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   Chapter 50 No.50

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 4695

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Haru slowed to a stop, seeing Sasha kneeling on the grass before the flowerbed at the edge of the field.

Sasha turned, seeing the shadow falling over her.

'Oh Haru' Sasha mumbled. 'You're here.'

'What are you doing?' Haru asked her, as Aubrey appeared behind him, catching up.

'Oh' Sasha spoke distractedly, looking away again, 'nothing really.'

'Are you planting the purple tulips still?' Haru asked her.

'Yeah' Sasha smiled up at him, though her smile was weak, and she looked incredibly tired. 'I just want to do it. I can't explain it... but I just feel like I should.'

'I think its nice' Haru smiled, tears running down his cheeks now.

'Oh Haru' Aubrey sighed, grasping his shoulder gently in a comforting gesture.

'Its ok' Sasha uttered. 'At least I know she's not suffering anymore.'

Aubrey and Haru watched her silently.

'I can't cry' Sasha gasped then, 'she would not have wanted me to cry, she would have wanted us to be keep on living...'

Haru felt his heart twist in his chest then, a sudden wave of sadness washing over him, and as he blinked back his own tears, he saw a single tear run down Sasha's cheek.

But Sasha wiped it away quickly.

'No one knows why she did it' Sasha spoke in a hushed voice, 'but her diary revealed how unhappy she was for the longest time, and she kept that pain away from all of us...even me.'

The silence stretched on as Aubrey and Haru watched her.

'Sometimes' Sasha went on, '.... despite your best efforts...there really is nothing you can do.'

'That's not true' Haru spoke up defiantly, 'everyone can be helped, everyone.... but have to open up to people. People care and... uh.... there is always a light in dark places...always.... even in the darkest of places...' Haru broke off then, unable to continue speaking, as he cried silently into his hands.

Aubrey put his arm around him.

'Its alright Haru' he mumbled, holding him. 'Ah shit' he said then letting go of Haru. 'The teacher's looking for me... I gotta go.'

He ran away then without further explanation, heading further away from the buildings and towards the trees some distance away.

'That fool' Sasha spoke quietly looking after him. But this time, there was a smile upon her face. 'You know...' she said, 'school is not going to last forever. I'm going

to miss these times we have together.'

'Yeah' Haru mumbled, rubbing his eyes tenderly. 'Me too.'

'I'm glad we're alone actually' Sasha said. 'I feel like... I can really talk to you properly, since you.... you know...... know my secret.'

'Only because Amelia told me' Haru smiled shyly, hunching his shoulders and scratching the back of his head. 'And besides, you know mine.'

Sasha smiled.

'The flowers look really nice' Haru told her.

'Yeah' she said looking back at them. 'They do, don't they?' she fell silent, eyes becoming distant. 'I hope Amelia has found a sort of peace' she mumbled, in a voice barely audible. 'I hope....'

Haru blinked then, staring down at her.

Around them the grounds were hushed.

Chapter Fifteen

In the days that followed, Sasha and Haru spent more and more time together, growing closer. They needed each other, now more than they did before. Sasha after suffering such a loss in her life opened up to Haru. And Haru, having lost his mother whom he loved dearly, helped her come to terms with what had happened. With Haru's help, Sasha's heart slowly began to mend.

'Thank you' Sasha said to Haru several weeks later. 'I.... I don't know where I would be now if it were not for you. You've helped me so much.'

'I haven't really done anything' Haru grinned.

He felt so relaxed around her, and he had enjoyed the time they had spent together alone.

'You understand my feelings in a way no one else has' Sasha mumbled, 'not my own family.... only Amelia.'

'Yeah' Haru mumbled, facing ahead again and leaning forwards on his knees.

They sat on a bench side by side. It was lunchtime, and the day around them was bright and peaceful.

'Do you still miss your mother?' Sasha said to Haru then. 'Even though she's been gone for years?'

'Of course I do' Haru smiled weakly. 'I miss her so much.... it hurts me even now.' He let out a sigh, hanging his head. 'She died of an illness, the same illness I....' he frowned then. 'I am physically weak like she was' Haru said. 'I wish I wasn't weak. But she was strong in other ways, her personality.... she was always kind, always. She was never unkind to anyone, and always so kind and forgiving. But she had a fire in her soul, she was passionate. She had such a strong personality and worked hard to chase her dreams.'

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