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   Chapter 51 No.51

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'What were her dreams?' Sasha asked.

'She was musically gifted' Haru replied. 'I learned the piano and violin from her, and continued to practice after she had died.'

'That's really sweet' Sasha said to him.

'Yeah. I remember we used to practice together. My father would get angry about the noise, I was terrified of him, but she was strong. She would stand up to him. They came together purely for and money purposes. They never loved each other. I never really had much to do with my father, and rarely saw him. But my mother always cared for me, she never even raised her voice to me.' Haru smiled at the memory. 'I looked up to her. I loved her so much. And I admired her.'

'What was she like?' Sasha asked.

'She was a lot like me' Haru replied. 'I mean.... I'm a lot like she was, I am more like my mother than my father. I am nothing like my father.'

'You don't talk about your father at all' Sasha noted then. 'Why?'

'I don't like him' Haru mumbled. 'He doesn't care for me.'

'What do you mean?'

Haru frowned, hunching his shoulders. 'My father has a lot of money' Haru said, 'a lot of money. He cares only for his business, and of money. He... he... uh...'

'What it is?'

'Please don't tell anyone' Haru blurted, gritting his teeth and beginning to cry then.

'Oh Haru, what is it?'

'I'm sorry' Haru whispered. 'I shouldn't be like this. I have to control myself. I have to control myself.'

He took a deep breath, then another. Several times until he calmed himself.

'I am engaged' Haru spoke, 'to a girl. Her name is Jasmine.'

'You're engaged?'

'Yeah' Haru said mournfully. 'I barely know her. I've met her only a few times, but this arrangement.... it's all planned by my father. This is an arranged marriage, because of business purposes, like how my parents married. I am an only child, so I am important to my father, but only as a piece to use. My father wants Jasmine and I to marry, because of money, but I do not love her.' Haru clasped his hands together, staring down at his lap sadly. 'I love Aubrey. I want us to be together, but Aubrey does not feel that way. He wants... he.... only likes girls.' Haru hung his head, sighing then. 'I'm so conflicted. Inside I....' he breathed a deep and slow breath. 'I love Aubrey, from the very first moment I saw him perform ons

tage, he took my breath away. I was....' Haru stared, eyes wide and out of focus as his mind was cast back. 'I fell in love with him that day, and so much time has passed since then, and I still feel the same.... no..... its stronger now, but I am afraid, I have to accept that he may never love me, as Amelia told me. He may never feel that way towards me, but I am honoured to have him as a friend.' He smiled then, a genuine smile. 'I am happy' he spoke quietly.

'I'm glad' Sasha voiced. 'The only times I feel happy now are when I am with you.'

They glanced towards each other, their eyes meeting, as love and understanding passed between them, they had become such close friends now.

'Thank you' Haru said to her.

'For what?'

'Nothing' Haru shrugged. 'Everything.' He frowned to himself.

'You're still as awkward as ever' Sasha said off-handedly.

'Yeah' Haru agreed, 'but I'm getting better.'

He thought back to his mother then, the most cherished memories he had were of her.

'My mother was always kind to me' Haru spoke. 'It hurts me that I've lost her, but I will always remember the good times we had together. She would want me to live a good life, a happy life.'

'Yeah' Sasha said. 'Amelia would have wanted the same.'

'Hey guys!'

Sasha turned with a glare towards Aubrey who had appeared suddenly, Ben was behind him.

'Don't yell at me!' Sasha snapped back.

Sasha and Haru had been sitting in a peaceful and comfortable silence up until that point.

'Aubrey was in detention again' Ben said to them, walking forwards with his hands in his pockets.

'Again?' Sasha groaned. ' have you not been expelled yet?'

'Its only a matter of time' Ben frowned at Aubrey. 'I've already spoken to him about this, but he just won't listen.'

Haru raised his head silently, staring at Aubrey mournfully, though he kept his mouth shut.

'Do you want to go back home?' Sasha asked Aubrey.

'Of course not' Aubrey scowled, annoyed then at the thought of his home and parents. 'I hate it there.'

'Then why are you risking being expelled. You know its only a matter of time if you carry on this way.'

'But I'm a delinquent' Aubrey grinned happily at her. 'I don't take well know... all of this' he indicated around him. 'This boarding school is like a prison, I hate it here.'

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