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   Chapter 54 No.54

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'You have to tell her' Haru spoke sincerely. 'You have to. She would want to see you I'm sure.'

'For years we were close' Harley said. 'But so much time has passed.'

'Talk to her' Haru said, 'do it now while you can.'

'I want to' Harley breathed. 'But I don't know what class she is in, I haven't seen her, but I know this is the school she goes to. No' she corrected herself. 'I have seen her once.... but I was too afraid to speak to her… too afraid to approach her.'

'My friends are all in different classes' Haru offered. 'If you tell me her name, I'm sure one of them will know her, one of them is probably in her class. We could help you two meet.'

'I want that' Harley breathed, glancing up at Haru with teary eyes. 'I want to meet her so badly, then I will leave this place with her. My brother and I... with my sister.... we will all travel the distance to meet our mother, my step brother has never met our mother but... I want us all to be a family, together as we were supposed to be. I want us all to catch up on the time we've missed together, as a real family like we should have been, without my father's cruelty.'

'I want to help you' Haru smiled, tears running down his cheeks, his left hand twitched involuntarily as he said this. 'No one deserves to be mistreated. Everyone in this world deserves happiness in their lives.'

The next day at lunchtime, Haru found Aubrey as he was making his way down the corridor having just left class.

'Oh Haru, hey.' Aubrey smiled. 'What are you doing here so early? How did you find me so fast?'

'I knew what class you were in Haru mumbled. 'I was given permission to leave early because I wasn't feeling well.'

'You do look a little flushed' Aubrey told him, stopping and turning to face him. 'Hang on a sec...'

Haru flinched in surprise as Aubrey touched his forehead with a hand.

'Oh waw, you're really hot

' Aubrey spoke with concern, drawing his hand back again. 'Maybe you should go to the nurse's office, or to bed. That's a good point, why are you here anyway?' Aubrey asked him. 'Shouldn't you be with your girlfriend?'

'What?' Haru gasped in shock, caught suddenly off-guard. 'G-girlfriend?'

'Yeah' Aubrey smiled at him. 'You know. Sasha? Sasha your girlfriend?'

'S-Sasha's not my girlfriend' Haru fumbled.

'Are you sure?' Aubrey teased. 'You two are such a great couple.'

'We're not a couple' Haru shot indignantly. 'Sasha doesn't like me in that way, and anyway she likes girls.'


'What?' Haru frowned, 'oh wait did I just say that......oh god no I wasn't supposed to say.'

'Sasha likes girls?' Aubrey echoed, speaking flatly. 'Are you serious? Are you sure?'

'Please please don't tell Sasha' Haru begged him, grabbing onto the front of his shirt then, 'Please you mustn't tell her, I was supposed to keep that a secret, please Aubrey....she trusted me.'

'Alright alright' Aubrey said, patting his hands and trying to prize Haru's fingers open so that he could free his shirt. 'I won't say anything.'

'Please don't' Haru mumbled, 'please......ah....'

Haru fell to his knees then, body hunched over.


Haru groaned, head bowed.

'Haru are you alright?'

'I feel so sick' Haru mumbled.

'Your cheeks are so flushed' Aubrey spoke with concern. 'You should go to the nurse's office' Aubrey spoke. 'You're really not well.'

'No!' Haru spoke defiantly. 'There's something I have to do.'

'What is that?'

'The ghost girl.... no....' Haru gasped, 'she's not a ghost...'

'What are you talking about?'

Haru groaned, rising to his feet again, and forcing himself to stand, though he wobbled on the spot.

'I spoke to a girl yesterday...'

'By yourself? I'm surprised you have the courage...'

'This is serious' Haru glowered.

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