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   Chapter 49 No.49

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Aubrey swallowed nervously, cheeks flushing a little.

'Stop it' he mumbled, glancing away.

'I'm sorry.'

Aubrey looked back at Haru.

'I'm kinda jealous of you' Aubrey said. 'I don't really have any real talent in anything. I couldn't do what you can do.'

They went outside after that, walking through the peaceful night together.

'I love this' Haru sighed then, slowing to a stop as he tilted his head up towards the sky. 'Its so different at night, like we're in another place entirely.'

The clouds were thick overhead, keeping the warmth over the earth. There were no stars that could be seen, but the moon shone faintly through the clouds.

'I love the moon' Haru said. 'Its so pretty, like a lantern in the sky. I like the sun but.... you can't look at it because its so bright. The moon is different, they are like twins to one another, so similar yet so different.'

'What are you talking about?' Aubrey laughed.

'Oh, its nothing really' Haru grinned sheepishly at himself, hunching his shoulders. 'Its just a story my mother told me once.'

'You don't talk about your family much.'

'No' Haru said. 'I am an only child, and the only family I have now is my father. My mother....' he frowned slightly to himself then, 'I miss her so much, but....' Haru fell silent for a moment. 'I don't have any siblings, I wish I did. It would have been nice to have some company.'

Aubrey listened silently, watching him out of the corner of his eye.

'I don't get on with my father' Haru went on, 'he just.... he doesn't love me.'

'Yeah' Aubrey laughed humourlessly. 'I know how that feels.'

'My mother loved me so much, and I loved her so much too. I just miss her so much.' Haru bowed his head then, brow furrowed. 'Do you think she's in the same place as Amelia?'

Aubrey looked away then, eyes half-closed. 'I don't know.'

'You do have talent by the way' Haru spoke suddenly.'

'What do you mean?'

'Earlier you said you have no talent, but when I first saw you perform on stage, the day you first introduced me to your friends......well....' he glanced away, 'it was amazing. You really took my breath away.'

'Did I?'

'Why do you sound so surprised?'

'I never really thought I was that good.'

'That's the thing' Haru said. 'You are so confident, and uh.... well it was ju

st so amazing for me. You were able to act with such ease, and you were so bold. You are always so bold. That is why I am jealous of you, and when you said you were jealous of me... it was just so weird for me.'

'Was it?' Aubrey laughed. 'You play so beautifully. I couldn't do anything like that.'

'Of course you could' Haru beamed. 'You just need to practice.'

Aubrey grinned at him, eyes bright and warm. 'You're funny.'

'Am I? Why? What did I say?' Haru fumbled awkwardly then, flushing slightly.

'No' Aubrey smiled, 'its nothing you said, its just.... you're just funny.'

'Oh right' Haru clenched his fists, before relaxing again.

'Anyway' Aubrey said. 'I just came to your room to see if you were alright. I didn't get to see you earlier today.'

'Ben told me you were in detention.'

'Yeah' Aubrey laughed.

'You're going to get expelled' Haru spoke firmly now. 'It's not good.'

'Hey what's that?' Aubrey spoke then, seeing something a distance away on the edge of the treeline.

'It's the ghost' Haru blurted.


Haru ran forwards past Aubrey then, leaving him behind.

'Hey wait for me!'

Haru ran forwards, moving a little way into the trees, but not too far, because he could see nothing here. It was pitch black.

'Where did she go?' Haru mumbled glancing about.

'What was that?' Aubrey asked, catching up to him.

'It's a ghost' Haru answered. 'I've been seeing her for ages.'

Aubrey gave Haru a confused expression but didn't question him.

They stood side by side, staring into the forest.

'It's kinda scary in here' Haru uttered then.

'It's ok' Aubrey laughed then. 'Its not like a ghost can hurt you. They're transparent. They don't have any mass.'

Haru smiled at him briefly, before his smile faltered.

'I wonder where Sasha is' Haru mumbled then. 'I've hardly seen her.'

'Yeah' Aubrey said. 'Same here.'

They found her the next day. After lessons at midday, Aubrey and Haru met up at lunchtime, heading outside together towards the grounds.

'There she is' Haru gasped, freezing suddenly before starting forwards.

'Hey wait' Aubrey called out, running after him.

Haru made his way across the grounds, to the same spot where he had stood up against the bully who was threatening Kyle previously, that felt like years ago now.

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