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   Chapter 53 No.53

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 5341

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'Hu?' the girl blinked, eyes wide then. 'A ghost?'

'There's rumours going about the school, about a ghost girl wandering the school. Is that you?'

'A ghost girl?'

'Are you real?'

'Of course I am real' the girl replied. 'I am not a ghost.'

'Are you the girl who went missing around the cliffs?' Haru asked.

'No' she replied. 'I am not that person. That person is dead.'

'How do you know?'

'She's been missing for weeks' she said. 'She's dead. Just think about it logically.'

'Don't you think there is a chance for a happy ending?' Haru asked.


'Why?' Haru asked sadly.

'Please, she's been missing for weeks. It was an accident. She fell. She's gone. This has happened before. The cliffs are a very dangerous place, she has not been the first, and she won't be the last.'

Haru bowed his head, feeling sad and dejected.

'If you're not a student' Haru said to her speaking slowly, 'and you're not a ghost, then who are you, and what are you doing here?'

'My name is Harley' the young girl said, 'and I came here to find my sister.'

'I don't understand' Haru answered. 'Why have you been.... uh....'

'I've been too scared to come closer' Harley admitted, averting her gaze then.

Haru stared at her with wide eyes.

'Something's wrong' he uttered, speaking softly to her. 'What is it?'

'What do you mean?'

'You're scared to speak to your own sister, even though you want to. Why? What's holding you back?'

Harley gritted her teeth, hunching her shoulders uncertainly.

'I've seen that look before' Haru mumbled, though she heard him clearly. 'You're in pain.'

'Is it really that obvious?' she asked sadly.

'Yes. I'm sorry.'

'I want to talk to my sister, she is my life but.... I am afraid, we've been apart for too long.... an I am afraid to face her after what's happened.'

Haru stared at her hard, analysing her.

'Something's happened to you' he spoke slowly, brow furrowed, 'you.... why were you separated from your sister?'

Harley looked back at Haru, and there were tears in her eyes, though she was smiling.

'I'm afraid to talk about it, I am ashamed.'

'Ashamed? Why ashamed?' Haru said, picking up on this word instantly. 'Someone's hurt you' Haru said, speaking as he thought. 'Someone's hurt you and you blame yourself.'

'Stop it!' Harley snapped suddenly, catching Haru off-guard. 'Don't try to analyse me!'

Haru fell quickly silently, shocked at her outburst.

'This just isn't fair' Harley whimpered then, speaking to the ground, 'I didn't deserve any of this. My sister didn't deserve any of this. I know now she was protecting me for so long....but I didn't

realise until...'

She stopped herself, unable to continue.

Haru could see the pain in her, as she fought to control her emotions. Haru's attention drifted down to her clothes then. From a distance in the light of the moon and sun when he had seen her, they looked like they had glowed white, like a ghost. But coming closer now, Haru saw that the modest, knee-high dress was actually pale blue.

'Listen' Haru began tentatively, 'I don't want to speak out of place, and I know its not my business but... my friend.... recently committed suicide. It was... very sudden and without warning. We were all shocked, we have no idea she was so unhappy, she hid it so well...'

Haru swallowed the lump in his throat, tears brimming in his eyes.

'My point is' Haru went on, 'don't......uh......I'm no good at this. I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is precious and fleeting, life is fragile and.... if you waste time dwelling and thinking about what you want to do.... instead of actually doing it, then you might never get the opportunity.'

Haru gasped suddenly to himself, suddenly realising his own words.

What am I saying? This is exactly how I feel towards Aubrey.

'I guess you're right' Harley sighed, having not seemed to notice Haru's reaction. 'You see the truth is, my father...... he separated me and my sister, and um......'

'Its ok' Haru spoke kindly, 'I understand.'

'You see the truth is.... uh' Harley went on, but it was clear in her tone that she was very reluctant to talk. 'My sister suffered horrible abuse from my father for a very long time' she spoke in a murmur, 'and I didn't realise' Harley said, 'not until she was taken away from home. Not until she was brought here. I was left home alone with my father.'

'Did he hurt you?' Haru asked.

'Yes' Harley whispered. 'He...' Harley breathed, 'touched me. He comes into my room at night.' Tears ran down her cheeks now as she spoke. 'I didn't realise how long my sister was protecting me until she was sent away. When I grew up a little, my father...' she broke off, gritting her teeth. 'It was difficult' she whispered, 'but I managed to gain enough courage to run away. I found my step brother, my father's son after that, and he took me in, which is where I am staying now, but so far, I have been too afraid to approach my sister.... because of everything that's happened. I didn't realise how she suffered for so long, I feel guilty for it, I should have seen, but I was young and blind. I was...horrified when I found out. She would be horrified to find out that she couldn't protect me. She would be horrified to find know what has happened.'

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