand, waving at Aubrey, and he started towards her, still pulling Mia with him.

He slowed only when he drew closer to them, finally letting go of Mia.

'You found her' Haru breathed.

'Where is she?' Aubrey said back.

Haru turned and glanced away, looking now towards the collection of trees a short distance away.

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