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   Chapter 52 No.52

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Aubrey sighed and turned away, breaking off.

'Hey' he added suddenly, looking back at Sasha and Haru, 'you guys look like a couple.'

Haru gasped then, flustered and suddenly embarrassed.

'You guys would make a great couple now that I think about it' Aubrey went on, speaking to Sasha and Haru. 'You guys should get married and have thirty-three babies together.'

'Why thirty-three?' Sasha raised an eyebrow.

'It was a fairy-tail reference' Aubrey grinned.

Haru looked across the grounds as the others began to talk together, he saw a familiar figure.

'It's that girl again' Haru mumbled, but the others didn't hear him.

They went their separate ways after that once classes had started, Haru attended his class, but was given permission to leave early when he began to feel ill.

He walked down the corridor slowly, cheeks flushed and feeling a little dizzy.

Haru walked slowly, pausing at the vending machine along the way to get a drink.

'Its you again' came an unfriendly voice.

Haru turned to see a figure he recognised, one of Kyle's friends.

'Leave him alone' Kyle said to him, following behind as he walked along the corridor.

'What?' the friend said, glancing back at Kyle.

'Go' Kyle said, 'I want to talk to Haru.'


'Just go' Kyle said angrily then, 'I'll meet you outside.'

The friend scowled at that, turning sulkily and walking away.

'He still doesn't like you' Kyle remarked, speaking to Haru then.

'But why?' Haru mumbled. 'What did I do?'

'It wasn't anything you did' Kyle replied. 'You're just a weak and easy target.'

Kyle turned to face him then, looking away from his friend once he was out of sight.

'You don't so good.'

'No' Haru mumbled. 'I get sick sometimes. I think its just stress.'

'What are you stressed about?'

'Well....' Haru hunched his shoulders.

'Is it Aubrey?' Kyle offered.

'Partly' Haru mumbled. 'Its also.... well I know its been a few weeks but.... its just been so hard. She died right in front of me.'

'So its true then' Kyle said to him. 'I had heard rumours.'

'Yeah well.... I try to be positive.... its just hard now because Sasha is all alone.... I mean uh...' he added

hastily, beginning to panic.

'Is that her friend?' Kyle asked.

'Uh...' Haru said, 'yeah' he laughed awkwardly. 'We've all lost someone we cared about.'

'So, what about Aubrey?' Kyle asked him.

'What do you mean?'

'Have you told him how you feel?'

'No' Haru groaned, staring at his feet now. 'I can't.'

'You have to one day, or maybe you don't' Kyle shrugged, 'its not my business but... nothing will happen if you keep your mouth shut. You'll never know what might have been.'

'Yeah' Haru sighed, 'I guess you're right.'

'How come you're not in class?'

'I'm feeling unwell' Haru told him, 'and you?'


Haru laughed quietly to himself.

'Well if anyone asks I haven't seen you' Haru said.

'Appreciated. Well then' Kyle said turning away. 'Bye.'

'Yeah' Haru mumbled to the air, watching him go. 'Bye...'

He took his drink from the vending machine, drinking it quickly before throwing it away.

He headed outside now, wanting to go to his dormitory and just rest in bed.

But then he saw something.

'Its that girl again' he mumbled.

Haru gritted his teeth, staring at her. She just stood there at the edges of the grounds, simply standing, simply watching.

What is she? Is she even real?

Haru clutched his bag tighter to him, making his way over to her, jogging across the grounds towards her.

He had seen her so often. He wanted to speak to her at last, after all this time, and find out who she really was.

Haru was gasping and panting by the time he finally reached her, his cheeks flushed.

The girl stared at him timidly, hiding behind a tree. She looked like she was about to flee.

'No' Haru gasped, reaching out to her, 'please don't go.'

'Who are you?' the young girl said, she looked to be about fourteen.

'My name is Haru' he said straightening, 'I'm sorry' he gasped, hand going to his head, 'I don't feel well.'

'You look sick.'

'I think I have a fever' Haru uttered, lowering his hand and lifting his head again. 'I'll be alright.'

Haru looked to her again.

'I don't recognise you' Haru said, 'you're not a student from this school.'

'No' the girl uttered. 'I'm not.'

'Are you a ghost?'

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