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   Chapter 47 No.47

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Haru glanced tiredly towards a small group of students gathered together a short distance away, they were speaking quietly, but Haru heard their words.

'What ghost girl?' one of them whispered.

'She's been hanging around the grounds of the school' the other replied. 'They're saying she's the ghost of the girl who went missing around the cliffs near here.'

'A ghost? That's ridiculous.'

Haru let out a sigh, turning his attention away, back out of the window.

'I heard about her' Ben said to Haru when he mentioned it in passing a time later. 'The shops around here have her picture, you of those missing person posters?'

'Its very sad' Haru mumbled. 'You think she....'

'What?' Ben asked.

'Well...' Haru went on, 'you think the ghost really is her?'

'A ghost?' Ben asked.

'People are talking about her, and I've seen her.'

'You've seen a ghost' Ben said flatly.

'Yes. I mean.... I think so.'

'Haru. You must know that ghosts aren't real.'

'I don't know that. How can anyone be sure that they're not?'

'No one's ever proved a ghost to be real. No' Ben said turning away, 'they're all just hoaxes.'

Haru sighed in disappointement, feeling his spirit dampen a little.

'Where is Sasha?' Haru asked.

'I don't know.'

'And Aubrey?'

'In detention again.'

Haru sighed.

They sat in the drama hall together, on chairs they had pulled up before the stage.

They sat quietly now, in a peaceful but sad silence.

The hall around them felt so empty now, desolate.

'I miss her' Haru spoke up before he was able to stop himself.

'Yeah' Ben replied, speaking quietly. 'Me too.'

Haru went to his dormitory late, after wasting time with Ben. They didn't do anything, just shared each other's company.

When Haru returned to his room, he found Nate sitting upon the bed.

'Oh hey, there you are' Nate said. 'Are you alright?'

'Yeah' Haru mumbled. 'I'm fine.'

He sat on his bed, dumping his bag on the floor.

Haru sat there in silence for a time, before looking up.

'What have you got there?'

'Its just a camera' Nate replied.

'Oh right.'

'I love taking pictures, I don't want to show off' he smirked then, 'but I'm pretty good actua


'Oh right.'

'Are you feeling ok?'

'No actually I.....' Haru sighed then, hand going to his head.

'You're feeling sick again?'

'A little....' Haru mumbled. 'Yeah.'

'Do you want me to get a nurse?'

'No thanks.... I think I'll be alright. I just need to rest.'

'You must be stressed.'

'No' Haru sighed again, 'I just.... feel really anxious. My heart...' he said rubbing his chest hard, '...its always skipping.'

'Are you sure you don't want a nurse?'

'I'm fine' Haru said to him. 'I mean... I'm not but... I don't want.... uh......'

'Alright' Nate said. 'You can tell me if you want anything. I'll get it for you.'

'Thanks.' Haru bowed his head then, touching his brow.

I feel like I'm going to be sick.

'I'm going to sleep now' Haru said turning and lying on his side on the bed.

'Sure man' Nate mumbled, watching him closely.

Haru blinked slowly, closing his eyes.

He felt exhausted.

It was late in the night now, well past the time when everyone else had gone to bed. But there was one person still awake, moving across the grounds of the school, completely concealed by the darkness, he was near enough invisible.

Aubrey reached the base of the building of the male dormitories, right below the window of Haru's room. He had to scan the side of the building a few times to make sure he got the right one, and when he was sure, he began to climb.

It was gruelling, and dangerous in the dark, but this did not phase him. As he had done before, he climbed up the side of the building, carefully, reaching the ledge of the window well above the ground. He tapped on the glass several times.

Nate woke abruptly, turning towards the window and blinking wearily, squinting in confusion at Aubrey hanging onto the ledge outside.

Nate rose from his bed, moving over to the window and opening it.

'What the hell are you doing?' he asked tiredly.

'Hey where did Haru go?' Aubrey asked casually.

'He said he couldn't sleep' Nate replied. 'He's gone to the music hall.'

'The music hall?' Aubrey repeated. 'Why?'

'Who are you anyway?' Nate countered without answering the questing. 'You know what? It doesn't matter. Get in here before you fall.'

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