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   Chapter 48 No.48

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'I'm actually alright' Aubrey replied casually.

'Get in here' Nate spoke angrily.

Aubrey clambered through the window awkwardly, straightening once he was inside.

'Nice room' he said.

'They're all the same man' Nate frowned. 'What the hell are you doing climbing the walls in the dead of night?'

'I was looking for Haru.'

'What you couldn't use a door?'

'Well I'm not technically allowed in this building at night. My dorms are in another building.'

'Ok?' Nate replied in confusion.

'But I could get out easy. The doors open from the inside you see. You have to press a button or whatever.'

'Ok well.... are you going to leave now?'

'Well yes, Haru's not here so......'

'Ok then you can go now' Nate said irritated. 'Its late man and I'm going back to bed.'

Nate crawled back into his warm bed as Aubrey crossed the room.

He left that dormitory, glancing about the hall in case the matron was around, but the halls were silent.

He crept silently, moving fast.

It was sort of exciting for him, overshadowed by the fear of being caught, and being out here at night when all else was silent. It made him happy. The place looked so different at night.

Aubrey reached the ground floor, pressing the button on the inside. The door unlocked, buzzing at it did and Aubrey slipped out, back into the cool night.

He moved across the grounds towards the other building, to where the music classes where, and the halls where the larger bands at times played together. He felt a twinge of sadness then, remembering how Amelia used to practice here. She used to play the flute, and the violin also. She had been excellent at both, despite having only picked up the violin recently.

Aubrey stopped in his tracks suddenly then, hearing a distant sound.

'What is that?' he mumbled to himself. 'Music?'

Aubrey hesitated for a moment, glancing down the corridor, before taking a step forwards, closer to the sound. He moved forwards through the deserted halls, which were lit only by very dim lights running along the walls.

Aubrey reached the double doors at the end of the hall, pausing before them for just a brief second, before pushing one of them open.

He was stopped dead in his tracks, as the music flowed through him, touching his heart.

It was heavenly.

As his mind began to focus, he saw the grand piano in the corner of the hall, a lamp sitting upon its surface shone brightly, lighting up

everything around it in a warm glow.

Aubrey stared, awestruck by the beauty of the sounds, the melody light and happy and pure.

He watched as Haru played, head down in concentration, he had not noticed Aubrey enter.

Aubrey closed his mouth, gritting his teeth and swallowing, staring with eyes wide. He was captivated.

For the briefest of moments, nothing else existed in the world. Only Aubrey, Haru and the music, it was just the two of them, within this light, the darkness beyond.

It was just the two of them now, suddenly separated in their own new world.

Haru's fingers ran smoothly over the keys, flawlessly, his movements fluid.

He kept his head down as he continued to play, and as he did, there was a smile upon his face, and warmth in his eyes. He was in solace.

The last note played, hanging in the air.

And then silence.

Aubrey let out his breath then, not realising he had been holding it.

His shoulders slumped, and he stood there, unable to move.

His heart beat in his chest, and something moved inside of him, something stirred.

It was love.

Chapter Fourteen

Haru glanced up, giving a slight gasp as he suddenly noticed Aubrey there in the doorway.

'A-Aubrey' he fumbled, rising quickly to his feet, 'I just.... I-I didn't see you there.'

Aubrey slowly closed the door behind him, approaching Haru, the floor of the hall was pure white, reflecting Aubrey's profile.

'What are you doing here?' Haru asked him.

'I came to find you.'

'Were you crying?'

'That was beautiful.'

'Hu?' Haru blinked in confusion.

'I didn't realise you could play so beautifully.'

'Oh' Haru said. 'Well, I've been practicing all my life. I love to play. The violin it just....' he laughed awkwardly then. 'It makes me happy. I like to draw as well.'

'I didn't know.'

Haru stared back at him, eyes wide.

Aubrey glanced away then awkwardly.

'I um' Aubrey began, 'ah jeez I've lost my words now' he laughed suddenly flustered, shifting and scratching the back of his head. 'That's weird' he said to himself. 'I've never been embarrassed like this before.'

'What?' Haru said.

'I'm sorry' Aubrey straightened then, lowering his arm and looking back at Haru now. 'I just wanted to see you, but you weren't in your room.'

'You really are awkward' Haru smiled.


'I've never seen you like this before' Haru giggled behind his hand, 'it's really sweet.'

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